Recalled Colorado senator has on-air meltdown

Two days following Colorado’s recall election weren’t enough to cool the emotions of one of the two Democratic state senators voters rejected because of their anti-Second Amendment position. She had an emotional meltdown on national TV.

CNN’s “Newsroom” anchor Brooke Baldwin asked Colorado state Sen. Angela Giron about her defeat Thursday, and taking a playbook page from the Democratic National Committee and Attorney General Eric Holder, she blamed the whole fiasco on voter suppression.

“We know what really happened here. What this story really is about, it’s about voter suppression,” she began.

“When Colorado has voted by mail — 70 percent of Coloradans vote by mail — and we didn’t have access to that mail ballot –”

Seeing where this was heading, Baldwin interrupted the soon-to-be-former senator.

“I’m going to cut you off there,” Baldwin cut in. “Let’s just not go there. Let’s get to the meat of the story.”

“That is the meat of the story,” Giron insisted.

Baldwin noted that she had enormous financial support from the gun control crowd. Reuters reposted Wednesday that $3 million was raised to defeat the recalls, with New York City Mayor Michael having put up $350,000 of it.

But Giron would have none of it.

“The people that are in support of very common sense gun legislation weren’t able to get to the polls,” Giron asserted. “We didn’t even know what the rules of the game were. This is the United States of America. We didn’t know what the rules of the game were a week out from the election; where to vote, how to vote, how to get a ballot in the mail.”

Voter suppression? Really, Baldwin wondered on Twitter? She soon got her answer from CO Peak Politics.


Ronert Galena agreed, and tweeted:


U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman came up with the real zinger, though, in the following tweet:


Watch the exchange, courtesy of TownHall.


  • Dan Tucker

    She was denied her Voter manipulation tool, she believes she should be able to have her crew fill out at least 15,000 additional mail-in ballots.

    • Anna Fabian

      Exactly! Was going to follow o’s lead!

  • copperpeony

    “Wah, wah, wah…I didn’t win because everyone cheated.” ONLY LIBS are cheaters and liars, as in the national 2012 election.

    Truth shall prevail and the 2nd amendment is here to stay.

  • DrCrimwitt

    Boo Freaking Whooo! My God. Call like it is? Yeah, it is about no one wanted you because you are Anti-American and Anti 2nd Amendment. Voter suppression! Pfeew! Blame it on White supremacy, Tea Party Terrorist…yada, yada! We have heard it all before! You lost because you are a freaking communist!

  • Michael Lee

    When the people speak…its voter suppression?

    • Barbara Hicks

      Good One Michael Lee! When they lose because we speak out–They cry VOTER SUPRESSION!! Same old-Same old!!

    • Kenneth Clark

      Then most in Washington DC and in many other states need to experience unemployment from the suppressed voices and votes of their bosses.

  • earnest.roberts

    glad its done! the AMERICAN way!

  • Lorrie Benton Carter

    OMG! Shut the hell up! You are embarrassing as a woman! Stop your belly aching and excuses and STUPID rationalizations! You didn’t know what the “RULES” were? People couldn’t get to the poles? Everyone cheated? THAT’s why you didn’t win you stuoid ass! Nobody wants a 3RD GRADER in office!!

  • poptart

    They are pist cause they lost!!!!

  • Rob

    LMAOROFAHTTOML……Laughing my As_ Out Rolling On The Floor And Having The Time Of My Life.

  • Kevin Whelan

    Good riddance to her. One less opponent of American Freedom and frankly I heard absolutely nothing but nonsense from her.

  • francoamerian

    She is nothing but a piss-bagger. Not a Teabagger, but a pissbagger. Wah! Wah! Wah!. I can’t stop laughing from listening to this stupid beotch. She couldn’t carry a good Conservative woman’s panties.

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