Sun Sentinel reporter storms out of town meeting screaming; threatens boycott

A normally sleepy meeting of the West Boca Community Council got a rude awakening Tuesday night when a member of the press covering the event decided to make the news instead.

Andre 1

Guest speaker and political operative Andre Fladell, the legendary “Prince of Palm Beach County,” was holding court with colleague and BizPac Review President Jack Furnari on the topic of “Power Politics” when he started to answer a question from Fred Hadley of the local newsletter The Village Sentry about the role of ubiquitous cell phone cameras in modern political coverage.

His take wasn’t very flattering.

Every minute is in the public eye, Fladell said, drawing on the example of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s wheelchair use and physical handicaps being largely shielded by the press corps of his day.

And making that constant exposure worse is a generation of reporters who lack the judgment to discern real news before broadcasting it, Fladell said, comparing today’s reporters and modern journalism’s non-stop news cycle to the likes of Walter Cronkite.

andre 3

“Prince of Palm Beach County” Andre Fladell
West Boca Forum Council member Margi Helschien

Fladell said the business now encourages ambition and irresponsibility at the expense of accuracy – and the good of the country.

“Journalists have no respect for their own profession … no respect for their country,” Fladell said, describing “self-serving, incompetent journalists.”

That was too much for the journalist in attendance, as Marci Shatzman, a reporter for the Sun-Sentinel’s Forum Publishing Group, interrupted Fladell loudly before storming from the room.


“Don’t listen to him . . . he’s full of you know what!”

“I totally disagree – I’m a member of the press,” Shatzman shouted. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to this crap. I’m leaving.”

On the way out, she threatened a boycott of any more community council meetings that won’t get “one goddamned bit of coverage.”

Fladell plowed on, only to be interrupted again when Shatzman returned, crying “don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about … He’s full of you know what.”

Unfortunately for Shatzman, the outburst really only proved Fladell’s point.

“Interrupting my speech in the middle shows a lack of professional courtesy,” he said. “There is no judgment being used.”

Shatzman did not return an email seeking comment Wednesday.

Fladell told BizPac Review, “in defending the First Amendment right to freedom of the press, she was comfortable obliterating my First Amendment right to free speech.”

“At least she didn’t throw a shoe at me from the back of the room,” he added.

Fred Hadley recorded the event. He provided BizPac Review with photos and the following YouTube video:


  • Chance Hammond

    Andre Fladell is right.

  • David R

    He is 100% CORRECT!

    The media is censored daily and they only report half of the news and what serves the white house or the liberal progressives agendas. Instead of the news of the bikers in DC or the failed Muslim march being reported, we all got news of what was really important today. Miley Cirus not wearing underwear. Your news media is bought and paid for, and closer today then ever to being run like good little Nazi’s!

  • http://yahoo Cindy

    This just proves, the truth hurts…!

  • Diana

    I have no problem with this video. What the soldier says is true. I just question where is the same concern for Christians? Why is the Army trying to remove the Christian foundation from our military? This is a broad area that’s being pictured here. As usual, the portrayal isn’t always accurate. Just wonder what would happen if they went to a Muslim community here in America and actually looked for discrimination in reverse.

  • jdelaney3

    Today’s Press is nothing more than a shameless Ministry of Propaganda for the Left. Bloody obvious even for the deaf, dumb and blind.

  • JJBuck

    Mindless putz.

  • Paul Borden

    As I said in a message on another site (which linked me to this), I was in the newspaper’s business (mostly in sports) for nearly 40 years, and Fladell is absolutely right on in his assessment of today’s press. Get it first, then get it right used to be said in jest when it came to journalistic principles. Now it seems to be the accurate.

  • Shannon Rachford

    Reporters just keep making the points the presenter spoke. Well done and proved.

  • generaK

    they should have arrested the putz for interfering with the government. most places they arrest tea party or other patriots for lees disturbance

  • Abunchofbullshit

    Typical Sun-Sentinel lean on things….she’s a perfect fit and made his point perfectly. When any reporter or news organization can’t report both sides, give equal time, or be objective, they cease to be good for the country and community. The lack of reporting issues is the same as lying about it, as they used to be part of the checks and balances that help regulate our great country.

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