Obama says sex education for kindergartners ‘right thing to do’

Obama_Planned ParenthoodAs we witness America being “transformed” in today’s progressive era, there’s simply no time for children to enjoy the innocence of childhood.

The Chicago Public Schools now mandate that the district’s kindergarten classes teach sex education, as BizPac Review reported Friday. A move that’s in line with a proposal President Obama supported in 2003 as an Illinois state senate and defended when he ran for president in the 2008, according to CNS News.

As can be seen in the video below, while speaking at a Planned Parenthood convention in Washington, D.C., in 2007, a teenage girl asked then-U.S. Sen. Obama what he would do to encourage the teaching of “medically accurate, age-appropriate, and responsible sex education.”

In responding to the planted question, Obama noted that he had worked with Planned Parenthood to push a sex education bill as a state legislator.

He added that his opponent, Alan Keyes, used this as a campaign issue against him, saying, ‘Barack Obama supports teaching sex education to kindergartners.

“And you know,” Obama responded, “I didn’t know what to tell him. But it is the right thing to do, to provide age-appropriate sex education, science-based sex education in the schools.”

CNS News also reports that the new sex education program in Chicago will instruct kindergartners about same-sex relationships, according to a report published by the local CBS affiliate.

“Students will also take a look at the different family structures that exist in today’s society,” said the CBS report.

Stephanie Whyte, the chief health officer of the Chicago Public Schools, is then quoted: “Whether that means there’s two moms at home, everyone’s home life is different, and we introduce the fact that we all have a diverse background.”

Read more at CNS News.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Michael Nappi

    More proof Obama is Muslim. Muslims are pedophiles and like having sex with young children. Muhammad’s favorite bride Aisha was six years old when the pedophile profit married her, although he waited until she was the ripe old age of eight before having sex with her. What a guy!

    • Isaac Pentlin

      did you vote for the creep muslim?

      • Michael Nappi

        Hell no. I’ve been against Obama from the beginning

  • Rosa Caine Nottingham Custis

    if there was a contest for the best person to talk in circles…..O would win, hands down. he’s a sick~o SOB, muslim, American hating a$$!

  • bindare

    Everything about America that Obama touches turns to crap. I have been voting for 50 years and never saw a crappier president, Jimmy Carter not withstanding

    • Paulapilot

      Agreed. Judging by comments I see against BHO, I would have thought he didn’t stand a chance to win in the last election. Seems to me, not enough people actually went out and voted to stop this train wreck of the transformation of our country.
      True history has been lost and no one is willing to actually research for facts. And when the facts are actually presented, a lot of folks ignore them. Very sad.
      I see the “fall of the Roman empire” on the horizon.

      • Isaac Pentlin

        i agree.

      • 19Robes50

        In the last election, for the first time in history, the black vote was higher than the white vote… I read that statistic yesterday. Inasmuch as blacks represent only 13% of the population, I find that a bit hard to swallow. However, if there is a glimmer of truth in it, it shouts out to Americans to get themselves out and vote. Our votes do matter! And we must never allow an Obama to ever happen again!

        • Paulapilot

          We’re trying.

  • Gary Ross Calvert

    Give the guy a break. He’s doing this in his mother’s honor. If she had been “educated” maybe we wouldn’t have him.

    • Isaac Pentlin

      if the dumb wind bag knew barrock sr had 4 other wives, we would not have oboma jr.

  • Diana Nelson

    It is very obvious that confusion and immorality is being foisted upon us. Educate your child yourself and do not succumb to evil people who spew lies and indoctrinations. Everyone with 1/2 a brain knows 5 year olds are not ready for the facts of life yet.

    • Pamela Link

      I agree 100% with your comment. I hope you don’t mind if I share it on my facebook

  • seazen

    That has to be one of the most ridiculous headlines to a story that this site has ever generated. It is an extreme twist and distortion of everything that Obama was talking about. To suggest that children would benefit from being aware that many children have same sex parents, that it is normal, that it is part of modern life is not – as is trumpeted – advocating “Sex Education for Kindergarteners!!”

    • Isabella1709

      I am sure you did not earn your trolling fee for this comment. With public schools actually planning on sex ed for kindergärtners the article and content is accurate. I submit that sex ed is My responsibility as a parent and schools are not equipped to take that on. I certainly don’t want Obama’s lack of morality in schools, which is what this is all about.

      • seazen

        If it is accurate then you must know exactly what the curriculum is for the kindergarten classes. Care to fill us in? You did read the entire series of statements regarding this I am sure. And could you clarify what you mean by “Obama’s lack of morality”?

        • Kenneth Clark

          Obama doesn’t set the curriculum. The Department of Education does which is headed by his hand picked. Therefore, when O speaks they begin working their magic to accommodate his desires. If you think for a moment that the Department of Education is looking out for the best interest of the children they are charged with educating, do a comparison of our education system to that of Japan. You will find that over the last 30+ years our education system has been “dumbing down” the system to stop real thinking and innovation. They want followers, not leaders.

          • seazen

            In Japan and China the entire population is committed to the best possible education for all their children. It has a high value to them and they support it throughout the society. The Department of Education is not charged with educating anyone. They are charged with providing aid, assistance, research, etc. to the educational “system” that is run at the state and local level. If you want to look at where we have failed you need to look no further than local school boards and the refusal of local citizens to pay school taxes, or to insist that evolution or climate change are just “theory”, or to spend more on the football team than on teacher aides or cut music, art, and even gym classes.

          • Kenneth Clark

            The Department of Education DOES set the mandated curriculum for all public school systems. It is up to the states to enforce and use the mandated curriculum or face penalties in federal funds for education to the states.

            States are given option to cut funding in certain areas such as arts. However they are not allowed to steer from the mandated minimum curriculum set out by the Department of Education in the local classrooms. If they do they loose the federal funding.

            In order to exact change in these areas, we must start at the Federal level and hold accountable those who develop the curriculum, which has served to dumb down the general public for 30+ years. We must, as parents, business owners and tax payers demand that the Educational System be brought back to learning valuable skills, honesty and integrity instead of indoctrination. We can literally see the illiterate product of our Educational System daily in our government executives and their support staff. The graduates of today are more illiterate than 4th graders of 30 years ago simply because the Department of Education has mandated theory concepts as fact and have no real interest in the true education of our children.

            Refusal to pay school taxes is no argument. School Taxes are paid through property taxes. Therefore, if you own property, you pay school tax, if you rent property, you pay school tax through your rent as the property owner has to pay them. The problem lies in that more and more of these taxes are allocated to “Administration Costs” (higher salaries for the upper crust of the local school system) instead of toward actually educating our children an grandchildren. It needs to be just the opposite.

            As for Evolution… Simply a farce masqueraded as fact when there is no fact to support it. Neither I nor you or any human on earth can present concrete proof that at any time throughout history, has a member of the animal kingdom transformed to become a human or any other creature for that matter. There simply is no solid evidence to support such indoctrination except maybe in Disney/Pixar animations or cartoons such as Cat-Dog.

            Climate Change is a natural course that the earth experiences periodically. Where is the proof that during the last known Ice Age that it was the result of human activity. This has become a created industry designed to blame humans for the natural order of the earth in current times. I do agree that we need to become independent where energy consumption is concerned. We have our own resources yet our government utilizes Climate Change as the basis for funding other countries, whom would relish in the fall of our society, in order to create a false sense of urgency and satisfy their own interests.

  • mark

    Obama, you are a sick man.

  • Dane Clark

    I guess he evovled to this conclusion as well as gay marriage. It safe for him to say this now that his kids are older. Wonder what he was thinking back than?

  • seazen

    Strange – this seems almost the same as an article in WND. Coincidence? Or just repetition? And how about a definition of “sex education” as it is being referred to here.

    • Conuly

      It’s nothing more than “this is the names of the body parts, and nobody is allowed to touch them”, but if they said that then nobody would be able to panic.

  • HongryHawg

    The homo-in-chief just cannot keep that mouth shut about stuff he knows nothing about.

    • seazen

      You, on the other hand, only add comments that are rooted in sound understanding of the issues.

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