Men in compliance with Texas open carry laws arrested at Starbucks

San Antonio, Texas members of Open Carry Texas were placed under non-custodial arrest for openly carrying weapons at a local Starbuck’s coffee shop, even though their display was within Texas law.

Also, Starbucks allows customers to openly carry weapons in their outlets so long as it’s in conformity with state and local law. Texas law allows its citizens to openly carry weapons as long as they’re unloaded — these weapons were, according to KENS Channel 5 News.

So what was the problem?

San Antonio police Chief William McManus explained Texas law also provides that if anyone feels threatened by the open display of weapons, the person carrying can be charged with disorderly conduct.

“It’s a disorderly offense that officers will address accordingly,” McManus said.

A full 23-minute video of the incident was posted on YouTube.

KENS reported:

Police eventually showed up after they received a call from a woman who claimed she was “freaked out” by the display of weapons. Officers approached the men, questioned them about the situation and told the gun holders they needed to leave.

Watch the news coverage, courtesy of KENS:


  • patriot1742

    More crap coming out of San Antonio – boycott the area – this town has gotten progressively stupid in the past 10 years. More whining from the left.

    • Donnie

      Please explain??

      • patriot1742

        The City of San Antonio has a non-elected panel that has decided that any one who does not agree with their liberal ideas cannot serve. Bottom line – who is going to determine who the hate groups are – the non-elected panel who thinks that any Christian because of their beliefs is not able to serve – when in fact it makes the non-elected panel a hate group against Christians. Stupid as I said.

        • Alex M

          I live right outside San Antonio in small town. My area has recently been annexed by San Antonio, and I completely agree with you. The city has turned into liberal stronghold, and many citizens are willingly giving up their rights. Now, not only the 2nd Amendment is in danger, but the new ordinance they are trying to pass is an assault on the 1st Amendment. I don’t believe the mayor or the councilmen are dumb or naïve. I believe the mayor and MOST councilmen are blatantly evil. This kind of scumbaggery has been going on for a while, but recently it has gotten much worse. One day the citizens of this city are going to wake up and realize they are no longer free. I am an immigrant (legal), who is now an American citizen and who escaped a totalitarian/socialist state. And this ordinance is EXACTLY in line with the regime I escaped. This is truly PRIMORDIAL FASCISM. The lady, who “freaked out” must have already sold her mind and heart into slavery. I came here to be free, and this freedom is being slowly carved off — piece by piece. Sad. I hope we have enough people and resolve to take a stand for America and Texas!


    So next time someone see’s a cop with a gun they can call up and say they feel threatened, A lot of people feel that way around cops

  • Teddy

    So this is what the liberals will do now, everytime they see a gun they will call the police and say they feel threaten.

  • Brett Tiernan

    San Antonio secretly succeeds from Texas and becomes part of Chicago.

  • proudwhite

    STEERS ans QUEERS in that city.

    The Police Chief is such a sissy boy.

    • jackflash11

      The chief sounds like a snaggle toothed sissie to me..!

  • Dennis Smirl

    Every time Obama doesn’t get his way legislation wise there is either a terrorist attack or the local police start acting strange.

    • Randy Garrett

      Most officers I know don’t care for Obama….

      • aimhigh1

        Cops are union, unions are pro-Obama. They support him with their dues every month.

        • BlueMax372

          This does not compute as the union membership is likely mandated. The portion of their dues that goes to 0v0mit is negligible and is the result of their union officers kissing @$$.

  • Randy Garrett

    “Feeling threatened or Fear”?????? You would need to be able to articulate that threat or fear!!!!!!!! If it isn’t a viable threat or fear, it should not be illegal!!!!! The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give this as an exception to denying me my rights!!!!

  • Randy Garrett

    Many states have laws that have “fear or threats/threatening” as an elements of the crimes. But in all that I am aware of it has to be “reasonable fear or threats” that one can articulate. In Florida, we have an assault charge, not to be confused with battery. To be charged with assault, the suspect have must threatened someone with bodily harm and the victim must have been in fear that that threat or harm was imminent. Example: It isn’t enough for someone to tell you…”I am going to cut you with a knife.” They would have to tell you that as they are waving it in your face or displaying it in a threatening manner for the assault charge to be applied. Without the knife in hand, the threat could not be imminent or credible. I do not see how someone simply telling an officer they feel threatened would ever meet the criminal elements of any crime!!!! There would always have to be some standard to determine the threat or fear to be credible and caused by criminal actions of the suspect!!!!! Legal actions by a suspect can never be molded into criminal elements of a crime!!!! It is impossible to arrest someone for doing something completely legal, regardless of who fears their actions!!!!!!!!

    • Beard!

      I have a “reasonable fear or threats” from liberals trying to disarm me… does that count? LOL

  • George Blackshear

    I think Rick Perry had better decide who he wants in Texas, gun people, or more bleeding heart liberals. There are only certain cities that act like this in Texas and they are usually the ones with democratic reps and mayors. Like Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and DFW. Stay west of these liberal cities and you are in the real state of Texas, not the punch bowl state.

    • BlueMax372

      I think Rick Perry should decide he would rather be president of the free Republic of Texas than the United Socialist States of Amerika.

  • George Blackshear

    Billy has no reply for me, because I hate the liberal thought process because it is based on mental inequality, in other words they are nuts. Any liberal that starts talking is unarmed because they are mindless and have no rational answers to our questions.

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