NC Shariah ban becomes law without governor’s signature despite CAIR pressure

Gov Pat McCrory NC

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

A North Carolina bill prohibiting judges from considering foreign laws, including Islamic Shariah, became part of the state’s official statutes Monday, without Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature. The bill was one of 34 passed by the General Assembly over the summer.

McCrory signed the other 33 bills, calling the anti-Shariah measure “unnecessary” but declining to veto it.. North Carolina is the seventh state with such a law. Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee all have similar laws in place according to Religion News.

Christian and family groups supported the bill as a way to protect the Constitution without intrusion of rules and regulations from other cultures.

Muslims opposed the bill saying it was motivated by intolerance and it could infringe on other religious groups. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a national “action alert,” urging Muslims to call and email McCrory, to ask him to veto the bill.

A May 2011 report from the American Civil Liberties Union said there is no evidence that suggests Shariah law is a problem in U.S. courts. Still legislators generally support  banning Islamic law from the court system, according to the Daily Tar Heel in North Carolina.

“[The legislation is] primarily designed to stir up anti-Islamic prejudice by creating fears that Islamic Sharia law is somehow going to take over the American legal system,” Carl Ernst, a religious studies professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said in an email to the Daily Tar Heel.

While bans in other states apply to commercial law, contract law and other types of laws, the North Carolina ban is specifically limited to family law.

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Deanna Bishop

    America is NOT A Muslim Country and no where else does any religious community decide how US Laws should be used. Muslim’s will have to get over that Sharia Law will not be tolerated here in America. If you don’t like it, go back to where you came from. I will never allow Sharia Law to be used here in America and CAIR is just another excuse to bring Jhidists in our midsts. As it is well known fact what CAIR really is. You can kiss Obama’s but all day long but it won’t change that you are funded in part by the Muslim Brotherhood. That is well known fact. You can fool some of the people, but you can’t fool them all.

    • guest

      Well said Deanna.

      • Deanna Bishop

        I have had it with the way Muslims whine about injustice every day. If you don’t like our laws LEAVE. It will save us all from hearing you whining or smelling you after not taking a bath for a month. What idiotic cult believes in bathing is bad for you? Stupid people with no intelligence to think on their own.

        • bob barker

          kinda like blacks!! but with towels on

          • makeupdiva

            Bob you are ignorant. Colonel Allen West is one of THE most patriotic, wonderful American’s you can have! I’d take one of him to 1 billion McCains, Graham’s, etc.

        • dporteraustin

          What Sharia laws were about to be forced on Americans?
          Are you against Sharia law because it’s religious law being forced on people?
          Muslims and CAIR do not have a problem with ANY US law, except a law that stupidly bans another law (Sharia) that has not and can not been forced in the US.
          Did any of you people take HS govt class?

          • Patty

            Oh really, don’t be too sure about that. There are numerous things happening that I thought I would never see in my lifetime….not good.

          • reddhead

            You’re living in dpoteraustin fantasy land population you

          • Ken Cox

            You must have voted for the democrat / Liar in Chief / Communist / who is working very hard to destroying America.
            WE FORGIVE YOU!
            And, May God be with you my son!

          • justjim65

            God may forgive the obamabots, thinking people will not.

          • Bigearsbarry

            You may want to pull your head out of the sand, because your post makes you look like a “low-informed voter”. Have you ever heard of Dearborn, MI?

          • Rationalista2

            I don’t think that what his head is in is called “sand”…

          • movingwaters

            It is important protection for several reasons: Europe became infested with stupid socialist/Progressive ideas long before the US. Socialism always ends up eroding biblical values, destroying the middle class, and making it harder to support children.Europeans are not having many children at all. They have allowed an influx of Muslims who are allowed welfare to support their many wives and prodigious breeding. Violence has greatly increased as many of them have the same entitlement mentality promoted by the Democratic Party. Shariah Courts are definitely allowed in Britain and may be allowed in other European nations. Shariah Courts allow for the beating, subjugation, and enslavement of women as well as other unfair practices that are at odds with Western law. The intent of Islam is to be supreme above all people on the earth. The “Peace” part only comes when Islam reigns supreme. That is why sound statistics show the degradation of a society that occurs when Islam comes in. When there are just a few percent of Muslims peoples they always start to push for their rights and their laws. Incidences start to occur where they have supposedly been beaten or unfairly treated and it is almost always fabricated. This is because they are allowed and encouraged to lie for the furtherance of Islam. As you get up towards 10% of Muslims in population a lot of violence against others occurs and there will be whole areas where officials of the host country cannot go. The more Muslims you have the more demanding they become that their rights trump the rights of others. Once a place becomes 30% or more Muslims lots of property destruction and violence against other peoples and their houses of worship becomes common. This is worldwide. This is the way it is.

            I am old enough to have studied before the Democratic Party Communist morons were able to completely subvert education in America. My Bible tells me that not all belief systems nor all cultures are equal, and I can certainly see the evidence of that all around me. I am exposed to plenty of arrogant young victims of our government run education, nay, indoctrination centers. The self esteem movement has given you great pride to worship your own beliefs. You are deceived and don’t know it. I don’t despise either Muslim peoples or arrogant and mislead Obama voters. I sincerely pray for you all as you are so blind. But don’t bother to think that I can be stung by any bullying reply of conjured “facts” or snitty accusations about how “hateful” I am. I am not stupid and that junk doesn’t work.

          • Indixie

            Like what ya said.. Though FRom a Obama Voter.. I am independent, I truly though Obama ws going to help the people of AMerica.. Even in Second vote, I thought so.. I am not truly convinced yet , that he was not helping, r trying to help the poorer classes. YEt So Much Truths coming to light over last 6 months alone, makes me wonder? I Do KNOW that GOD is in Control ! An No one gets elected, job, or anything else, without Gods Approval. Whether people believe that or not. God made Good an evil For a reason, an its all gonna come to a end one day.. Whatever Obama is doing, is in Gods hands..Devil himself can do nothing without God approving it.. is Obama Anti-Christ? I do not think so.>Though many people do.. I do see Him MAYbe a lead up to one to step in perhaps? But I Do Lke what YOU Said !

          • Joy Roberts Shivers

            Many have been fooled by eloquant speech. Step back and see what he said he would do and see what he actually did do. If you search for truth you will find it.And the part about God knowing all is true. God does want the best for us but will never invoke HIS will on us. We Choose, sometimes poorly , sometimes wisely.It is in my opinion that God does not Need us,:We need HIM. It would be prudent for us to ask for His guidance in our affairs before we screw them up. Always room for improvement.

          • Dawna

            Indixie: I take issue with so many things you said but I don’t have time to write that book right now…

          • cautiousnautious

            Marx called them, “useful idiots”.

          • Ken Cox

            At least Great Britain is starting to wake up…

          • DARPatriot

            But with many of the European Countries the wake up is too late. The population numbers of Muslims can’t be overcome by native Europeans.

          • Judith77

            They are not replacing themselves. That’s what contraception and abortion has accomplished. Population control has been around for one hundred years. Families sacrificed at the alter of convenience.

          • Dawna

            Afraid its too little too late for G. Britain. Hope I’m wrong though.

          • mackelby

            Are you that stupid or are you trying to be funny? Kids that take HS gov’t classes have been taught lies. Have you read a HS history book lately. You are proof the Dept of Ed should be shut down.

          • Ken Cox

            Common Core is bad….guess who leads the group implementing it. A brotherhood member.

          • Dawna

            mackelby – u r awesome!

          • Hunter_Gathers

            Take a look what’s happening in Europe. Sweden is being bombarded by muslims. France had the balls to ban the chauvinistic and oppressive bhurka and hijab. I’m sick and tired of religion. More specifically I’m sick and tired of the world tolerating a racist, prejudice, oppressive religion. Islam is not a peaceful religion, and it’s followers who are not extremist pigs haven’t read all the Koran like I DID.

          • Rationalista2

            Islam’s explicit goal to take over the world and enforce shariah law isn’t included in high school history classes because of the PC machine and the socialist marxist muslim disease currently infecting the White House.

          • Mark Ramsay

            Yes I took Civics. Got an A. Like Obamacare, the law passed fair and square at the time. If you have something against that, then you prove Sharia is intolerant of our system of government. Therefore it can’t be allowed to slip into our governance or we will have more Major Hassans allowed to wreak havoc. BTW Obamacare is unconstitutional because the spending bill, deemed as such by Roberts, originated from the wrong House.

          • cautiousnautious

            Ignorance in this case is not bliss. If you do not understand Muslim strategy prior to taking over a country, please read, read, read history. The SL is not just religious law, it is their GOVERMENT LAW. This is how they gradually replace a nation’s laws with their own laws and culture. You are in more peril than you realize. Their “religion” is their “government”; their “government” is the same as the “religion”. Israel in ancient days was the same. The Law of Moses was their religious law and their government law. Other nations are similar. We separate our secular laws from our multi-religious cultures to protect our religious culture in the US.

          • ourlibertyrocks

            Yes we did, how about you? The only thing that is more ignorant than Sharia law in America, is the ignorant people trying to slide it in. It’s a foot in the door situation….we allow even the consideration of anything but American law and it is truly all over for America and its beloved freedoms our men and women fought so hard for. You prefer laws that justify horrible honor killings by a women’s own family?? How about a women life choices being dictated by literally any man in her family, and to be treated like second class citizen when it came to their choice of how to dress or who to marry? Then you better get your visa in order, and go find a country to live in that promotes that, Not America.

          • Dawna

            I wouldn’t be here today if my family had been muslem. I was raped @ 17.

          • Hoppyman50

            Please go to Michigan, there are communities practicing Sharia now. A judge in Florida, while passing sentence referred to Sharia because those who were on trial were Muslims. It cannot creep into the system seeing it is diametrically apposed to our current rule off law.

            I’m sure you’re all for the rape defense law in Sharia? Where a woman needs to have 5 witness to prove she did not provoke the man or men from raping her? This is excellent law.

            I say if cair needs to voice their opinions of Sharia, they obviously don’t believe in our current system of laws and protections.

          • makeupdiva

            OK – there have been a total of 52 cases in US courts that have already been decided using SHARIAH law. Apparently you are not as informed as you think. I love when low informed voters make low informed comments.

          • commonsense4sure

            When you get your head out of the sand and out of your rear and get a clue… please don’t post rubbish in the mean time!

          • DARPatriot

            There are places in this Country where the population is heavily Muslim and they demand Sharia. Take a look at the countries in Europe. They have been taken over and it is coming here fast.

      • Amanda Flemett

        Isn’t it funny how these people leave their country because of the in tolerances they face there, then come here and want to push for the same exact circumstances to be set up? Why even leave? I don’t understand why there are complaints of wearing full burkas (not sure of spelling) but come here and still wear them for fear of being beaten. Or why girls complain of not being able to go to school, immigrate here and still do not go to school because they may still be killed. But the one that takes the cake is the whole complaining of Shariah Law, leave the country where it is strictly enforced and is the law of the land, then come here and complain that it is not a part of the judicial system? I just don’t understand. Don’t come here in the first place if you don’t want any change.

        • dporteraustin

          give ONE example of a Muslim in the US complaining that there isn’t Sharia law in the US.

          • Patty

            Apparently CAIR complained because they managed to get the vote reversed in Oklahoma…………

          • Ken Cox

            Please leave America if you do not respect what out forefathers did for us.
            Do you want to give up your rights to freedoms that our forefathers fought for, and in which many made the ultimate sacrifice for?

          • Ken Cox

            It is not an accident or a strange tendency of Muslim people to move to a new country and begin the process of changing the laws, no, it is the classic centuries old tactic of Islam to claim world domination. Connect the dots: Look at the advanced processes in France and England. Look at what has happened in Libya, Egypt and now Syria. Look at the fact that Muslims do not obey or accept UN birth control measures. The war against freedom started centuries ago, are you aware of that fact? Google “Four Stages of Islamic Treachery: Islamist Tactics Towards Non-Islamic Societies”

          • DrWayner

            Ha! Nice post Ken Cox!

          • Margie

            Obey UN Birth Control Measures? Wha…??? Can you show where anyone is suppose to OBEY a “UN birth control measure”?

          • Ken Cox

            The UN has no power to do anything and I do not want them to make policy for America. In reality should be disbanded. Question; What have they done for America lately?

          • justjim65

            It wouild seem that you support sharia law and muslims.
            do you support your daughter being married at age 6? Do you support your son’s hand being cut off for stealing a candy bar? Do you support women being stoned to death for adultry?
            Do you support public beheadings on a publice square?

          • cautiousnautious

            What newspapers are you NOT reading!!?

        • Ruby Bennett

          They Invade our country to force their laws on us and conquer our country. That’ It! The muslims want world domination/control and that is it. Islamic Control/ Shari’a Law!

        • Ken Cox

          Well stated, I still would donate to send them to there homeland…. They are a destructive force here in America. Please either go home or live by our rules….

        • Dawna

          its not just politicians that need to be thrown out of office, so do a boatload of these sorry ass ‘judges’!

    • Shootist

      Too late, 200 and some odd years too late.

    • DrWayner

      People! It is not an accident or a strange tendency of muslim people to move to a new country and begin the process of changing the laws, no, it is the classic centuries old tactic of Islam to claim world domination. Connect the dots: Look at the advanced processes in France and England. Look at what has happened in Libia, Egypt and now Syria. Look at the fact that muslims do not obey or accept UN birth control measures. The war against freedom started centuries ago, are you aware of that fact? Google “Four Stages of Islamic Treachery: Islamist Tactics Towards Non-Islamic Societies” it should take you to Islam Watch dot org. If you scoff, put off or ignore this you may as well get a prayer rug or put on a burka.

      • Ken Cox

        Nice post Dr. Wayner

    • patriot87

      Deanna Bishop…I Love You Already…..Just Sayin

    • CJM

      I’m behind you Deanna. But I go one step further and say Out Law Islam.

    • Ken Cox

      Deanna, Well spoken.
      I would donate every penny I have to ship them outside of America.
      They can either learn and accept what freedom is! or they can go back to there homeland. GOD Bless AMERICA

    • commonsense4sure

      You are very well informed…

  • RightUnite

    Nice…. Now the other 56 states need to follow suit!

    • helioblak


    • Sharon B

      LOL @56. Good one!!!

    • Amanda Flemett

      56 states? I thought there were only 50??

      • Tammy

        he’s referring to the time Obama said “57 states” in one of his speeches”.

      • connie

        obama doesn’t know the number either…

  • LOLO

    In other words, if you beat, maim or kill your wife in NC you go to jail. Even if she’s wearing a burka.

    • Ken Cox

      and if you do not like it, please leave and go back to your country of Origin. Live here live by OUR RULES!

  • sandra

    If you don’t like our laws, then leave on the first boat.

  • MaeBelle Barger

    Correction…Some dumb Judge in Oklahoma (yes she was Black), has overturned this law as of last week !!!

    • Deanna Bishop

      Yes did you notice it was in Oklahoma? Which has absolutely nothing to do with North Carolina. What she says is of no matter to the other state. What they ruled in North Carolina stands. I firmly believe every State in the U.S. should stand with our Constitution. No foreign laws should ever matter. If they don’t like our laws, let them go back to where they came from. No one will miss them while they are gone either.

      • Jackie Morrison


        • Sheila


          • Indixie

            remember the INDIANS!?
            >White man did same to them..
            That is why We MUSt stand together, AN
            Keep Foreigners from coming in an changing things.

      • Patty

        Don’t be too sure about that…..when “federal” gets involved, they seem to be able to do anything they want.

        • MidwayAtom

          That is why State’s rights are so important.

      • Goodyeargirl

        unfortunately, states rights have diminished. And the Oklahoma judge is setting a model which lawyers will cite in support of Shariah law

    • Aubrey Iskenderian

      Oh I’m positive she’s a Democrat, who voted for our Muslim, President !

      • justjim65

        Of course the fool in Ok. is not aware she has comitted treason, she has broken her vow to protect the borders and the laws of the USA, and she was trained by Obama, the jug eared fool in the oval office. I loath and detest the half white pos.

    • Patty

      Why did we even vote on it, if it’s to be changed by some liberal “federal” judge ????

    • dporteraustin

      what does being black have to do with anything?

    • Ken Cox

      She needs to be removed from office. As with some of the Circuit Judges (4th) that are making stupid opinions of the law. They need to be investigated for their ties to Organized Crime and Drug Cartels!

  • dan’l

    Intolerance against evil? You betcha! This tolerance crap is tyranny disguised as stupidity. Do you want to survive or be tolerant?

  • guest

    Seeing how all muslims hate Americans and have been attacking us for decades they all should be deported even if they was born American and chose to be apart of the terrorist belief of islam ship them all out.

    • Cynthia Osbun

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Indixie

      Not all muslims hate America, BE surprised at how many Love America, an Americans. An BE surprised How many Hate the Sharia law themselves. How many are Becoming CHristian, an trying not to be found out to be persecuted !

  • William McKelvie

    Whew! Now I don’t have to move to a different state. LOL. But seriously, whom so ever allows this how ever you pronounce it law to reign, is an idiot. Beyond dumb and dumber, beyond homer simpson. You know what, just give the idiot the square pegs and round holes game, they will be entertained for hours.

  • Nicolet Nelson

    NJ and NY wont do that the WORST STATES!

    • Kim

      MA and CA too…

  • SK Turner

    This law was put in place, first by we citizens of NC, and second to attempt to avoid the legal take over of our country by Sharia law. Look to Sweden, England, and Germany where there is a Muslim rape jihad, take over of social services, beheadings on street corners, grooming of young girls for sexual slavery, oppression of woman in a manner western women would pick up arms to stop if it was imposed on them, thousands of Muslims stopping traffic in the middle of busy streets to throw down their mats and pray that Satan,,,er Allah. I am delighted the my state is acting proactively against the ignorance and violence that is Islam. Stop this cancer, this blight on humanity before it gets started.

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