School kids to Michelle Obama: Our lunches ‘taste like vomit’

Michelle Obama school lunches

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Straight out of the mouths of babes, Kentucky school children want Michelle Obama to know their school lunches “taste like vomit.”

The Harlan County School District had a special board meeting last week to discuss the complaints of parents and children about the quality and quantity of school lunches.

“Jack Miniard, director of school and community nutrition, said new USDA regulations under the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act largely govern food choices and portion sizes,” The Harlan Daily Enterprise reported.

This is the fruit and veggie-packed school lunch program the first lady has been pushing and promoting for years.

Students complain they are still starving after the small lunches and say the food is just downright disgusting.

“They say it tastes like vomit,” one board member, Myra Mosley, said, according to the Enterprise.

“Kids can’t learn when they’re hungry!” parents reportedly shouted to the assembled board.

According to the article, the kid’s complaints range from yucky “brown wheat bread” to nasty-tasting chocolate and strawberry “non-fat milk.”

The federally mandated portion sizes keep lunches within a calorie range of “750-850 per meal.”

“The meat or protein requirement is limited to one serving per meal,” and carbohydrates, like the kid-favorite French fries, are “limited to one serving of three-fourths of a cup,” the article said.

“The only way for students to receive an additional serving is to purchase it themselves,” the paper reported.

Which is not really an option for students already receiving free breakfasts and lunches out of financial need.

Read more from the Harlan Daily Enterprise.

H/T: The Daily Caller.

Janeen Capizola

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  • momoseven

    Truly, parents should just send a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and not expect the govt. to buy their children’s lunch, but if the govt. pays for kids’ lunches, then it is wasteful if the lunches aren’t tasty enough to be eaten.

    • Flunking_retirement

      If I still had kids they would not, I repeat, not, eat in the school cafeteria, if they even went to public school at all.

    • Norma Parker McCraw

      Momoseven, many of the schools where Mrs. Obama’s meals are served, do not allow the kids to bring their own lunches….If they are going to eat at the school, they have to eat only what they are served. Most of the food is going in the garbage can……

      • DARPatriot

        I have had folks tell me much of what they are served ends up in the trash. So much for good use of our tax dollars.

      • Southern Mom

        I have seen mounds of this crap being thrown away. The kids look at it and take one bite and quickly pull it out of their mouths saying, “Yuck”! And the portion sizes are a joke! An average 5th grader should not receive the same small portions as an average 6 year old!
        And btw, some kids are deathly allergic to peanuts as I am to cinnamon and all peppers.

    • hope4change

      There are many schools that are peanut free. Children are not permitted to bring in any items possibly containing peanuts. With the high number of students with peanut allergies the schools have found it is safer to keep them totally off of the school grounds. I worked with kindergarten children for many years and it is very hard to explain to parents that have given their children peanut butter sandwiches for lunch for multiple years that they are no longer permitted to do so. I had parents scream and throw their child’s lunch at me when I had to explain the policy to them. Then those children brought their parents opinions on the issue to school and it would be an uphill battle to get them to try anything else because they are told at home that it is a stupid rule. Just know that these rules are not made at the teacher level and getting upset at them is not productive. There are numerous schools that so not allow any food from home and every student eats the same meal as the others. If you have school age children make sure to check the district policy on this matter. If you disagree, which everyone is entitled to, speak at the district level. — I am not arguing for one side or the other. I am simply wanting their to be an understanding of what the school staff is experiencing.

      • Southern Mom

        We have many food allergies in our family. Peanuts are just one of them. We utilized the school lunch a few times. He said it was disgusting! I showed up for lunch a few times and he was right. It looked nasty and the portion sizes were given for the average 6 year old. He was 11 and a growing boy! We have packed his lunch to suit his appetite. He has 3 pages of allergies and 2 of them are foods. So giving him the same lunch as everyone else might just kill him! Schools need to go on a case by case issue with food allergies but some can be deadly!
        Oh, and my high allergies are cinnamon and all peppers. With garlic, butter, onion and coconut being on the list as well. But I cannot even smell cinnamon without having my throat swell. I could never eat the same standard food as everyone else.

  • Flunking_retirement

    This non fat milk crap is the worst thing you can give a child! We all need natural fat , its a nutrient.

    • justamom

      Absolutely! Good fats are good and necessary for the body!

    • solinkaa

      So, so true.

    • Southern Mom

      Non fat milk is like drinking flavored watery dry milk but sucking out the good flavor!

  • justamom

    I always packed for my kids so I knew they got a great lunch.

  • Rusty

    So many kids won’t eat real food is a big part of the problem also. My grandkids dad and new wife, fix totally nutritionally deficient crap for the kids. While they fix themselves “adult” food.

  • Blackjack006

    so feed them hamburgers and french fries and a soda to wash it all down.Then we can pay for their health problems.

    • Rose Adkins

      The recommended calorie intake is2000 and that’s if your not dieting..and just so you know Mr Jack..the whole reason kids were getting free breakfasts and lunches at school was cause most were going home to NO food.So yeah feed them some real food not portioned celery sticks that does absolutely nothing to fill a starving child…

  • seazen

    How in the world could any child in this country not want more of that terrific salt, corn syrup, sugar and fat that we pack into stuff we call “food” in giant, industrial factories not like fruits and vegetable and whole wheat bread? Outrageous! We need them all to get started on the road to obesity and diabetes at an early age – just like their parents!

    • solinkaa

      Interesting. Sugar-packed NON-FAT milk (ergo nutritionally negligible as calcium does not absorb in the absence of fat), sugar-packed processed wheat bread (I assume no butter), and some nutritionally negligible fruit and veg, which leave the children hungry – surely this is not the way to go to prevent obesity and diebetes? There are some sensible nutritionists who have some knowledge of how biochemistry works (eg that an intermittent starvation diet is harmful and actually promotes obesity, that non-fat foods are packed with carbs, ie sugars, and that it is sugars that cause obesity and diabetes, not the fats). Clearly, the objective of these school meals is to stay cheap. There is very little of “healthy” here. Fruits and veg and a slice of bread will not feed a growing body and a growing brain. It’s a nutritionally poor diet. There are alternatives. Eggs, a burger with no bun, chicken drumsticks, full fat milk, full fat cheese, some diluted apple juice – but this is just normal simple fare that would be way too expensive for schools.

    • Southern Mom

      Recess time has been cut over the years. Maybe the schools should also give the kids some running off their energy time and it would also help with the obesity problem for the kids to move instead of sitting still all day.

  • RC

    The gov. is slowly taking more control of our children. THAT IS SOCIALISM WHICH IS OBAMA’S AGENDA.

  • kayturley

    I am not sure that a child could force down 750 calories per meal In fat free food. If they are going to eat, let them eat what they want and get full. Then, Bring back recess so they can run around.

    • Southern Mom


  • Joanne Long

    Children need calories and carbs, they are so active they burn them up fast. It is very unhealthy to starve their bodies of energy. Who cares what Michelle wants, she hates every one any way.

    • seazen

      You, on the other hand, hate no one – not even the First Lady. And I am sure that you, too, like the nutritious Happy Meals and doughnuts as well.

      • Joanne Long

        I would never eat GMO foods any where, plus I don’t like sugary food. Now I have a question for you, what’s with the sarcasm?

        • seazen

          “Who cares what Michelle wants, she hates every one any way.” This is an issue regarding our children’s health – not Michelle Obama. And saying she hates everyone is a bit silly, don’t you think?

          • Joanne Long

            I think it’s pretty spot on, even Michelle has admitted she was ashamed of our country.

          • seazen

            And you are proud of country today because ………??

          • Joanne Long

            I am proud to be an American, I love my country as many of my relatives have died for this country so we can have Liberty and freedom. I will fight and expose socialism, communism and Islamism . Are you proud? Or are you even an American?

    • Karen Lee King

      I agree with you Joanne. And actually it’s not up to her what children eat. We’ll take care of our kids the way we want to and she can take care of her own. We don’t need her to tell us how to feed our children. Give the children what they like to eat at lunchtime and you will see trays of food being eaten instead of being thrown away and wasted.

  • Pulfnick

    Parents just need to pack their kids lunch! Parents of kids getting free meals have no right to complain about the free food. If kids don’t want the free food, just don’t eat it. If kids actually NEED free food, I have no sympathy whatsoever for whatever they get for free.

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