Press pool erupts; cant keep straight face at State Dept. double talk

It was impossible to get a straight answer to a simple question out of deputy State Department spokesperson Marie Harf Monday. The process went from the bizarre to the downright laughable.

The question, as posed by a State Department reporter was, “There was a meeting scheduled to take place today between the Israelis, Palestinians, and possibly with an American – with Americans present at some or all in Jericho. Did that meeting go ahead?”

A simple question, requiring a simple “yes” or “no” answer, yet none was available. All Harf could do was to stick to the script that was obviously given her.

Watch to the exchange, and be prepared for some serious head-scratching. Video courtesy of Breitbart News.

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

Mike has been with BizPac Review almost from the beginning. Follow him on Twitter at @MikeBPR.
Michael Dorstewitz


  • patriot1742

    This is so instructive of the Obama’s administration – at no time did we know what was going on – or maybe not.

    • lovinspoonful

      Just what facts did she impart?

    • gahnzo55

      I’m sure that Carney will tell the public, soon, that the President found out about it/something/anything when he turned on the news and found out just what Valerie, I mean the administration did….

  • Ken

    Send in the clowns…

    • lovinspoonful

      Thi9s must be a new comedy routine.

      • Kenneth Clark

        That’s it. You Nailed it. This is their new program for Job creation in the country. They believe that if they can spawn enough new stand up comedians, the jobless rate will plummet and the economy will then grow as never before seen in this country sparking a new era of the American Dream

    • dancingontheheadofapin

      They’re already here and they are our leaders and their minions..

    • LEL

      Yes. We did that in November 2007, the clown car arrived in DC January 2008 and a refresher bus arrived in 2012.

  • Utahlady

    OMG, is this woman 21 yet? Please tell me she is a guy in drag. It is just to embarrassing for her to be a woman.

    • lovinspoonful

      She fits the “dumb blonde” jokes.

    • dragon5126

      no she is a typical woman who can not take responsibility for anything, including unbridled man bashing… YOU ignorant wench you are as bad as the racist Democrats. Grow up.

      • Utahlady

        LOL! NO,I DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP IN YOUR WORLD, I LIKE MINE ! It was said with tongue in cheek. Loosen up you tight a**.

  • ucrobert

    So; we the taxpayer, Pay This Lady?

    • Yeah Buddy

      and many thousands like her.

      • Navy Nuke

        Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

      • shara70

        Now, many millions…the government worker pool has grown exponentially under Obama.

  • Michael Nappi

    Now that’s transparency for you…. It’s perfectly clear we are just peasants and not allowed to any information on what the Muslim king of America is doing…

    • gahnzo55

      Clear as mud….

    • Kenneth Clark

      They need to be required to wear their assigned Jester Hats when speaking.

  • Michael Nappi

    Did you hear her say “for the rest of this nine months” A slip of the tongue? Sounds like this war is already planned right thru the end.

    • Jami Flynn

      I did hear her say that and I didn’t know what it meant at the time, no your suggestion that it may be war planning makes it clear

      • Jami Flynn


  • ladyxx

    What a bimbo.

  • Gail Arvizo

    Some one please give her a Gibbs slap up side that air head of hers:)

  • Carol Anne McManus Rubio

    what an idiot…stick the white house script chick.

  • BruceRW

    Who’s on first?

    • Dobber 1029

      you stole my line :)

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