Allen West on white jogger shooting: So who will Obama identify with this time?


When news of the three teens who went out for a thrill-killing and shot and killed an Australian jogger in the back reached former Florida GOP Congressman Allen West, he took to the social media and called out, among others, President Barack Obama.

Melbourne, Australia native Christopher Lane, 22, attended Oklahoma’s East Central University on a baseball scholarship when he was senselessly murdered “just for fun.”

While Australia’s former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer blames the U.S. for the killing and has called for a boycott, West notes the sound of crickets emanating from the White House — especially after the president was so vocal after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Double standard.

West, never at a loss for words, posted the following on his Facebook page Tuesday night:

“’We were bored and decided to kill somebody.’ Well, shall we hear anything from the race industry crew, Hollywood elites, or maybe Oprah Winfrey? The issue is not about proliferation of guns in America. This is about a failing black community and the fact that its young men are desensitized to violence because a gangsta culture promotes it. So who will President Obama identify with in this case?”

Then he followed up with a tweet:


Good question — who will the president identify with this time? Or, stated differently, we could ask the three thrill-seekers, “Who’s your daddy now?”

NOTE: At the time West made his Facebook and Twitter entries, it was widely reported that all three of the alleged perpetrators are black. The media has since corrected this to indicate two are black and one is white.


  • The Mad Jewess

    He wont say anything, hes probably happy a white person is dead and will use it for his Commie gun control msg

  • jlenoreb

    Obama wants teachers to go easy on disciplining black students (those
    who are actually in school) my solution for the schools systems is to
    give these students bus tickets for DC, give them the addresses of the
    white house and all liberal politicians and tell these kids that Big
    Daddy want them to come live with them now, and they will share THEIR
    wealth with them!!!!!!!! Law enforcement can use this same method for
    getting them out of THEIR hair! Get ready Obama, get yer house clean
    and dusted cuz yer about to git a LOT of company soon!!!!!

    • Mary Hunter

      Love it- great idea where can you donate?

    • Paulette Taylor

      Terrific idea. When does the bus leave?

  • Debra

    Silence Implies Consent… just sayin’

  • Usufur Bigman Ridley


    • Mary Beth Washburn

      such an insightful remark, from someone who will surely need to look up the meaning of the word. Friend of the alleged shooters?

      • Usufur Bigman Ridley


        • Mary Beth Washburn

          Delightful. Always glad to contribute to the discomfort of a hood rat.

          • Usufur Bigman Ridley


          • Mary Beth Washburn

            It is ever so easy to push your buttons. With every reply you reveal the depth of your racial and social ignorance along with an inept use of language perhaps hood rat was incorrect, is chicken head the term I’m looking for? Its painfully apparent you don’t use anything above the shoulders for higher functions

        • Debbie

          …Typical response…vile nasty mouth…
          You need a gallon of bleach down your racist throat

    • Joanne Joannedownes

      so eloquently stated. Did you have to look up any of the big words?

    • Paulette Taylor

      House nigga is in your house and white house.

      • Debbie

        Got that right Paulette. They wonder why people feel the way we do about them…

        • Usufur Bigman Ridley


        • Hargraves Ian

          If you want respect from white people show some manners and respect for others! Young blacks have no respect for anyone else !

      • Usufur Bigman Ridley


        • Kaz

          it must of struck a nerve for you to use such vile words. Guess your mother needs to attend a parenting class, because she sure as hell didn’t teach you any good manners and respect!

    • Charles Wesley Bird

      Bigman, Allen got a nice job as soon as he left the. Congress on a wave of voting fraud. He remains a gentleman.

    • Kevis

      You know what’s really sad?

      The left has so misguided some of you folks that you think that Uncle Tom what a bad person and use it as an insult. As I understand it, Uncle Tom refused to beat another slave, and thus his master killed him. Uncle Tom stood up (pacifistically) for his fellow black slave. He was a noble man.

      Here the left has you convinced that nobility of action is bad, and thuggery is good. No wonder crap like this happens. Allen West stands up for America and Americans; he makes a noble effort not to help just one segment but all in our society – and you ridicule him for it. Says a lot about your (lack) of net worth Usurfur…

      • MissJ123

        You know what’s even sadder?
        The fact that I used the word Uncle Tom in the way in which it is commonly known, you knew what I meant, and yet you choose to look at what you perceive as my left-leaning, liberal, misguided, uneducated take on the term.
        There was nothing noble about what Zimmerman did. And there is nothing noble in your racist intentional misuse of the word “specifically.” Trayvon Martin was vilified so that people won’t have to think about the possibility of him being shot as being a bad thing. It’s easier to think of him as a “typical” inner-city youth (in your way of thinking, anyway), you know, crack-smoking, cop shooting, car-stealing, drug-dealing…whatever. For every one of those kinds of kids, there are thousands and thousands of good, decent black kids who have to put up with being stereotyped as being evil because they like to hang out with their friends after dark and wear a sweatshirt with the hood up, that being the current style my own teen currently sports. Only he’s white. So he doesn’t have to worry about “stop and frisk,” here in New York. But the black kids do, and they get sick of it, just like Trayvon Martin did. He wasn’t a criminal, he had no record, he was unarmed. I just read his autopsy report and it said his liver was fine, trace elements of THC…like half of America wouldn’t have the same results…and you have the nerve to say “Allen West stands up for Americans and America,” what exactly does that mean, Kevis? Because from where I’m standing, no matter what color we are or where we come from or what our social status, we are ALL Americans. You don’t have to bother explaining, because I already know what you are about and why you look at it from that perspective. Yeah I know “take our country back,” and all that. Take it from whom? And give it back, to whom?

        • Kevis

          Your lack of “edumakashun” is showing. The word I used it “pacifistically” which means peacefully, or non-violently – not “specifically” with some hidden racial meaning (you are on serious drugs to even make that connection).
          Trayvon was into violence and fighting, drugs and stealing. His social network posts show his direct involvement and advocacy of such in relation to MMA fighting and his lamenting he didn’t beat someone up badly enough to make them bleed to his satisfaction. Very much like the many thugs doing violence in his name killing random people around the country in OK, WA, TN, MI etc.(realistically they are all white and these are truly hate crimes).

          If you are going to buy into that BS that he wasn’t violent, and these hood rats are justified in killing random people – maybe you’ll change your tune if they target your son instead of some other random person. People dress that way (the hoodie etc) because they want to be perceived as shady – it works. Dress like a thug, act like a thug – your going to be a thug to everyone else’s eyes.

          • MissJ123

            Kevis, I can see conversation with you is a waste of time. When did I ever say that thugs were justified? You have it in your head that I am uneducated, and somehow stupid because I didn’t understand your weak attempt at humor in the way you bend your words, and then innocently try to pretend it isn’t racist. You are clearly a dick with a huge axe to grind. Good luck.

          • MissJ123

            and it’s so obvious to me you don’t live anyone near people of color, because most people I know with an attitude like yours live in their own tiny little white world, so angry that the Civil Rights movement ever took place and people like you are being called out. I do not support murderers or thugs, I support those who are stereotyped by those who assume they are “all alike.” You think that way because YOU, my pompous, assumptive, bigoted friend, because you don’t have any black friends and probably never have. We’re all human, I have black friends who *gasp* actually have husbands! and jobs! and college degrees! and pay taxes and work! And they share their pain of being dragged down by the thugs and murderers. Having empathy, which clearly you lack, I can understand and relate to how that sucks. But your problem is that you simply don’t care. And it’s much easier to lump everyone together and not think about reality, I mean reality, not your warped bent on it. Now take your attitude and shove it.

          • Kevis

            I have little empathy for fools, which you clearly are.

            You called me racist for using the term “pacifistic” relating part of a story (which apparently you couldn’t’ even recognize the word – you are clearly delusional to even get that from the context, voices in your head or perhaps too much acid back in the day.

            I am calling out bad behavior, YOU are the one relating it all to race. News flash for you, but that is a racist – everything relates to race.

            You assume a lot about who I may know. I don’t have friends that are bigoted in the manner they are told to by the media & government if that’s what you mean. However, that doesn’t include every black person, the people you would call “Uncle Toms” – who follow self reliance, individual rights and judging another by their actions are my friends. Whatever race they happen to be.
            But I don’t kiss the ass of someone just to try and prove I’m not a racist like you do – I look at their attitude and actions and deal with them as they represent or mis-represent themselves. You apparently think that its excusable for a black kid to be into drugs and violence because he is black, that he doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of his actions against another like anyone else should.

          • MissJ123

            Actually, no…I don’t think it’s excusable for someone to be stereotyped and provoked into a situation that would cause him to be killed for reasons that most logical people would view as unjustified. And I don’t kiss anyone’s ass, I respect people across the board; I understand the socio economic reasons why people have evolved to become who and what they are, whether it’s considered to be acceptable as an average citizen or not. I am not making excuses for people who don’t live up to civilized standards, I am merely saying I understand why they do the things they do. This does’t mean I approve of or like it, but that certainly doesn’t give me cause, like you, to make blanket statements about the black youth of this country in response to it. Our schools have failed them, our society has given them plenty of rope to fail and a certain amount of rope to succeed, depending on the individual and their circumstances. It breaks my heart what’s happening to so many, but I know my history. There is no excuse to go out and kill people “for kicks,” and black people in the South, both present day but moreso post-civil war, can tell you a thing or two about black people being murdered for kicks, often for for some trumped-up weak excuse, or maybe for no particular reason, and the State laws that were put into place that allowed the people who committed these acts to do it and get away with it without the blink of an eye. The Civil Rights movement was a peaceful, non-violent way in which Dr. King led people to ask for what they were rightfully deserving of under the Constitution nearly a hundred years after the amendement was passed that granted them. It would have been nice if they didn’t have to ask for it int the first place. What has led to today does not justify thug life or the murders committed in its name, and it never will; it’s merely an explanation of a certain segment of our society that is a lost cause.

  • porktheotherwhitemeat

    his presidency has brought racism to a new level

  • maddaddyssa

    obozo would say the jogger acted stupidly and invite the thugs (holder’s peep) over for a beer summit.

  • Dave S

    Obummer is un-knowingly storing up Wrath,, against himself. When the crap hits the fan its not going to be a good day for em.

  • MissJ123

    Am I the only one who is wondering “WTF?” People get shot randomly every singly day in this country. This particular shooting was white on white. Just for kicks. In the hundreds of shootings nationwide, it’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. Trayvon Martin’s situation was different. That was a paranoid, trigger-happy, cop-wannabe who pegged an innocent teen because he was black, wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up, and probably jumped the guy who never warned him he had a gun in the first place because he was a typical moody teen who had a series of trouble with authority and just wanted to be left the f—k alone. And the “Stand Your Ground Law” allowed the killer of that young man to walk a free man. I am proud of a President who had the balls to tell it like it is and speak up about the fact that if Martin was not black, there’s a pretty good chance he’d still be hanging out with his Dad and getting ready to give school another shot. I’m tired of people putting down Obama for saying what he said, because the truth hurts; regardless, people need to hear it. Congressman West is rallying for votes for his dying party, period. His response is so Uncle Tom, sucking up to his party, I want to throw up.

    • Kaz

      I guess it’s OK to encourage this kind of behavior, and allow these young black/white/and any race kids or grown ass adults to do what they continue to do…loaf, steal, parents teaching their kids that it is OK to cheat the system, teach their kids that it is OK to live off of welfare. And if Trayvon Martin was such a good kid, why was he out and about after curfew? shouldn’t he be at home playing video games or sleeping or wait..better yet…studying? If he was such a good kid, then his parents has taught him nothing. He wouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with now huh? I’m sorry for the loss, but if you choose to be out late pass curfew and decided to attack someone; then it is a lesson to learn in the next life.

      • Kaz

        oh and Trayvon was black and it is a lesson for everyone. A couple weeks ago there was a crime that happened in minnesota where a bunch of “gang members” (black kids out past curfew Calls themselves HAM-Hoes And Money) beat up a white 24 yr old man while jogging and where was president obama or al sharpton? um yea…

      • Hargraves Ian

        And his father was not at all worried when he went to the store for skittles and never returned. He did not find it out til next day. Some worrying parent he was and his mother is now whoring herself all over getting richer and richer off her disgusting sons back. !

        • MissJ123

          I can barely reply to this post, Ian, you are hopeless. Seriously. Do you actually really think that way, or are you trying to sound like an Archie Bunker racist idiot just to be funny?

          • Kevis

            What Ian said is the truth. His mother trade marked his name almost immediately after his death. They cared naught for their son, it showed in his actions. They were way quick to cash in on his death. It is the most disgusting and vile display I’ve ever seen perhaps only eclipsed by Cindy Sheehan.

      • MissJ123

        Kaz, you are doing what everybody else has done that wants to believe that Trayvon Martin was a bad person. He had attitude, he smoked weed, he spray painted a few times and got caught and he was subsequently suspended from school. These things do not make him a hard-core criminal or an evil person, they make him a screwed up kid from a broken home who was in need of help, which is why his Mom sent him to live with his Dad when he was suspended so he wouldn’t be around his friends. He had no record. He went to the store for snacks–not a crime punishable by death, either. You are summing him up and writing him off as being deserving of what happened to him. He was a human being. He did not deserve to die. Even if Zimmerman was getting his ass kicked by Martin–which in my opinion, he deserved, because he should have listened to the cops to begin with and left him alone–he didn’t have to kill Matin. If you honestly believe that in your heart, I feel sorry for you. He could have shot in the air, wounded him in the leg, or, how’s this? If he’s such a pussy and is getting his ass kicked by a kid half his age, maybe the neighborhood watch wasn’t such a good choice of vocation, and he certainly shouldn’t have been carrying a gun.

    • Kevis

      I think you “drank” too much Koolaid.

      Martin was the one who was paranoid and aggressive due to his overuse of cough syrup concoction known as “Lean” “Drank” “Sizzurp” etc. Matter of fact, hard candy (Skittles) & flavored drink (Watermelon AZ Ice Tea in this case) are 2/3 of the ingredients. His liver showed he used it extensively.

      All the evidence backed up the story as Zimmerman told it, your speculation offered to edit facts doesn’t change the facts. You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. Martin punched Zimmerman, THAT is what started the altercation. Someone following you and reporting your whereabouts is not cause to attack them – only for the criminals or the criminally minded. Zimmerman endured the attack for over a minute before finally shooting Martin. That’s a lot longer than he should have waited.

      Perhaps you, Obama & the rest of the race hustling circus can get on board with stopping this crap, educate your kids that assaulting others is not the answer to anything, other than a jail sentence or the lethal needle.

      • MissJ123
        The bit about the skittles and AZ tea is BS, the product of some Right-Wing blogger rant that you chose to believe over the facts.

        • Kevis

          The autopsy showed liver damage consistent with chronic use of DXM (which is usually accompanied by codeine). The side effects of heavy use of this stuff are paranoia and aggression. What someone does while on it may vary, but certainly explains some of the violence in the rap culture. Most of the classroom shooters however, were on SSRI drugs under doctor’s orders.

          As far as who’s idea this was – it wasn’t a “right wing blogger’s” (Bill Whittle et al). It was the idea of rappers 15+ years ago. It was “cool” to do the stuff they did – disrespect women, anyone else for that matter, shoot at cops, do and sell drugs to get “bling” and use “Purple Drank” also known as “Sizzurp.” Here is one of the songs about it, if you can stand to listen to it.

          I can guarantee you they are no right wingers.

          • MissJ123

            I hear what you are saying about the brainless pond scum who think all of the above is cool, but I disagree about the autopsy report. Show me the actual document and where it says that. The report I read said that everything seemed normal and functioning, and the toxicity report mentioned traces of THC, which did not make him a criminal nor a homicidal, demented rageaholic. The blog I read said he had drank that ridiculous concoction, told what it was made up of and what the effects were, would be to one who drank it, but I saw no proof. The document I saw (though for some reason the PDF I attached didn’t come through on my last post) looked authentic to me. Which is not to say it could not have been fabricated, but it looked authentic to me. Whereas I have not seen any kind of autopsy report that discusses the state of Martin’s liver, which causes me to think that it’s simply not true.

          • Kevis

            Ok, here’s the thing. To put it together, you have to conduct the investigation and logic train that investigators would/should have done (but probably wouldn’t – to quote Hillary Clinton “At this point, what difference does it make” because Martin is dead).
            The autopsy report doesn’t draw the conclusion because they weren’t really looking for it, or necessarily even that knowledgeable about that type of drug mis-use. Taking the autopsy report and comparing seemingly innocuous parts about the brain and liver, with actual in depth analysis of DXM use & effects is where the evidence of long term use comes from. IE – fatty metamorphosis of parts of the liver. The brain showed signs consistent with asphyxia (resulting from the cessation of heart and lung function). There is ongoing study as tot he effect of DXM on the brain, in rats there are observable effects on use, and partly sex dependent longer term effects but at this point not enough study has been done on human brains to make complete conclusions on it.

            Here is your “conservative blogger” who honestly shows great work (and shows his work) like a real investigative journalist.


            Its a VERY long read with a lot of links to sources cited. Seriously, that is generally the hallmark of good research, not the tripe in the newspapers that in fact don’t have to reveal their source even under subpoena.

      • MissJ123

        I like how they say stuff like “we now have evidence,” and “new information suggests that,” but in the end it’s all a bunch lies that were fabricated. He smoked weed and some was in his system.oooooh, reefer madness, that’ll inspire you to kill a classroom full of kids, right? I’m amazed at the facts people choose to believe

    • Sloppy Joe

      MissJ123, don’t let the facts get in the way of one of your racist rants.

      • MissJ123

        you are correct Sloppy, I thought the shooters were white, I was worng and you are absolutely right, I concur. As to Martin, you are wrong. I saw the autopsy report, which is available online. He may have been drinking AZ tea and eating Skittles, my own 14-year old (white…) son likes them too, and he’s straight as an arrow, however Martin’s liver was not compromised, so I’m not sure where you got your information, though I suspect it’s some Right-Wing blogger somewhere or Fox News, claiming to have all the FACTS. Martin was demonized so that certain people don’t have to feel uneasy about an unarmed kid being killed for no good reason. And it wasn’t a good reason. Zimmerman should have told him he had a gun, fired the gun in the air, shot him in the leg if he couldn’t defend himself with his fat useless arms against a kid half his age, but he didn’t have to aim for his torso, considering he managed to reach for his gun in the firs place. If it’s considered reasonable to kill someone for kicking your ass, there would be bodies everywhere. But as to the crime of 3 black teens killing an innocent white man, this sort of thing happens all the time, it’s insane, and it is this type of crime that makes it easier for people like Zimmerman to view Martin in the way he did and kill him in the way he did, and the people of this country who want to believe Martin was a bad person find it easier to believe he actually was a bad person for the same reason. Trayvon Martin was a troubled kid from a broken home, he spray painted a few times and got caught, got caught with weed, got suspended from school. He was visiting his Dad because his Mom wanted him to be away from his friends while he was suspened so he would have an opportunity to straighten up his act. He needed help, guidance, someone to listen and understand, he didn’t need a 9mm stuck in his chest and shot to death because he decided to fight back when someone got in his face because he didn’t like the way he looked. The only thing that would have given Zimmerman cause to shoot Martin that would have been legitimate would have been if he had stuck a gun in Zimmerman’s face. That’s pretty much it.

  • Hargraves Ian

    Obama will sya ” If I had three sons, they would be like these three lovely young men, just having fun and trying to get some free skittles from the white, rich person who could afford to give them each a packet of skitlles and a can of iced tea” And Jessie, Al and I are gonna see to it that they are revered for their sacrifice in showing white trash how to behave in America!

  • Jerry

    Thank You Allen for always standing up for the obvious. I wish you many successes in the future. You have earned them.

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