Eyewitness video: ‘Impeach Obama’ activists arrested for peaceful assembly


Protesters in St. Charles, Mo., were arrested for peacefully demonstrating and calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama Saturday.

This particular demonstration was a part of the nationwide “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” movement initiated by James Neighbors for the months of July and August.

In this particular incident, the demonstrators were told to leave the area by state troopers because they created a safety hazard for motorists, according to Tea Party News Network.

A suggestion by the group to move the demonstration further down the road was met by “No, we’re just going to have you guys exit the overpass.”

“What gives you the authority to order me around on a public sidewalk?” the cameraman asked.

“Do you recognize that I’m a peace officer? I asked you and told you that you need to leave,” the officer replied.

The situation eventually escalated to the point where the demonstrator was placed into a chokehold and arrested.

The cameraman can be heard asking, “Is that necessary? He’s not resisting!” He was arrested along with the first demonstrator.

Watch the video of the incident, courtesy of TheNewSurvivalist.com.


  • car333

    Did anyone notice the flashing lights on the police cars were more of a distraction and traffic hazard than a couple people holding a peaceful demo.
    I support all police officers that do their jobs well, but this demonstrates a very poor sorry bunch of Wanna-bees. Mo has always been known for this. There seems to be a Barney Fife in every cruiser.
    I hope those involved get what they deserve, FIRED.

    • claudette

      I was thinking the exact same thing….way overkill….and the protestors were within their rights. But our “rights” don’t seem to amount to much these days

    • Doug

      Did anyone notice those flashing lights were flashing counter clockwise instead of clockwise. This could have been staged in an alternate universe and beamed to our planet. Let’s get at the truth.

  • Troof Detector

    Welcome to Barack Obama’s COMMUNIST america.

  • John A.

    Is anyone surprised? If indeed they were forced to sit behind a running car after the officers were made aware of the exhaust issue, the ACLU should do their job and initiate a lawsuit against the officer and police force. That officer should be removed from his job for placing the lives of the two men in jeopardy, as I am very certain that they are familiar with a similar method being used in suicides they have investigated.

    • Cyborg3K

      The ACLU will never take sides against a ‘rat president.

  • AWCheney

    Welcome to Obama’s Amerika!

  • Dave

    Amerkan justice thanks to 0 and his evil minions.

  • Robert Edwards

    Is this the best that Missouri police can do? It took seven cars of police officers to handle two men? Didn’t they have other offenses for which some of them should have been protecting the public–like speeders, red light runners, intoxicated drivers, domestic abuse, or even a robbery. It would be nice to know what crimes were committed while this party of officers were “defending” first amendment rights. Didn’t they make an oath to support and defend the Constitution? If a judge finds these men were not guilty of breaking any law then they should sue all of the police units that were present as well as the city and state.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bob.davis.73 Bob Davis

      Judge hell!! Request a jury trial.

  • seazen

    Dang. I’ll bet they were the first people ever arrested for a peaceful “protest” that happened to be disrupting traffic or for other public safety reasons! Let’s get all over this first time, outrageous, unusual event! I wonder what would have happened if they were black and protesting the Trayvon Martin verdict ….

    • Lucktoday

      They would have a police escort to and from the bridge through main street.

    • Jerry


  • Doug

    Do we support our police officers or not?

    • claudette

      support for law enforcement isn’t even the issue here. these men were extremely respectful to the officers and were within their rights to peacefully assemble. the officers created much more of a spectacle and traffic back-up, with their cruisers, flashing lights, and huge presence, than the protestors did. I would guess passers-by had to slow down quite a bit to get by

    • John A.

      Nobody should get an always right or always wrong card, including the police. If the overpass was a safety issue, the simple solution was to determine where peaceful protest was safe and direct the demonstrators to that place. Endangering the lives of the protesters was irresponsible. They should have been placed in a patrol car. What if a car did lost control and hit them while they now sat on the curb of the “dangerous road” that still remained a traffic issue with multiple patrol cars parked with flashing lights?

    • Chico Hinojos

      not on this agenda,doug 2014 your gonna hate what obama does to your paycheck,question, have you read any of the obamacare law,prettysure you havent ,read it,did you know youre going to be forced to have a savings account thru the govt,not a private account either HR.2040,its going to be withdrawn like ,childsupport(example) oh and if the govt needs to use (your)money in that account,you cant do a dang thing about,how about that for obama lovers”

      • Doug

        I’ve read that silly piece. It’s perfectly ridiculous.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bob.davis.73 Bob Davis

      I support our police but I do not support STUPID.

    • Jerry

      Not when they break the law.

  • Joseph J Mauceri

    I didn’t see them do anything wrong, The protest was on the sidewalk with a rail separating the traffic from the protesters! The police were probably ordered to gat them out of there, this is the power the liberals have they did these same protests toward Bush and never were stopped!

  • BeezFolliez

    One of the hoax In chief’s executive orders being executed upon a peaceful demonstration that disagrees with his policies.

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