Woman opens fire, scares off 6 armed robbers at Denny’s

This incident provides a great example of why America’s founders included the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights — for the defense of self and others.

Six armed robbers entered a Houston-area Denny’s restaurant a little over a week ago and while there, accosted a woman’s husband. What the robbers failed to factor into their plans was that the woman, who was in the ladies room at the time, possessed a concealed carry permit, she was carrying a firearm, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. And use it she did, according to Click2Houston.

When she exited the restroom and saw the six robbers and her husband on the floor, she drew her weapon and opened fire. After a brief shootout, the robbers scurried from the scene.

The woman’s brother-in-law, who didn’t wish to be identified, described the event as follows:

“She said she came out of the restroom and saw my brother on the floor. That’s when she started doing what she gotta do. She got a license and she’ll do anything to protect her kids and my brother,” he said. “Self-defense saved my brother’s life,” he added.

No patrons or bystanders were injured.

At that point, I can only imagine that she secured her weapon, finished her “Grand Slam” breakfast and asked her husband what his plans were for the day. Of course, I have a rather vivid imagination.

Watch the news report, courtesy of Click2Houston.

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  • car333

    Good for her. It’s a shame six robbers were not LDRT.

  • Doug

    That’s two more than a Grand Slam!

  • Kenneth Clark

    Hey Bloomberg. You and your other Mayors can leave for Mexico any time now! Our citizens have it under control.

  • grannykate62

    Excellent work

  • mkpike

    A shame she didn’t shoot them in the legs so they couldn’t run. Target practice, target practice target practice…

  • Doug

    She could have said, “I’ll take six to go.”

  • Dona Bahadorkhan

    Wasn’t it Denny’s that ask police officers not to come into the restaurant in uniforms if they had their guns on them. Perhaps the robbers thought it was a gun free zone… SURPRISE

  • proudwhite

    WAIT!! The people SHOOTING at the ROBBERS…are..ready?…..BLACK! Oh oh..What will fat a$$ sharpton and opera say now?! RACISTS!!

  • kickyourace

    Who robs a Denny? Aren’t banks where the money is?

  • liberalloons

    A rodeo clown walks into a bar and screams, ” Obama supporters are A-holes”. The bartender screams back, ” Hey ! I resent that statement” . The rodeo clown asks, “Are you an Obama supporter”, and the bartender answers, ” No ! I’m an A-hole.

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