Shameful: Even Putin calls to end Christian persecution, as Obama is ‘silent’

vladimir putin russia

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To borrow from the musical group The Kinks, you know “it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world” when Russian president Vladimir Putin becomes the leading voice for stopping the violent persecutions against Christians while the president of the United States stands silent.

Speaking at a meeting with Orthodox Christian leaders in Moscow last week, according to Life Site News, Putin said he noted “with alarm” that “in many of the world’s regions… inter-confessional tensions are mounting, and the rights of religious minorities are infringed, including Christians and Orthodox Christians.”

In emphasizing the Middle East and North Africa, Putin said:

“This pressing problem should be a subject of close attention for the entire international community. It is especially important today to make efforts to prevent intercultural and interreligious conflicts, which are fraught with the most serious upheavals.”

Christians in Syria have suffered greatly amid a deadly civil war there, as have Coptic Christians in Egypt while under Muslim Brotherhood rule. There has also been a rapid decline of Iraq’s Christian population since 2003. All of which has largely been ignored by the Obama administration.

Nina Shea, Director of the Center for Religious Freedom and a Hudson Institute Fellow, said during an appearance at CPAC in March that “religious persecution is the gravest human rights crisis of our day,” as reported by Breitbart News.

Shea noted then that the Obama administration has been “silent” on the issue of global Christian persecution, and she had little hope of improvement. “I have every expectation this problem will become worse between now and the end of the Obama administration,” she said.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., a co-chairman of the House of Representatives’ Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, has been critical of the U.S. government’s “anemic and at times outright baffling” response to the treatment of Christians in the Mideast, according to the National Catholic Register.

“America has always been a friend to the oppressed, the persecuted, the forgotten. But, sadly, today, that allegiance is in question, as religious freedom and human-rights abuses around the globe increasingly go unaddressed and unanswered,” Wolf said last month.

Yes, we may have passed through the looking glass if Christians must look to Russia for protection. A mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, indeed.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • sandra

    Putin is an Orthodox Christian, and most likely Obama is a Muslim.

    • Beeta


      • Nelly

        Not only in the wh but all over the us.

    • 3/75 Ranger

      He is an absolute Muslim. Why do you think his foreign aide goes to Muslim groups? Why do you think part of his cabinet is tied with the muslim brotherhood? Why do you think he sent tanks and fighter jets to Muslim ran countries? Why do you think he won’t place his hand over his heart and face our flag when the anthem is being played? Why do you think Muslims in our schools are getting special treatment, while our christian children are placed on a back burner?

      • Deacon_Sam1

        I heard he stopped sending money to Israel.

        • Nelly

          You heard wrong

          • 3/75 Ranger

            Israel doesn’t need our money. They got the Rothschild’s playing both sides of the fence like they have always done.

      • Sondra Treasure

        He also doesn’t call fellow Muslims terrorists. Ever. It’s against Sharia to speak against a fellow muslim. The only thing I wonder is why his wife and daughters are not covered? Is it because Quran says it’s ok to lie if it forwards the cause of muslim.

    • Helen

      I believe Putin is a Christian…..and wears his mothers cross….

      • reginalduka

        What makes one a Christian, is not wearing a cross as a symbol, but repentance, confession of one’s sins to the Lord Jesus Christ, and faith in His blood to cleanse your sin, and God’s Holy Spirit; telling your human Spirit that your sins have been remitted, and you are now born again.
        Anything thing other than this is a fraud.
        Any way glad that He spoke out for the Christian persecution, currently going on in the middle east and in all muslim countries, Christians are killed and ethnically cleansed.

      • Calvin

        And her panties.

    • Nwoutlawz BW

      There is no most likely,it’s a fact he is a Brotherhood Muslim POS Nword who has brought shame to America

      • henry o.

        You’re an IDIOT! Of the highest order!

        • Jerry

          Yo bama!

    • Nelly

      Not most likely, HE IS a muslim

  • Christopher Porretti

    That’s right Obama is really a supporter of the terrorist the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Sandy Clark

      Putin won’t play into the hands of the Illuminati who want a WWIII. He was baptized a Christian.

      • Calvin

        Glad your kind is slowly turning to dust…. just have to wait a few more years and the world will be a better place.

  • Nil Gilad

    It is not really so strange as Russia is once again a Christian nation and Vlad Putin is a Christian. This is light from the East.

    • ljk76

      And Putin supports Assad. Who is saving Christians from persecution? Is that what Assad is doing?
      Yes Mr Putin, you have Americans who support your “words” of freedom from persecution…while you, Mr Putin, finance the Assad regime who kills Christians in the deadly Syrian civil war.
      Anything to be against the President of the United States…Muslim or otherwise, lol!

      • Vic Christian

        FYI – check the facts. The Syrian rebels are terrorists and are killing far more Christians than is the government. Both are evil – but recent events have indicated that Assad is the less evil.

        • ljk76

          Assad is the less evil. I will remember that one.
          So the Syrian rebels are terrorists. Who is the United States supposed to support? Assad? Or the terrorists?

          • Vic Christian

            ljk76 – Facts lead to the conclusion that the US should not support anyone, at least not militarily. Food and supplies to the refugees – yes. Pray for them – yes. Assad also sides with Iran and hates Israel – definitely not good. However, this is a civil war, civilians will be killed, especially as the rebels are hiding among civilian populations. The rebels are also systematically killing Christians and executing prisoners. Should we support this? Militarily we need to get out, keep out, and send weapons to no one in this issue.

          • Nelly

            By the way, if you watch the media other than the american ones, you will know that it is not a civil war, but syria is the only country in the middle east that was self sufficient and need no help form outside and it used to export many things to other countries which is not good for O administration.

          • ljk76

            I thought Christians are civilians too. Don’t the other “civilians” have a religion to be concerned about, why just Christian civilians?

          • jim

            The Syrian rebels that Obama is supporting have ties to Al-Queda,the same freedom fighters in Libyia that the press talked about were Al-Queda as well,the President is aiding and abetting the very enemy he condemns,also Obamas brother in Kenya,massacred Christians,he drove them into a church there and then set the church on fire,any Christians that ran from the burning church were gunned down,this is what Obama supports.

          • Nelly

            That what islam is all about, kill all non-muslims. take their women as sex slaves and kill their younesters

          • ljk76

            Full of facts from nowhere.

          • Nelly

            The rebels in syria are not syrians, they came from around the world to fight in syria, including your country US, ask you government why did they detained an ex-marine on his way home, HE way fighting and killing syrians there, and from other western countries too.

          • Nelly

            The United State is supporting and financing al qaeda with all its fractions in syria not Assad for he does not need help from O

          • Lee Workman

            NEITHER!!!! The US should get out of the middle east and let them settle their own disputes. obama has destabilized that group and has cost the lives of countless Christians, muslim women and children.

          • willie1955

            neither one

        • Nelly

          Do not watch your media they are all lying to you americans, see other channels to know the truth.

          • Brent Hudnall

            im an american and you are absolutely right are media is GOVERNMENT FUNDED your only going to hear lies the reason why i dont even watch the news here its no worse than North Korean fed lies through news…

      • allyofIsrael

        For approximately 2,000 years, there has been a strong Christian community living in Syria in peace under the protection of Bashar Al Assad and many Syrian leaders before him. So your claim that “the Assad regime who kills Christians in the deadly Syrian civil war” is at best an error on your part or at worst, a deliberate lie. It is the Sunni dominated FSA fighters who are slaughtering Christians as well as Alawite and Shiite Muslims wherever they find them. I do believe however, that Hezbollah fighters who are supporting Assad in the war could be guilty of murdering Christians but not Assad’s forces. Christians are gripped with fear that if Assad loses the war they will be slaughtered without mercy; hence many are now fighting with the Syrian Army to save their lives while Barack Obama is supporting the very criminals who terrorized his own country on 9/11. What a patriot!!

        • Vic Christian

          Thank you allyofisrael!

        • ljk76

          The Christians want to fight AGAINST Assad. He certainly isn’t trying to save them. I am not there. But the FACT that the christian groups want to fight AGAINST Assad is unassailable. And NOT a lie.
          If they want to fight against Assad…and Assad is trying to protect his power, then Putin’s support for the Christians is curious at best, a misdirection at worst.
          I am tired of the United States getting in other peoples wars. I didn’t like it with Bush 43, I don’t want it now, religious or otherwise.
          Somehow, because it is Christians we are supposed to stop what we are doing. Please, go fight and support them yourself, forget that your tax dollars can be used, put your “Boots on the ground.”
          Lastly, the people who are fighting Assad, the ones ignoring the Christians…why should we arm them, if they are ignoring the Christians?

          • Nelly

            It is not about islam, it is all about the Third Jihad (google it) and you will know everything there is to know. Try it now

          • Vic Christian

            Wrong – the “facts” behind your third sentence are not unassailable. Please talk to believing Christians that live there – I have. They are fleeing from the rebels – who continue to execute Christians and Assad’s soldiers.

          • ljk76

            This concern for ONLY the Christians is beyond me. And Assad is seen as the “Beloved?” As long as the United States stays out of it, let these people figure it out themselves. I don’t want the United States to fund the rebels, I don’t want them to prop up that tin-horn dictator Assad…if the Syrians can’t figure out how to live in peace, get out of the way, let them figure it out.

        • Christopher Porretti

          pardon my spelling but Kadafi, Assad, and Mubark are no angels at but least they kept the radical muslim extremist from taking power. Now Obama a radical extremest supports these movements of turning the middle east into disaster. Obama is the real terrorist.

      • Iron Angel

        Actually I have family in Syria and we are Christians who had a beautiful life until the U.N. infiltrated with hired mercenaries and started targeting Christian communities and buildings. There is some collateral damage but it’s not because of beloved President Assad…it’s because he is being set up and you must be a GOC shill to say such things

      • Nelly

        Assad does not kill christians in Syria. I am a christian from the middle east, and went several times to Syria and never felt oppressed or heard a word against christians there, it is only your propaganda that is spreading this rumors about Syria, unlike Egypt, they do that and more.

  • Doug

    Putin frequently lunches with the Deity.

  • Brenda

    if Russia adopts the United States Constitution Ill move there.

    • Sandy Clark
    • Doug

      Bring warm clothes.

      • Iron Angel


      • Lee Workman

        I read the other day that Moscow has at least 3 weeks of a nice warm summer. LOL

    • Lee Workman

      Russia is very picky about who they allow to live there. HIV tests, TB tests, etc. They are not like obama who welcomes all welfare trash into the country. Putin just rounded up about 1400 Vietnamese who were working illegally and deported them.

  • CitizenBrain

    Compulsive Lying (Taqiyya) Communist Muslim P.O.S. in the White House…

  • HongryHawg

    And from another band of that era, The Tremeloes, we have “Silence Is Golden”. Which is why the pretender is silent on the issue. His silence speaks louder than the words he cannot say and prove he is muslim, through and through.

    • felicityva

      I know I’m dating myself with this one, but I remember that song!

  • steveyuhas

    It is sad that Putin – who doesn’t defend any freedom of any person living in Russia – still believes in the Orthodox faith and is defending persecution of Christians the world over while Obama stays quiet. At least Putin found time between outdoor excursions to make a statement, Obama just keeps golfing.

  • Judy Cooke

    Keep up your good work Tom. Everyone needs to be aware of this. Thank you.
    Judy Cooke

  • matt93312

    Obama doesn’t do anything even remotely Christian. His faith is as absent as his past. You can’t talk to anyone who remembers him from anywhere he has claimed to live. His alleged parents are both deceased. The one person who wants to talk about him is his raging lunatic pastor from Chicago, whom Obama has since distanced himself from. You’ll find his piety and charity right behind his college transcripts and original birth certificate.

    That’s right America, you re/elected a fraud because of his melanin and empty platitudes. The Hope has faded… the Change is destroying your liberty.

    • Sandy Clark

      Obama is an Illuminati puppet. Putin isn’t. Putin defends the Middle East nations while Obama sends in his CIA Muslim Brotherhood to stir up trouble and try to bring them down.

    • Iron Angel

      get rid of the C.I.A. and U.N. and Radical Islamists will magically disappear!!

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