Actor James Woods uses twitter pics to start hitting libs harder

Actor James Woods only recently took to Twitter, but he apparently needed neither instruction nor prompting — he came out of the gate at a full run.

He tested the waters a while back with his comments on the president’s unannounced racial profiling speech on July 19.

With that having been deemed a success — at least to conservatives — Twitchy took note that he branched out on a variety of topics — beginning with Rolling Stone’s despicable cover photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He took the magazine to task with a cover of his own that has since been retweeted almost 1,000 times:

Enjoying success with that photo tweet, he tried another, this time addressing the Huma – Hillary connection. Long tine Hillary aide Huma Abedin is also the wife of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. This means, of course, they have something in common besides their professional relationship — they both married men with wandering eyes.

When the similarity was noted by Weiner recently, the former Secretary of State took offense, suggesting there was no correlation at all.

Woods disagreed with the following:

And with the following, he pictures the two women not as not so much leading the charge against a fabricated “war on Women” waged by the right, but rather as “birds of a feather” victims of a very real “War on Women” waged by their own husbands.

Woods 1

That, in turn, led to a flurry of photo tweets directed to Woods, including one from the Vietnam era, and Woods’ reply:

Woods 2

Woods 3

And finally one that brings together two recent scandals — Benghazi and the NSA. The photo says, “It turns out, in the past few years, the only phone the government wasn’t monitoring belonged to Chris Stevens.”

Woods 4

Woods 5

Keep up the good work, Mr. Woods. We thoroughly enjoy it — almost as much as your acting.

The above tweets, and more, were compiled by the Twitchy Team


  • Kriegar


    • Dwayne Jackson

      What’s lame?

      • KSDelgado

        a liberal’s argument in any and every debate.

      • Donnie Ray Howell

        I believe Kriegar was commenting on how lame he was…………

        • raycom4rt

          I believe Kriegar cut and ran.

  • Long Colt

    At least there’s one actor who doesn’t have his face up ovomits butt crack. Wait, that would mean his mouth. sorry for that confusion.

    • Lea C.


  • maskedcommenter

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I liked this guy for some reason. A true American Patriot.

  • Raymond Gallant

    Mr.Woods your a great American unlike Barry and Billary!

  • hollandhrtn

    you go James!! you need to run for PREZ

    • Doug

      He could run with Jesse Ventura. Oh, I forgot you all hate Jesse now.

  • hollandhrtn

    no Kriegar its people like you that are lame. look who you voted in for president. now whos lame?

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme

    Go James Go! – I love it!

  • Wolf Moon

    Truthy. I like it.

    • aaron

      wants to be the next ronald or arnold? good luck because “woods” doesn’t rhyme. a applaud him as an actor and i applaud him for creating social awareness…….but he’d be a shitty president. he will always be someone better than THAT

  • seazen

    and James Wood should be paid attention to, why?

  • Doug

    Be careful with Woods he’s got a dicey sexual history. Soon he might be sending out close-ups of his Johnson.

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