Sarah Palin: I was forbidden to tell the truth about Obama in 2008

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t mince words about President Obama and White House press secretary Jay Carney, calling the scandals plaguing the administration “phony.”

Appearing in “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on Friday, Palin questioned which scandals the pair consider phony,  saying it isn’t a coincidence that both Obama and Carney are using the term.

“He’s trying to run out the clock,” Palin said. It’s like a stall play in a basketball game. “It’s cowardly, and nothing good is going to come from this.”

Palin said that during her 2008 vice presidential run, she was banned from talking about Obama’s relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and the then-senator’s lack of knowledge or job experience.

“I was not allowed to talk about things like that because those ‘elitists,’ those who are the brainiacs in the GOP machine, running John McCain’s campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things,” she said.

Palin held up a white piece of paper she dubbed “the redneck version of a whiteboard,” on which she had scrawled the titles of numerous Obama administration scandals – including Fast & Furious, Benghazi and IRS targeting.

“What that got us, this kind of complacency and self-censoring of a campaign where we weren’t allowed to tell the truth about who this candidate was – Barack Obama – what it got us was a list of these scandals,” Palin said.

Watch Palin’s rant via Fox News here:

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Stoneyjack

    Stylish, sensitive Sarah Palin enunciates her speech with eloquence & erudition. She is exquisite, exciting, enchanting.

    • JOEL714


    • William Carr

      I’m sorry… do you know what “erudition” means ?

      It means “great knowledge or learning, Scholarship”.

      That does not describe Sarah Palin.

      • Kenneth Clark

        She displays more erudition than any Democrat or Progressive could ever hope to have. I would dare say that Mrs. Palin is as much a Patriot as any of our founding fathers of which the Democrats and Progressives want us to forget ever existed in order to utterly destroy our nation.

        • William Carr

          No, see… “erudition” means scholarship, not making stuff up.

          Like when Ms. Palin made up the account of Paul Revere riding to “warn the Redcoats”, firing his pistols in the air…

          Never happened.

          One: pistols then had to be hand-loaded. So, you fire them, and you’re out of ammo.

          Sarah Palin apparently confused the real account of Paul Revere riding to alert the Colonial Militias that the British Regulars were on the move.

          He most emphatically did not fire pistols or make noise; British patrols were everywhere.

          He did warn a lot of people, but was captured. The British questioned him, and he basically said “the word is out, the townsfolk know you are coming”.

          Then the town bells started ringing and the British gave up and retreated.

          Palin gets SO confused. Her grasp of History is weak, and she gets trapped between what she wants to believe is true and her dim memories of actual historical events.

          So, a quiet ride on a night when travelers were suspected of being spies, becomes a brave act of pistol waving defiance.

          She’s done this multiple times, and generally babbles a lot as a way of trying to get out of the situation.

          • LMW51

            No, the definition is “knowledge or learning” with scholarship following. It does not say “Ivy League Education” and “totality of life spent in academia”. I know a lot of really “intelligent” folks with not one ounce of common sense. I prefer common sense and real life experience to a life in academia where folks live in a fantasy of a Utopia that can never exist.

          • Tony Donaldson

            Ever read the Secular Humanist Manifesto II ? This should enlighten you to Academia. Be sure to read who signed it at the end. You’ll notice much of what they have been working toward has come to pass.

          • Michael Lawrence

            as if no liberal hack has ever embellished any historical event….I think just the other day our president made a speech claiming something or another about “phony” scandals….

          • Bill Hicks

            Ad hominem attack.

          • Michael Lawrence

            Maybe you missed the speech…he really did say that all of the “phony” sandals had been a distraction. They were hardly phony…scandals yes, phony…no. Or were you referring to liberal hacks embellishing historical events? You know, like Roosevelt’s new deal actually working and not lengthening the Great Depression by 7 years?

          • gjsmith_62

            How about Biden’s twofer?

            Mr. Biden said: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”

            Let’s see, Hoover was president and FDR communicated over radio.

          • boone1

            TV was not out when FDR was the president .WE only had radio dip stick.

          • gjsmith_62

            Try to understand the meaning of quotes before calling someone else a dipstick.

            Then again, try to learn how to read with comprehension.

          • JeremiahtpoG

            I like when Biden sold our Seal Team Six down the river for political gain, I think that is called treason

          • chamuiel

            No, just honesty.

          • HorseTeethSam

            Yup – forget about the big picture – major in the minors. That’s why conservatives are so hosed up now – they are busy attacking each other (not to say that idiot is a conservative).

          • Lattelover

            and praising Ho Chi Mihn?

          • Brooks Shows

            Stop LYING William. Palin NEVER said what you claimed.

          • Bill Hicks
          • Brooks Shows

            Sorry, nothing there about firing his pistol in the air. You are misinterpreting an off-the-cuff metaphor, which is astonishing, given VP Biden’s penchant for totally botching these.

          • bartkat

            You should write a book. ………….oh wait.

          • joao1960
          • joao1960
          • dennodog

            Wow. I’m impressed by your “erudite” account and recollection of events.You must be a real “Recon stud”. Too bad you Palin (I’ll use the lefty, puff term) “haters” won’t vet all of obama’s lies and misquotes. That moron started with the “57 states” erudite statement, and after thousands of uhhhhs and you knows, still can’t speak a normal sentence. It’s amazing. The obam morons still hype their fool while he stumbles along destroying thz engine that makes this nation work.

          • gjsmith_62

            How many time did Obama talk about an “Inter-Continental Raiload”?

            Or the Marine “Corpseman”?

            Worse yet, the things he speaks of “off-the-cuff” to Joe the Plumber, ” I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

            Yeah, good for the Pigs of Animal Farm

          • shamu9

            Good for his and Holder’s “Peeps”, Thug Recipients and Wetbacks!

          • Tony Donaldson

            He’s hooked on Ebonics.

          • Kenneth Clark

            I will say that Mrs. Palin has more integrity and patriotism and far more love for our country than Obama could ever hope to have. She speaks the truth and is up front and that sir is scholarly. Obama lies, then ducks and covers and that sir is despicable and spit in your and every Americans face.

          • Rose_of_Sharon

            Lol, William Carr. If this is the best example of factual inaccuracy from one of Ms. Palin’s speeches, then she can still count as erudite. Consider the falsehoods and cover-ups that have come out of Washington in the years after her speech. Of course, I’m assuming that you might think members of our present leadership are more erudite? Which ones?

          • gunnyf

            William, (and I say this again with the great respect that your disingenuous,
            intellectually dishonest comment merits) that’s a pretty good thing to
            say if you don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute to the
            discussion. Possession of a dictionary and 3rd grade reading skills does
            not qualify you to judge or pontificate. Did you even read the comment before you decided to leave your liberal musings on the page like so many dog droppings? If you want to talk about substantive misstatements or malapropisms, I suggest you look up how many states there are in the US and then ask which candidate in 2008 believed there were 57… Which candidate said of his healthcare proposal: “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.” Which candidate said: “What I was suggesting-you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not
            talked about my Muslim faith,” before Stephanopoulos jumped in to help,
            saying ”your Christian faith.”… the list goes on and on… Now if you want to compare Governor Palin’s intelligence to that of her opponent, Joe Biden… I don’t think there’s nearly enough room on the internet. But as I said William… no disrespect intended. It’s just that you are such an obviously partisan moron…

          • HorseTeethSam

            People like YOU are the reason we are in trouble. Making a mountain as you have out of a molehill, just so your ego can be stroked. You’re going to make sure nobody wins here, and, you’ll feel so smart yourself because – you were right…. Loser.

          • dstudie

            That never happened. But what about Obama and his visiting 57 U.S. states with one left to visit? Or his referring to Hawaii as Asia? Or while in Autsria, confusing German for Austrian, a language which does not exist. Or how about “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” Yea, he’s a real brainiac, NOT!

          • Richard Haley

            I hate to tell you this, but Paul Revere did warn the Redcoats not to march on Lexington and Concord because they would most likely NOT like the outcome. This was before the lights in the tower stuff.

          • Eliza Kirkland-Marshall

            you can have all of the scholarship in the world and still be DUMB!!! Look at Obama!!!

          • Miss Smarty

            So I guess you think Obama is an idiot because he made the statement that he visited all 57 states…and to think, Obama considers himself a constitutional scholar and the left thinks he’s the brightest guy in the room. I’d rather have Palin wrong on Paul Revere than a president as arrogant, phony and ignorant of the constitution, rule of law, economics and diplomacy as the one currently occupying the White House. Unfortunately, fools are concerned about the minutia of her small misstep here and give Obama a complete pass on his horrible presidency.

      • dennodog

        Does that definition apply to obama??? We’ll never know from his academic achievements and records. They’re kept hidden from the public. From all the facts available to the public, Palin beats the snot out of obama as far as qualificayions and achievements.

        • Rose_of_Sharon

          Good point, dennodog!

      • Rose_of_Sharon

        We know what erudite and erudition mean. We are not illiterate. I agree that Sarah Palin is eloquent and erudite.

      • gunnyf

        William, (and I say this with the great respect that your disingenuous, intellectually dishonest comment merits) that’s a pretty good thing to say if you don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute to the discussion. Possession of a dictionary and 3rd grade reading skills does not qualify you to judge or pontificate.

      • commonsense4sure

        You are a simple minded tool! I’m not very happy with either side at the moment but one thing you can’t deny is that Sarah Palin doesn’t mince words and she tells the truth… something that most people don’t recognize when they hear it anymore YOU included!!

      • boone1

        And you are an IDIOT!!!!

      • ppanthers

        Well, you surely could not claim that for BHO! ha ha ha ha

      • AppraisHer

        Oh, and the dog eating, transcript-hiding, half-breed, ChiTown community organizing teleprompter reader is erudite?

      • kenneth russell

        I wonder if you look as stupid as you write!?

    • Bill Hicks

      Wonderful prose; idiotic premises.

      • chamuiel

        The point you miss is Palin loves the U.S.

        obama does not.

        • Bill Hicks

          She loved it so much she shirked her duty as a public servant to collect a fat pay check. Idiot.

          • chamuiel

            Palin stepped down as Governor because those on the left were harassing her and causing the State of Alaska to have to spend money defending her from frivolous lawsuits brought by those on the left/

            Tell some more lies, Billy boy hicks.

            Your name does fit you.

            Lo info Democrat.

          • Bill Hicks

            If frivolous was using state resources to get her brother in law fired for personal reasons. Idiot.

      • HorseTeethSam

        Like yours.

    • HorseTeethSam

      She is a true treasure!

  • David William Reid

    Obama is a LIAR!

    • silaxo1

      And, this is another stylish, however not so sensitive enunciation of speech with eloquence and erudition that is exquisite, exciting, enchanting and right to the point. Good job David Reid–seriously.

      • Lattelover

        “Professional liar” I believe is the current and accurate phrase.

    • Thomas Paine

      Saying that Obama is a liar is like saying that the Grand Canyon is a hole in the ground!

      • Michael Lawrence

        Yes, quite the understatement….

  • David William Reid

    You had better believe we are fact checking all of you! You think you can tell us one thing one day and two months down the line say a complete different thing and not get caught in the lies? You are fools! And this leftist media is not even trust worthy anymore. From it telling Obamas lies as gospel, to not even reporting stories we ALL know is out there, they just don’t even report most of them HOPING people don;t see Obama is caught in yet another lie. One was the lie of Eric Holder and Obama both over Fast & Furious. And Obama on national TV told the world it started under Bush. The leftist lamestream media said nothing of the facts and kept telling it as Bush started it when freedom of information act says: It started in Oct 2009. Well Bush was LONG GONE ALREADY when it started! And Obama let Eric Holder a lying murder walk free! When BOTH should be in prison. Eric for the gun running that got people killed, and Obama in prison for covering the lie for Eric knowing it was a lie. That is a accomplice to the crimes. And any other person who is an accomplice to a crime gets what? Prison time! We are sick of the lies and we will NOT let them go away until someone punishes them for their crimes. We are a nation of laws with no laws under these criminal liars!

    • seazen

      Saddam Hussein really did have WMDs! Seriously, he did. That is why we bombed the crap out of Baghdad and the rest of the country. The liberal media – even though it is owned lock, stock and barrel by the 1% (including Murdoch and the Kochs) – just can’t seem to keep facts completely out of their stories. They are getting better though. And Obama should have been in prison a long time ago because he knew someone who was with the Weather Underground 4 decades ago. That would be real American justice at work.

      • gjsmith_62

        Libya and “Leading From [his] Behind” was such a success, right?

        Arming Al Queda in Libya and Syria, brilliant.

        • everythingispolitics

          Which Republicans overwhelmingly agreed with.

          • Scotty Starnes

            Wrong, Obama went into Libya without Congressional approval (see 1973 War Powers Act which Obama used). Obama armed the al-Qaeda linked rebels in Syria and Libya all buy himself.


            No show me your evidence to verify your claim.

          • William Carr

            There’s no evidence of that.

            I read the article. The US allowed some arms shipments from Qatar to Libyan rebels, but there’s no evidence of them being linked to Al Qaeda.

            Concern that the arms might slip into the wrong hands is understandable, it’s happened before.

            That ISN’T “Obama went into Libya without Congressional approval”.

          • JackGalt

            of course…there is no connection between syrian rebels and al qaida and the muslim brotherhood. And Santa Claus wears size 28 levi’s

          • Bill Hicks

            And there is no connection between Al Qaeda and the Reagan administration as well as the Bush family enterprise. And Jesus was a white guy who preached intolerance.

          • JackGalt

            That is the thing about you libtards…always looking to the past to justify your atrocities of today. Before 9/11 Al Qaeda was not understood to be the evil that we know it to be today. They were fighting the Russians. Now, as more of us begin to learn about the evil of Islam, we know al qaeda to be what it is,,,The embodiment of oppression. I thought you folks believed Jesus was an oppressed undocumented worker crossing the Rio Grande. Unless you are referring to the Biblical Jesus( I am amazed if you are) who was a semitic middle easterner preaching freedom and love and service to others.

          • J J Willmann

            It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. You, sir, have removed all doubt!

          • shamu9

            Here’s an Ad Hominum attack, since you seem to be Confused about what that term Means. You’re a Phukkin’ Obamabot Jassacks, – Probably Paid For by Georg Soros [the PROUD Nazi Jew], to Troll Conservative Websites. Go back to Huffin-Blo Post!!

          • ALHL

            There’s all kinds of evidence William, look it up.

          • gjsmith_62

            Care to name the bill that coincided with that authorization?

          • babbott

            William Carr, Obama even told Congress he didn’t need their approval because he had NATO approval, and he also lied and told them the U.S. military part of Libya wouldn’t last more than 6 weeks. It turned out to be more than 6 months, and look what it caused.

          • Scotty Starnes

            Umm, that’s what Obama did. He went along with the UN (typical leading from behind Obama) and did not seek congressional approval before bombing Libya (don’t research much do you?)


            No link to al-Qaeda?



            Bone up on your knowledge before proving yourself uninformed.

          • Bill Hicks

            *by himself. Libya was a UN intervention. Syrian rebels haven’t been armed yet but certain warhawks… cough cough McCain.. are lobbying for such.

          • JackGalt

            Where we invented the strategy of leading from behind…aka cowardice.

          • shamu9

            Yeah, Like in the” Ring World” by [ I think??] Larry Niven]– Si-Fi novel Series– Obama is The “Hind-Most”!!

          • gjsmith_62

            Sorry, the US military and Obama are not accountable to the UN, but rather the American people.

            Nice try.

          • gjsmith_62

            McCain The RINO? Wake up.

            And if the GOP would have rubber stamped Obama’s war, why didn’t he seek Congressional approval,but instead, ignored the War Powers Act?

          • Bill Hicks

            I believe the Bush administration gave him such authority but you assholes weren’t bitching then.

          • gjsmith_62

            Are you retarded? Bush got Congressional approval for Afghanistan and Iraq. What’s it like to be willfully ignorant?

            Bush “gave” … ???!?? What, by presidential decree? Fool

          • Lattelover

            …and UN approval.

          • uselogic19

            Piss off liberal troll. Did you get your OFA quaota yet. Hope we meet sometime… you won’t like it.

          • ALHL

            No. Remember, Obama circumvented Congress, which is illegal but who’s counting?

          • Lattelover

            so is ‘gun running’.

          • J J Willmann

            Only the RINOs

        • Bill Hicks

          Cliche expressions. Al Queda was already armed… during the Reagan administration.

          • gjsmith_62

            Ah, excusing the inexcusable? Had Al Queda attacked the USA prior to Reagan? Dope.

      • jplibincal

        Hilarious that your post is getting “thumbs up” from this crowd of right wing whack jobs! They aren’t bright enough to recognize snark when they read it!

        • dennodog

          Snark…how cute. Then again…”lib in cal”…a living example of how NOT to govern a state. If california “had a son” would look just like detroit……

          • jplibincal

            Apparently your understanding of current events is about as strong as the former half-term governor of Alaska. California is doing great under Democratic leadership. You might try reading about it.

            I leave you to your fantasy world.

          • gjsmith_62

            Try to read with comprehension, see that word “Detroit”? It is a city in Mich., that has declared bankruptcy.

            Spending more than its revenue. Just like California and just like the USA.

        • uselogic19

          So worthless POS, why do you come here? Apparently you haven’t anything to contribute to society and spend your time trolling conservative/Republican sites.

          • jplibincal

            Exposing conservative idiocracy is just one of my many contributions to society.

        • gjsmith_62

          Hey jackass, why did Bill and Hillary claim WMD were present before Bush took office and for the AUMF?


      • Michael Lawrence

        Many claimed those WMD were moved to Syria….guess what…

    • Jack Powers


      • Diana Antonia Daja Sievert

        / / /

      • William Carr

        Oh, please, remember to take your weapons and plenty of ammo.

        The DC police will love to meet you.

        • JackGalt

          DC police against an organized armed incursion? LOL…I believe what the folks are suggesting here is the right to petition for a redress of their grievances. you are suggesting a rebellion. If I were the SS I would really start to take notice of you and your violent fantasies

    • janvan

      Yes, we’d like to see this happen, but how? We all know the truth, but where does it get us?

    • William Carr

      Really, Mr. Reid, I’m afraid you don’t know what “facts” are.

      “Fast and Furious” was the third act of a program started under Bush called “Project Gunrunner”.

      It was intended ONLY to track the shipments of guns from American sellers, via Straw Purchasers, to over-the-border buyers.

      The problem was always that it’s illegal to sell arms to the Mexican Cartels under Federal Law, but State Laws allow anybody to buy $100,000 worth of weapons, PROMISE not to re-sell them to Mexico, and then walk right out and do that anyway.

      The Federal Agents couldn’t get enough evidence to DO anything. Arresting Straw Buyers wouldn’t help any… and you have to catch them crossing the border in order to make an arrest anyway.

      So the agents at the Phoenix Office got desperate and a little stupid, and without authorization tried seeding a handful of guns into the endless stream.

      And that’s what the whole thing was about.

      Obama didn’t order it, it wasn’t a trick to trigger gun confiscation, those are all simply lies told by the stupid and inept.

      You, like so many other people, believe whatever Conspiracy Theories you’ve been told. You accept the accusation as proof of a crime.

    • jplibincal

      Hey wing-nut, Fast and Furious just got a name change in 2009! the program started as “Operation Wide Receiver” in 2006 under Bush. Get the facts straight. I know it’s difficult when you watch Fictional Fox, but still, give it a try.

      • JackGalt

        two totally different programs, wing nut. Unlike F&F, not a single gun was allowed to walk under wide receiver…if you know of one give make model and serial number

    • Bill Hicks

      I’m not sure you understand what fact checking means…

  • Sally Roach

    And now John McCain is cozying up with Obama. Kissy kissy. No wonder he wouldn’t let her speak the truth during his lousy campaign. I only voted for him because of Sarah.

    • msfaye56

      I have to wonder now if McCain was not in bed with Obama and the National Democratic Socialist Party back in 2008. They underestimated Sarah Palin and they continue to underestimate the American people in what we know and understand about what is going on. Considering how Romney would not touch certain areas of Obama’s record and history makes me wonder if he is not part is going on to betray and destroy our country. Just wondering how high and deep does this deception go?

      • William Carr


        Your candidate loses, and that’s proof that he’s in on the conspiracy.

        Here’s food for thought.

        All that crap about the Birth Certificate that the TeaBaggers swallowed whole… do you think the GOP never heard about it ?

        Do you think they didn’t fly someone to Hawaii to check the newspaper reports first-hand ?

        They didn’t bother bringing it up, because the “Birther” allegations are all false.

        The GOP can’t OFFICIALLY be caught in something so easily disproven.

        Neither can the Democratic Party.

        For example, John McCain was born in Panama.

        So, the Democratic Leadership of the Senate allotted all of thirty minutes to checking the facts, and issued a brief statement confirming that John McCain WAS qualified to run for the Office of President.

        That’s because McCain had American parents.

        Just one would do. Doesn’t matter if you’re born at a Military Base, or on the Moon, you’re still an American if you have an American parent.

        The Democratic Party certainly wasn’t going to make a laughingstock of themselves by claiming that McCain wasn’t “Natural Born”.

        But the Tea Party had a different position, and simply insisted their version of the story was true, first claiming you need TWO American parents (false), or insisting that Hawaii was still a Territory (Statehood was granted two years before Barack Obama was born), and insisting that the whole birth announcement and Birth Certificate was faked.

        And the GOP grinned with delight and let you do their dirty work for them.

        Tip: there’s no deception coming from the Democratic Party.

        It’s just that Reality doesn’t jibe with your Tea Party fantasies.

        • gjsmith_62

          Or the fact that M. Obama talked about Barack’s home country being Kenya.

          Or a book blurb stating he was born in Kenya.

          He lied about being from Kenya when it was convenient.

          • William Carr

            You mean the way my “home country” is Ireland?

            The book blurb was a first draft, and bluntly, wrong.

            And since we’re talking about Barack Obama Jr, : his FATHER’s home country was Kenya.

            Conspiracy nuts will seize on anything to justify their paranoia.

            I don’t go to Mel Gibson movies anymore, but I have to say, that last one where he played a guy that believed in Conspiracy Theories because he’d been illegally experiment on, that was a convincing performance.

          • gjsmith_62

            Ask Michelle, apparently she lied or doesn’t understand English.


            The blurb wasn’t a “draft”, sheesh it was published and never corrected.

            Obama lied, it is what liars do.

          • William Carr

            That “Blurb” was a hand-out printed for use by the publisher.

            It was only handed out to a few people at a gathering promoting new authors.

            How exactly would you “correct” a one-shot run after the party was over ?

            And again; Barack Obama’s “home country” is Kenya like mine is Ireland.

            Despite my family having been in America since the Civil War…

            Paranoid conspiracy theorists will believe any scrap that might reinforce their delusion.

          • gjsmith_62

            Where do you get the idea of a one shot?


            Sorry, anyone born in America, would never claim their “home country” to be anywhere but America.

            Well, unless their allegiance is to a foreign nation.

          • nmgene

            Obama and his wife both have made statements that are on media video saying he was born in Kenya. His fake birth certificate is a felony.

        • dave3200

          What does “natural born” mean? Where does the term originate?

          • William Carr

            I believe it originates in the 14th Amendment. Not part of the original Constitution.

            It means “American by birth”, not by naturalization.

            That’s why Arnold Schwartzenegger can’t run for President, although some talk was made of Amending the Constitution to allow people naturalized for 26 years to run, just for him.

          • dave3200

            I believe the term “natural born” is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution of the United States of America except in Article 2, Section 1, clause 5. However, there it simply states the President must be a natural born Citizen. It doesn’t say what a natural born Citizen is and it doesn’t say where the term came from or why it is a requirement.
            Can you please tell me where the term came from, what it means and why it is a requirement?
            Thank you, William. I appreciate your help.

        • Sally Roach

          Feel better now, William? I don’t see where msfaye mentioned Obama’s birth place.


    I sure hope Palin runs for Senate. We need her in there fighting the NEOCONS.

  • seazen

    Wow! She really could have nailed Obama and has fresh evidence of a new scandal. We need to find out who Wright and Ayers are! They must be a pair of powerful, secretive agents of some vast conspiracy but for some reason we have never heard of them before. If Sarah runs again we need to have her speak on national TV every day!

    • msfaye56

      Wright is a Socialist Racist Bill Ayers is one of the founding members of the terrorist organization the Weatherman Underground that bombed and killed Americans to help the Communist agenda in the 1960
      s and 1970’s before he discovered that it is easier to just sabotage our nation with a “mole” in the highest Office in the country. No surprises here unless you are not paying attention.

      • gjsmith_62

        Easier to sabotage the nation via “Higher Education”.

        Dang, think of how many HS graduates are functionally illiterate or worse, unable to articulate the principles of this nation.

        • Erik Kilpatrick

          Uneducated Voters are the Fruit of their labors…

      • William Carr

        Actually, the Weatherman Underground never killed any Americans.

        Unless you count three of their own members that died in an explosion, of course.

        “No persons were killed in any of their acts of property destruction, although three members of the group were killed in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion”

        Wright isn’t a Socialist. He’s an ex-Marine, and was also a Navy Corpsman that was assigned to President Johnson’s medical team.

        He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree as well; this guy’s been BUSY.

        Now, he’s a loudmouth, and opinionated, but then again, he’s a Marine, so I mean that in only the most polite, respectful way.

        • gjsmith_62

          Right, Ayers was a misunderstood pacifist, who bombed the Pentagon, Capitol building and NYPD station. Sought to bomb Ft Dix.

          Guess he thought bombs didn’t kill people.

          Ayers:“Kill all the rich people. … Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”

          • William Carr

            Ayers was protesting the Vietnam War.

            A lot of people did that. They stood in line to get blasted with fire hoses and arrested.

            If Ayers had intended to kill anybody, he shouldn’t have called in a warning every time the Weathermen placed a bomb.

            And none of his bombs DID kill anyone. Just did property damage and forced evacuations.

            He’s one of the people I consider kind of contemptible, really.

            You can’t protest violence with violence.

            Not even the Vietnam War was worth using explosives. Now, Stink Bombs, yes… I can see that.

            As for his association with Barack Obama, they both served on the Annenberg Foundation (that met a few times a year) and years after quitting and going legit, Ayers had a fundraiser at his house for the young Barack Obama.

            That’s about it, really.

            All other attempts at impugning a deeper relationship are just paranoia.

          • gjsmith_62

            Yes, bombing folks while attending peace rallies is called hypocrisy. Of course, democrats are the masters of hypocrisy, so they are rarely aware of its import.

            If Ayers had intended NOT to kill anyone, he’d not have planted bombs, duh.

            Love the excuse making of the left for an unrepentant bomber who abhors the USA and just happens to hate the USA about as much as Obama.

      • KCTed

        Pssst,, seazen is a troll, simply here to stir up sh!t

        • uselogic19

          As is the scuzzball “Wlliam Carr”. Instead of doing something useful with their lives they hang around specifically conservative/ Republican sites and spread their filth. As their masters commandeth.

    • jplibincal

      You did it again! They eat up your satirical praise of Palin because they have the same basic lack of understanding that their hero wears as a badge of courage!

  • Bern

    So let’s be clear here-Palin did not have the guts to speak her mind. She admits it!
    Palin would not know the truth if it bit her in the ass!

    • Sambo Caesar

      No Bern. If you believe that you need to stop doing acid, because you’re fried. Okay tell me where she lied. Obviously you’re too naive to know how campaigns work, and too stupid to know what constitutes a scandal. How embarrassing for you to inadvertently announce to the world you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

      • John S

        Thank you, Sambo. You saved me from going over the edge in a similar reply.

  • Grumpy

    I think that was a shot across the bow- one that could mean the end of the GOP as we know it.

    Palin’s already mentioned starting a 3rd party- If McCain and the establishment go after her the way they have others- she leaves the party and takes most of the base with her–

    If the establishment doesn’t go after her,, By default she ends up with effective control of the GOP- the Bush’s, Rove’s, McCain’s, Graham’s, Boehner’s etc will need to find a home.. or retire

    This could be fun to watch,

    My money says Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh as well as Ted Cruz and eventually Rand Paul will side with Palin-

    Rubio will have a tough time deciding between Chamber of Commerce money — and doing what’s right,

    • greylady67

      That is so true! I would be right with her. I am so frustrated with the GOP right now, but I don’t want to change my affiliation yet. I think it is time for a new party!

      • seazen

        I know! Let’s start a Tea Party. You bring the tiny cups and I will bring the kettle! We can then attack the government for interfering in our lives by providing our social security checks, fixing our bridges, and providing Medicare!

        • Ron Gilbert

          Providing? None of what you stated was provided by our government. Everything that you stated was provided by OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!!! Social Security is the only true entitlement where welfare is not an entitlement. Entitlement means that you put into it and are entitled to it. We gave ourselves these things not the government. Boo to your furthering of more Obama lies.

          • seazen

            Correct. “We”, as a rational society, have a governmental structure which we support with our taxes to provide services meant to serve a set of common needs. Security in our older years, education, health care, roads, bridges, etc, and national defense. If “we” somehow decide we need none of the above we would have no need to pay taxes. There is no such thing as a free lunch – even though the largest, most profitable corporations and many of the richest Americans game the system so they pay no taxes at all.
            And just what “lies” are you referring to?

          • gjsmith_62

            Read the Constitution for what the Federal gov’t’s powers are supposed to be. It is not a wish fulfillment genie.

          • DwightL

            Federal Government functions are limited by Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. ALL other powers are reserved for the states and for the individual people per the 10th amendment. Recent court rulings have broadened the reach of the Commerce clause (Article I, Section 8), but this was not the intent of the founders. The intention (and proper scope of the Federal government right now) is a Federal government which is limited in scope and States and individuals which are more powerful. The current administration, and anyone supporting it, has it exactly backwards.

          • Scotty Starnes

            Clearly you’re one of the parasite types. Half of America is working and paying taxes and the other half are unemployed, paying no federal taxes all while having their hands out asking for me. You use the same talking points most stupid leftists use due to being uninformed.

          • Ron Gilbert

            The lies that the government is providing these things to us. The “you didn’t build it” mentality of the left believing that big government is good and that with big government comes security in our elderly years, those lies. Take a look at what Medicare actually “provides”. Their motto is deny, deny, deny any claims that do not meet their convoluted structure and what we soon will see is those that they do not deem worthy of certain medical treatment will then be denied. In a totalitarian society, the dead weight is cut loose and that starts with the elderly and indigent.

      • Erik Kilpatrick

        Stay in place,if only to vote in the primaries…My only regret as NPA was that I couldn’t vote for RP…And against the Banking Industries Puppet Romney…

        • greylady67

          That is the only reason I am not changing now. In FL I wouldn’t be able to vote in the primaries.

    • Layla

      The GOP as we know it has been over for some time. They no longer listen or respond to their constituents, and they view conservative Americans as the enemy.

      • gjsmith_62

        GOP? I’ve yet to meet a single non-pol who is for the Amnesty bill, liberal, conservative or apolitical.

        The DC folks have an agenda of their own and not of “We the People”.

        • Erik Kilpatrick

          Thats right gjsmith…”For the Industry,By the Industry”…

          • gjsmith_62

            Industry? Wrong, the problem isn’t industry, it is those who want kickbacks.

            Sorry, I’ll take MicroSoft over Solyndra any day of the week.

          • everythingispolitics

            You aren’t making any sense. microsoft very much wants amnesty. Solyndra was a Bush program.

          • gjsmith_62

            MicroSoft wants H1 Visas not amnesty.

            And the Bush Admin turned down Solyndra.

            Try again

            “internal Energy Department emails that indicate the panel evaluating the loans had made the unanimous decision to shelve Solyndra’s application two weeks before Obama took office.”


          • Erik Kilpatrick

            Wrong..Most of the federally elected politician’s campaigns were funded by super pacs..Who write the legislation for their “Boy”,the Senator or Rep to introduce on the floor…Do your homework…

          • gjsmith_62

            Super pacs. Yeah, how rotten folks get together and support a candidate. Oh, right the Tea Party folks should just go away.

            Do your own homework, read the Constitution.

          • Erik Kilpatrick

            If you think private Corporations have not infiltrated and are in control of our Government,You are ignorant…Bless your sweet Little liberal heart …Please continue on with your INDOCTRINATION!

          • gjsmith_62

            If you think business has only recently had an influence on government, you’re ignorant. Nah, you’re just ignorant, the problem in the US is not corporations, it is gov’t attempting to co-opt corporations for their own benefit.

            See, unlike morons like you, I believe in free enterprise and the idea that a man should own the production of his labor.

          • Erik Kilpatrick

            Where did I say “Recently”..So you talk crap and eat it too?…poor little buthurt name calling liberal….Troll on to another site……. Breath62!

          • gjsmith_62

            Hey, dumbass, why not provide a reference then?

            Was it the Robber Barons of the late 19th century?

            Why do you despise the Constitution’s provisions of property rights?


            ” nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

          • Erik Kilpatrick

            Breath62…have you gone off your medicine?Where did I comment about Property Rights?..You may be Delusional…

          • gjsmith_62

            This is a difficult concept for the retarded, but “industry” aka corporations are protected by property rights.

            Your hatred of “industry” is probably because no business would be stupid enough to hire mor0ns like you.

    • Grumpy

      Greylady, Layla,gjsmith- you guys are all correct- We now have the Political Class vs the people- Both Ds and Rs are out to protect their party first, the political class 2nd and their major contributors 3rd..

      I suppose if you go far enough down the list you might, possibly still find America. the Constitution and the American People..

      If we start now- 15 months from now the Political class will be buying adult diapers by the truckload (probably with taxpayer money)

  • Grumpy

    Well Good morning Bern–

    A few years ago I was commenting on the very liberal Florida Today, this was long after the 2008 election, and before people stopped reading or commenting on FT

    – Just to make a point, I said something about being able to cause liberal panic just by mentioning Palin’s name.. I had about twenty “she doesn’t scare us replies, you’re full of ****” ‘- Palins a Idiot’ and ‘Palin’s a liar’ replies in less than ten minutes…

    BPR isn’t a liberal site, so that won’t happen in that quantity here — But it’s nice to see her name still has the same effect on her detractors, means she’s doing something right

    • Layla

      Maybe you noticed that in Florida, even the RPOF are RINOs, which is why we have become such a huge tea party state.

      • Grumpy

        I noticed Jeb’s Tally machine went out of their way to harm conservatives representation as much as possible during the redistricting process. Even if it meant giving a Congressional seat to a democrat or Barack Obama’s then favorite House RINO.. Sandy Adams and Allen West come to mind.

        BTW; Jeb’s (Foundation) and the Fordham Foundation set up a new propaganda site to try and save the Common Core Education Scheme.. Bush stands to make millions from it so he’s trying to con people into thinking Common Core is a conservative idea..

        The truth is, it was authored by far left David Coleman, a guy Bill Ayers and Obama funded with Wood’s Foundation Money

  • Layla

    GOP leadership HAS TO GO, right along with Karl Rove.

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