Special Ops group unrolls 60-foot Benghazi petition in front of Capitol

What’s said to be largest petition ever presented to Congress – one demanding a special investigation into the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi – was literally unrolled near the Capitol building Tuesday afternoon.

The 60-foot long scroll contained the signatures of over 1,000 Special Operations veterans calling for an end to what the petition calls a “Benghazi cover-up” and demanding Congress hold members of the administration accountable if they determine “high crimes and misdemeanors” were committed.

allen west

Allen West speaks at SOS press conference
Photo Credit: Rep. Louie Gohmert Facebook

Special Operations Speaks PAC organized Tuesday’s press conference saying the presentation of the petition “will be the opening volley in a nationwide campaign urging House members to sign the Discharge Petition forcing House consideration of HR 36 – the bill to establish a Select Committee to fully investigate the Benghazi Massacre,” the group’s website said.

Led by Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, 120 lawmakers have co-sponsored the House resolution, H. Res. 36, which calls “for the establishment of a special Congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi attack and the Obama administration’s handling of it in the weeks that followed.”

Special ops petition

According to the Special Operations Speaks website, guest speakers on the Capitol Stairway included Republican Reps. Steve Stockman, Louie Gohmert, Paul Broun, former U.S. Rep. Allen West, and a host of retired special forces commanders and other conservative community leaders, like Niger Innis from TheTeaParty.net.

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  • DHardy

    Hillary…Who Cares?……Well maybe you don’t..But plenty of us DO CARE and you will be held accountable as well as anyone else that was involved in killing Americans and covering up the facts…

    • marshallbrinson

      You should not talk like that about the Democrats Savior and Next President! Just think of all the things she can accomplish as President!!! Time for my Electric Shock Treatment now!!! :-)

      • TsT

        i don’t know if i should thumbs up your post or what ? haha tricky post . I hate Hillary as much as Barry . Both United Nations all the way . I say , throw them both under the bus .

        • F Wooden

          Can’t throw them under the bus….their heads won’t fit.

  • ponygramma

    Hurrah for the courage of these patriots

  • Had_Enough2010

    Needs to be an Independent Investigation because boehner, holder, et al are all complicit in the high crimes and misdemeanors that being committed in the oval office.

    • Yukidongo

      Not in this instance. Obama was, without authorization or Congressional approval, running guns to Al Queda. Syrian rebels aren’t, most of them, even from Syris. Just more attempt by the UN and Obama to place extremists in charge of the last non extremist controlled country, following arab spring–which they obviously orchestrated. Obama is doing things no one but he and Holder, hillary, and Napolitano need to be jailed for.

    • Julie A

      Agree, Boehner is as guilty as the rest of them. Many should be put in jail and our constitution is being trampled on, and Boehner just sits on his hands. He’s one of them. After Pelosi, Boehner is the next worse Speaker.

  • MichaelG23

    It has gone long past being a footnote it has erupted into true admissions of treason by the administration and the Democrat party higher ups.

  • Gregory Watson

    Will that particular petition be–or has it in fact already been–summarized in the Congressional Record and referred to committees in both houses of Congress per Rule XII, Clause 3 (House Rules) and per Rule VII, Sections 1, 4, 5 and 6 (Senate Rules)?

  • animalaura

    MEANWHILE…. isn’t the Prez playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard right now??

  • Taxed to death

    Excellent… I don’t think this can be considered racist, or Bush’s fault… but it will never be viewed on CNN, or Lib media..

  • LyingAboutLibya

    Rally the troops! Check out “Stand Down” by Chris Trafford on iTunes. It’s a rock anthem about Benghazi. I’ll find a way to make it a free download if I get some good feedback:


  • warpsix

    In Honor of #Benghazi Dead Amb.Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods—>We Demand Answers

  • Gray Eagle

    it’s time to put all the lies, cover-ups, & crimes that this administration has committed, into one piece of pipe and hit them over the head with it,,,an quit trying to be nice ,,, or political correct,, call a spade a spade,,,,,

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