Ignorant: Jesse Jackson says Trayvon denied ‘jury of peers’

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson was a bit confused about that “jury of your peers” thing guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. He seemed to think it applied to the victim — not the accused.

Jackson referred to the George Zimmerman verdict as a “tremendous miscarriage of justice” on MSNBC Sunday, and asserted that Zimmerman was “at least guilty of murder.”

At least guilty of murder”? What else is there — treason maybe?

The MSNBC host then asked, according to the video.

“Reverend, I want to ask you about the make-up of the jury,” the MSNBC host then asked. “You tweeted this after the verdict was handed down, you tweeted: ‘The jury, no black and no men, was always suspect.’ Do you feel this affected the outcome — the make-up of the jury?”

“Well, it was a stretch, trying to avoid the obvious. There was no — you speak of jury of your peers: there was no man on the jury — Trayvon was a black boy — there was no man, no black on the jury. So at least the idea of jury of your peers was a stretch all the while.”

Just so we’re all clear on this, “a jury of one’s peers” is a right afforded an accused in a criminal proceeding — not the victim.

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  • chris

    so only a black jury is capable of deciding a court case, so does that mean from now on even women our racist.

  • Susan

    It sickens me that he calls himself a "Reverend". He and his cohorts, are hate seeking instigators.

  • Michael Nappi

    Jury of his peer? The jury was approved by the Martin family attorney, 6 women parents of their own children. We all supposed to view Trayvon as depicted in the picture release of him when he was a 12 year old boy and not the 6 foot plus tall man he was.

    I suppose Jackson expected a jury composed of a7 year old angry black gangsta wanna-be's all hopped up on "lean" chanting "Kill Whitey!"

  • Egon

    Race-baiting pimps like Jackson and Sharpton should be indicted for their constant inciting of hate.

  • Libertylady

    The whorish "Reverand Jessuh" is losing his piggy bank, he can only survive through the racial grievance industry, it's his product and profit generator.

    He would like to cut off Zimmerman's supposed "hymie" ba**s,just as he would Obama's. Obama took away his spotlight and MONEY.

    This cretinous whore knows no bottom to his greed and manipulation of tragedy to serve his own ends.

  • Chris Farrell
  • bob Baxter

    As Zimmermans attorney stated after the verdict was read. Thank Good this jury didn't turn a tragedy into a travesty. People like Jackson have no concern for justice at all. He's a race whore of the worst kind!!!!

  • DHM

    Hey Jessie why Dont you worry about your SON ! & Daughter in Law going to prison! Who knows maybe they even have a cell for you & Al Sharpton for Insighting Riots !!

  • Jim Doran

    Wasn't there a black woman on that jury?

  • texasbirdgirl

    Zimmerman was on trial, not Martin! What an idiot.

    And thry were in truth peers to both. I am sure Jackson would have bern happier is the hury was a bunch of gangster thugs. But that woukd not have been Zimmetma's peers

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