‘Kill pigs’ riot erupts in Oakland in response to Zimmerman verdict

After deliberating for more than 16 hours, a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter late Saturday evening.

The verdict is the culmination of a case that captured the nation’s attention and the outcome had authorities bracing for the possibility of tensions boiling over into wide-scale demonstrations and rioting.

And while the scene outside the courthouse in Sanford, Fla., was quiet and orderly after the verdict was announced, some 3000 miles away, in Oakland, Calif., the story was very different.

About 125 protesters, upset at the acquittal of Zimmerman, took to the streets of Oakland on Saturday evening starting several fires, smashing windows and trashing police vehicles. One police car can be seen with the words “Kill Pigs” spray painted on it.

The remnants of Occupy Oakland look to be behind the mayhem, which comes as no surprise.

At the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the city degenerated into chaos with widespread rioting and burning.  Actions that were spurred on by the conciliatory reaction of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, according to some.

While the protestors claim to be reacting in support of Trayvon Martin, history tells us that these folks just like to destroy things. Some scenes from Oakland on Saturday night, via Twitchy:






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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Heather

    Only in America can a minority (Hispanic) man shoots and kills another minority (Black) man and is acquitted by an all minority (Female) Jury and it be called racism

    • Brandon

      The jury was all white besides one? Idiot.

      • nancy

        The minority Heather was referring to are "FEMALES". Not what color the jury was Brandon.

        • cindy

          Brandon is right racism refers to race not gender

          • Jen

            Brandon is right. Women enjoy white privilege too. Where do you think feminism came from?

          • Michele

            White privileges ? You mean getting turned down for a job that you are the best qualified for because you are not a minority, you mean getting turned down for college that you scored higher on test because you are not a minority. No special business funding for whites, No special college funding because you are white, Ok tell me about the privilege. Stop being a victim if you haven’t made it in life take a real hard look at yourself.

        • WL

          There are more females than males. In this context, the minority would be males

      • Vibora Volando (@vib

        Jury was all American

      • Michele

        here is a clue for all you dopes who have turned this into a racial black and white thing. THERE WASN’T ONE WHITE PERSON INVOLVED IN THIS INCIDENT! DON’T ATTACK PEOPLE AND YOU WON’T GET SHOT! LIVE LIKE A THUG DIE LIKE A THUG!

  • Grant

    Smashed windows, vandalized cars, and not ONE arrest. Yup… that's sending the right message.

  • mina

    the occupy protestors were rioting before because of economic injustice.

  • eric

    Maybe it also had something to do with tge Oscar Grant movie coming out the same day. Coincidence? Maybe but probably not

  • Rsh

    You African Americans are crazy. If GZ was a white skinhead he would have been convicted. At the same time if he woulda shot a white guy and got acquitted you wouldn't be wanting to torch stuff. If u dont love this country leave it. Cry about bein suppressed by the hood. Then keep acting like thugs.you African Americans continue to feel like victims. So you keep race issues around. If there was a Caucasian American college fund you know how much they would get sued? I hear more about race coming from African Americans than whites. And somehow white people are the racists.

    • Trey

      Your white privilege blinds to the reality of the world and i feel bad for you and your soulless race

      • ruth

        look in the mirror and when you point a finger at some one there are 3 more pointing back at you think about that if your brain is big enough

      • Arturo

        I'm Mexican-American and I even dislike when my people play the race card. There are those times when a white person doesn't understand some of the hardships a person of color faces. However, we can always prove to others we can be just as equal. We are all logical beings and can prove our point somehow. I see that people of color like to use the oppression card as well. We all suffered somehow and someway through history, GET OVER IT and MOVE FORWARD and make a better future for yourself. Stop dwelling in something that shouldn't be the case anymore.

        • Morgan

          You should not have to prove your equality it should be inherent

  • BoogieMan

    Whatever they "burn", they will burn it in their own neighborhoods. In MY neighborhood, "whitey armed to the teeth".

    • Rsh

      And somehow we are the racists for feeling that way.

  • Franklin

    Every "travon-martin-loving-talking-head" and their Family should be MOVED into the innercity and their kids SENT to public school, starting with that yellow-belly Matt Lauer and Ezra Klein.

    They CLAIM they are not prejudiced and LOVE the poor, MAKE them practice what they preach.

    Do not sit in your "guarded gated communities" and lecture US about diversity and tolerance. MOVE YOUR FAMILIES INTO THE GHETTO.

    • Matt

      Why would I move my family to the ghetto? That right there shows your ignorance. Lets settle to live poor but have rims on and a stereo system in a car. No, everyone has the free will to change and work for what they want. Those who don't take it, shut up and stop complaining that you are being done wrong. And I've lived in the ghetto. Ignorance, pure ignorance, would only suggest to move to the ghetto.

  • Whocares

    I've been forced to rent in an all black neighborhood the last few years. So much anger and liter and drugs and disrespect on a daily basis. Just this month I purchased a home in a mostly Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian neighborhood and WHAT A RELIEF! No bags of McDonalds In the streets and when someone actually yielded so we could get out of our driveway I was plain shocked. Am I a racist? No, I'm a black realist.

  • Nichole

    My question is how do we even know this had to do with the TM case? I woke up scouring the internet see news of if riots occurred and all I found was this article. Not 1 mention of TM in it. The protesters just hate the police. I am with the reporter who state, " they just like to destroy things. " They probably didn't even follow the TM case.

  • colleen

    both sides agreed on the pick of the jury!

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