Ted Cruz tweets picture message for IRS: ‘Like this license plate?’

This slogan may pop up often between now and 2016:  “CRUZ CONTROL BABY 2016!!!”



  • kathyj

    Love ya, Ted! Keep on crusing!

  • Marie Maitia

    Ted, I love that you are willing to stand tall and speak your mind which has become not the thing to do. Keep on keeping on.

  • Becky

    I'll bet the IRS is hating it–lol–good one—keep on Cruzing!!!

  • lynn Trevino

    nice, we love you brother, keep up the good work, somebody has to, we are behind you 100%

  • Doug Hanks

    Devastatingly clever!

  • Pamela Arnold

    Ted Cruz, you are intelligent and witty. I also listened to your dad's speech on the internet, and Wow! Like father, like son. Finally, we have two people that surpasses all of Congress, the president guy, and his minions, in brains and common sense. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated! P.S. All for abolishing the IRS and all their paid employee corrupt crooks.

  • common law private a

    Cruz seems all most a good as: M. Rubio did; prior to Showing Rubio's True Traitor colours?

    Hope Cruz stays TRUE to the Republic?

  • BoogieMan

    I'll vote Cruz if he runs for president. No doubt.

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