Shunned MSNBC host Olbermann targets Maddow on ratings collapse


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With circular firing squads being standard fare on the right, isn’t it great when, on the rare occasion, we are treated to a first-rate tiff from the far left?

In response to the news that MSNBC is undergoing a serious ratings slump, former host Keith Olbermann took to Twitter this week to get a few shots in, targeting one-time protégé Rachel Maddow.

In responding to the following tweet, the insufferable Olbermann asked, “This is sarcasm, yes?”

Olbermann was then called out by another Twitter user who felt he was being snarky about Maddow taking his place after he abruptly left the network. He then got a little personal:

Maddow got her start on MSNBC by serving as a guest host on Olbermann’s show in his absence, and he is credited with helping her get a show of her own. He was also the first guest on Maddow’s debut show.

During an interview last year, according to the Huffungton Post, Maddow was asked if she had spoken to Olbermann since he left MSNBC in 2011. “No,” she answered. “But it’s not like we’ve been fighting. We just haven’t been talking.”

Mediaite reported Saturday that Olbermann said in 2011 that people at MSNBC were “forced to choose sides” and that he “didn’t want to add to the pressure” on Maddow, which is why he hadn’t spoken with her since leaving.

Thus far, Maddow has been silent on the latest Twitter eruptions.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


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