What Gabby Gifford’s husband doesn’t want you to know


When one of the country’s most strident voices for gun control hops onto the bandwagon for one final effort, there are a number of things he would rather his audiences not know about him.

Mark Kelly, husband of shooting victim and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, will leave July 1 for a week-long “Rights and Responsibilities Tour,” visiting primarily states with Democratic senators who voted against April’s failed Manchin-Toomey gun bill, according to Breitbart News.

Although that attempt failed, Vice President Joe Biden said as late as June 18 that he and President Obama “haven’t given up” on gun control. Earlier in June, Biden met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to discuss renewing the effort, according to Politico. This possibly gave a glimmer of hope to the Giffords-Kelly team and provided an impetus for the gun control tour.

With all this in mind, Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins realized there are three things in Mark Kelly’s life he would rather be kept quiet:

1. The background check system prevented his purchase of a handgun in February.

2. The current background check system prevented his purchase of an AR-15 in March

3. He keeps a “high capacity” magazine in a Glock 9mm.

Kelly failed a background check to purchase a handgun in February because Arizona state law requires that a handgun buyer be a legal Arizona resident. Kelly attempted to buy a .45-caliber handgun at a Tucson, Ariz., gun store using a Texas identification. Although he’s an Arizona resident, he couldn’t prove it at the time.

The following month, he went to the same dealer — Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson — to purchase an AR-15. This time it was form 4473, the Federal Firearms Transfer Record, that tripped him up.

Question 11(a) asks, “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?” The question is followed by this warning: “You are not the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm(s) on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual buyer, the dealer cannot transfer the firearm(s) to you.”

Douglas MacKinlay, the storeowner, had a strong feeling Kelly wasn’t buying the weapon for himself. Breitbart quoted MacKinlay as saying:

While I support and respect Mark Kelly’s 2nd Amendment right to purchase, possess, and use firearms in a safe and responsible way, his recent statements to the media make it clear that his intent in purchasing the Sig Sauer 5.56 mm rifle was for reasons other than his own personal use.

Although both Kelly and Giffords strongly promote limiting magazine capacities to a 10-round maximum, he owns a Glock 9-mm with a 17-round magazine.

If nothing else, Kelly proved that the current background check system works. Although it won’t work every time, I sincerely doubt there’s anything Congress can come up with that will.

As for Kelly’s possession of a 17-round magazine, I’ll let him and his conscience work that one out.

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

Mike has been with BizPac Review almost from the beginning. Follow him on Twitter at @MikeBPR.
Michael Dorstewitz


  • Luther Henry

    Typical liberal. "I/we know what is best for the rest of you. Do as we say, not as we do. We have sound reasons for what we do, and we are smarter than you".

  • willard

    it goes like this do as i say not as i do

  • Bob-o

    Another thing mark Kelley doesn't want you to know is he can screw an incandescent light bulb into his mouth and light it Uncle Fester style.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    So, It appears that BACKGROUND CHECKS work? After all the noise against background checks, we have seen where a background check did its job. Then the further question is why the GOP was so against them. Further. I like the way that the crew up in former astronaut Kelly's paperwork was almost made into a criminal level "look what we got" item. What ever Commander Kelly's motives in buying these guns, the paperwork did prove to do what was it was supposed to do. Kelly needs to update his paperwork. That's about all. Nice to know that you all seem to think the background checks are a good thing. Just a word on a criticism of Commander Kelly, USN, Retired: Many criticize from having accomplished more with their lives. I wonder what the case it is with some of the writers here. What is their major accomplishment? Maybe learning to read? Maybe learning to put the lid back in the down position, after years of instruction? What? My guess is that its probably something simple. Maybe riding a bike. Maybe getting themselves dressed in the morning. Each of us has their capacities. Kelly's last major contribution to this country was as the commander of the last Space Shuttle Mission. How about you?

  • Doug Hanks

    He's really very patriotic. He favors the bald eagle.

  • Michael

    I agree; the background checks worked for Cdr. Kelly, just as they have for years here in California. I have NO problem with background checks, and feel that they should be even more thorough to prevent the sale of firearms to people that may use them inappropriately.

    I believe that Cdr. Kelly was attempting to acquire the guns without the proper documentation to PROVE that the system is broken, but his ruse didn't work. Had he been able to accomplish this, it would have been front-page news all over the country as to how 'bad guys' can still get guns even with the background checks.

    Nice try.

  • Pork chop MaGillian

    He also watched his dog kill a sea lion. I want Dog Control……NOW!!

  • Jeff

    So since Commander Kelly's last major contribution to the U.S. was piloting the space shuttle, We're supposed to believe he is all knowing in the use of firearms, their purchase requirements, and why he should be allowed the magazines that he wants forbidden to others ? Liberals and the Democrat Party always have the audacity to believe they're more intelligen than anyone else and they know what's best for everyone no matter if they understand the situation or not.

    I've worked in the firearms industry for many years and would suspect that I'm much more well versed to be speaking on this subject than you. Do you know that as of the beginning of this year, the Federal Gov has denied me the right to be able to ask a person whether or not they are a US citizen before they purchase a firearm ? This fact, along with the gov selling guns to Mexican cartels might make one think they are actually trying to arm the people that shouldn't be permitted to have firearms in hopes of someone getting killed and then they can get their headlines to read "More people kiiled by guns". And since so many people refuse to actually look into all these things going on, they come to the same conclusions that you do, there no background checks, people should have to register their guns, and all the other liberal nonsense.

    I can't speak to your ability of putting the toilet seat down after years of instructions but, obviously, your mrs has done a good job in your training

    • http://Bizpac Ted

      Jeff. The janitor at Smith @ Wesson can say he worked in the fire arms business for 20 years. Who know what you did. The cartels only need to go to a local gun show or gun get together to get guns. Any guns. The fact that more people are killed by guns because more guns are around us is a little evident by the common statistics. More than 290 million guns around. Mental patients can go from the hospital right to the gun show and pick up that '15 and bullets. No problem. I don't know why Kelly wanted to buy his guns. I don't really care. The only thing that I highlighted was the fact that the background check seemed to work in this case. Also to mention that the paranoid response to background checks some of the huggers displayed with wild bravado. As for the toilet seat. Remember to put it down, not around your head. Please.

  • http://www.posterchildrenfortermlimits.com George Blumel

    Typical liberal "progressive" hypocrisy! Virtually all of the pols and celebrities who oppose the peoples right to bear arms have guns and/or armed bodyguards.

  • Marta

    wow, the epitomy of hypocrisy.

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