McCain gets nasty with fellow Republican, no dissension allowed

John McCain

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Sen. John McCain (AZ) made it clear on Wednesday that dissension in the ranks will not be tolerated in the GOP. Either accept his viewpoint or prepare yourself for a full-on assault.

As a member of the “Gang of Eight,” McCain launched into full attack mode against fellow Republican Sen. Deb Fischer (NE) for being critical of the immigration reform bill he helped author.

Speaking from the Senate floor, Fischer stated, “I will not support legislation simply because it might be vogue or politically expedient, or could ingratiate me with the inside-the-beltway club,” which seemed to hit a nerve with McCain.

The agitated “old bull” Republican interjected to ask if she would yield for a question, so angry as to appear out of breath and having trouble forming a coherent sentence.

McCain asked Fischer if she had ever been to the Arizona-Mexico border, as if that alone qualifies one as an expert on border security. Once satisfied that he had established his superiority over her, he proceeded to admonish Fischer for suggesting the bill fails to secure the border.

McCain snarled that Fischer was “so ill-informed in the statement I just saw that I don’t know where to begin,” then expressed his “disappointment in the series of false statements that the senator just made.”

Suffice it to say that America would be a better country today if only old guard Republicans would fight Democrats with the same veracity that they attack their own up and coming members.

H/T Twitchy: McCain’s actions prompted the following exchange between David Limbaugh, a conservative columnist and political commentator, and RedState’s Erick Erickson on Twitter:


Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Michael Nappi

    McCain expects all republicans to switch sides like he did. We need age limits for government officials. Far too many members of the house are too old and out of touch, and even more are in Obama's Muslim pockets

  • Jeff Smith

    McCain is a blathering old fool that has long outlived his usefulness. I hope Arizona puts him out to pasture!

  • Dom

    Time for the ultra RINO McCain to go. Go sit on the Arazona with a gun and do your job to protect us.

  • RichardS

    McCain is everything a Democrat should love. Why he runs as a Republican I have no idea. But he's a tired old has been who needs to shut up and let real conservatives do their jobs. If it wasn't for Paul and Cruz this jerk would have sold the farm to Obama. He needs to retire to Mexico.

  • frances quinn

    recall john mccain…..

  • Fran

    We actually need INTELLIGENCE tests and anger management tests in addition to age limits. This old geezer has reached his effective limit.

  • Jayyson Holdon

    He is in a relatively heavy Republican district (by which of course I mean State). Nobody running as a Democrat would have a chance of winning. It is politically expedient for him to run as a Republican, so he does.

  • AZ Precinct Committe

    We in AZ can't stand him and have a recall on not only McAngry but his side kick Fickle Flake.

  • cuchieddie

    Screw you McStain, you are the main reason the Republican party is headed for extinction. And just to comfort you in your left wing senility. the Vietnamese have hosed down your old suite @ the Hanoi Hilton and they await your return to your true homeland. Putz!

  • Hyta

    Primary McCain. I know he would have the GOP money behind him, but he is voter repellent at this point. Unfortunately his term doesn't end for a while. The guy who need to be challenged for his GOP Senate nomination first is Graham.

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