Disney introducing gay couple in popular kids’ show

Parents who may not be ready to explain to their children the concept of gay couples may want to take note.  Disney’s family-oriented “Good Luck Charlie” soon will feature an episode that includes a family with two moms.

Good Luck Charlie

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

Newsbusters reported that the show will introduce the same-sex parents when pre-school-aged Charlie Duncan has a play date with a friend. While the encounter doesn’t create an issue with the Duncan family, the storyline portrays Mr. Duncan as the problem – because he’s boring.

Disney owns ABC, which already has had numerous shows with gay characters. The LGBT lobby has been pressuring Disney lately to feature characters from its community in family-oriented programming.

The left has given Disney kudos for the move, with ThinkProgress “reporting approvingly” that Disney is ensuring that the episode is “respectful of the gay community,” and is welcome as the number of LGBT characters on television increases:

The ABC-operated network is taking care to consult the relevant experts to ensure the episode is respectful of the LGBT community: “This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors,” a Disney Channel spokesperson told TV Guide. “Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Also weighing in on the historic achievement, Buzzfeed’s Lily Hiott-Millis noted:

The couple will be the two moms of one of Charlie’s playmates. Apparently, the storyline involves one of the moms being “stuck listening to one of Bob’s dull stories.” Oh, a lesbian being bored by a man. At least it’s realistic.

According to TV Guide, the episode will air in early 2014 as part of the final season of “Good Luck Charlie.” The lesbian moms are only expected to appear in the one episode, but one can only wonder if a spinoff is in the works.

Recently, “Gay Day” was featured at the Disney amusement parks. While Disney officially says it doesn’t promote the event, it doesn’t seem to mind it either.

H/T: Newsbusters

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • james

    Leave to places and people like Disney to promote unhealthy life styles. I'm glad my children already know being gay/lesbian is a sin bad will send you straight to hell! Yep that's my beliefs which are just as valid as those believe it wont. The only difference, is if I'm wrong I have nothing to worry about, if I'm right there are a bunch of people in trouble lol. Then there is the craptastic "Jessie" with that little black girl, Zuri, I think. She throws s temper tantrum almost every episode to get what she wants. Which is really teaching great values to children Also the politically correctness of Disney is sickening. God forbid you show a family of all the same race besides good luck Charlie which going off the air. That's probably why too. Then "Labrats"shows a working, educated white male with a great income married to a fat black woman. Both are racially correct, but the black female has a son whose father is nowhere in the picture, again racially correct and here comes a white guy to the rescue. Just like the society we live in. Fatherless black kids "rescued" by white tax payer money. The channel is sick. They are no longer allowed in my house. I teach my children true values and principles. If my child tried a tantrum to get what she wanted, I wouldn't cower in fear like they do on the show. I'd spank thatu crap out of her.

  • Mary Kennedy

    James, you need deep intensive therapy and I worry when you are brought to your maker, cause won't it be fun, when you end up in hell

    • shmupy

      Wow, Mary. You shouldn't judge

  • Michelle Green

    Unbelievable. Is there nothing this minute section of the population won't attempt to infiltrate? I'm done have AGENDAS shoved down my throat…and the throats of my children…period. Public school indoctrination, movies, music, TV and now DISNEY? Are you kidding me? Good Luck with ratings, Charlie. I've already told my kids no more.

    • shmupy

      I agree, Michelle. It's getting crazier and crazier everyday.

  • kathy

    Why does the Gay life style have to be pushed down our throats and our children's? I hate the fact that more and more shows have the Gay life style. What happened to A Mom and Dad with a couple of Kids living a life almost all of us have. No I don't hate gay people but I do hate the fact that this life style is being forced on us. I mean you take out God because it offends some but the Gay life style doesn't? Really. I'm very disappointed with Disney. I bet Mr. Disney would NOT approve.

  • Ian Fausto


  • Don

    That's It … Just force it into the Living Rooms of our children now. This constant forcing down our throats is what builds the resentment, not their lifestyle.

  • Layne

    For god's sake. It's a lesbian couple on a Disney channel show. Why are people so angry about that? And why do they feel they have to announce it? I mean this is the 21at century people. If you wanna be ultra conservative, fine by me. Just not at the expense of others. Please and thank you.

  • Doug Hanks

    I hope all of you are honouring your Disney pledge made several years ago. I remember it clearly it was a big deal in Southern churches.

    1. I will not attend Disney World.

    2. I will not watch any Pixar or Disney made movies. This would now include Iron Man and most of the superhero flicks.

    3. I will not watch any Disney programming. This would include Monday Night football because Disney owns ESPN.

    Could I see a show of hands please?

    • Eric G

      Thanks, Doug. You are providing the best example of how those of us who disagree with this type of forced politically correct messaging can protest at will. All Disney really cares about is bottom line (in fairness, that's how all of entities like them operate). The fastest way to show the media that their agenda is not welcome is to hit them in the pocket book. Kids will not be scarred for life if they do not see the light parade at Disney World.

    • uselogic

      Doug… here's one hand raised.

  • RJ

    Layne, that's all that we are asking….stop forcing your opinions/beliefs/lifestyles on US. It works both ways, you know. You want those of us who believe it is wrong to be tolerant, but you are so intolerant of us.

  • uselogic

    Piss off, moron.

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