UCF stands up to bullies at CAIR

The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants a state university to give one of its award-winning professors the boot — or at least muzzle him from reciting facts and rendering opinion.

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz

CAIR’s problem is with University of Central Florida communications professor, Dr. Jonathan Matusitz and several of his courses, Terrorism and Communication and another on intercultural communication. He also wrote a book on the subject, published last year and titled, “Terrorism & Communication: A Critical Introduction,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

CAIR claims Matusitz’s “Islamophobia” is demonstrated in a YouTube video, which appears to be a classroom lecture but which UCF notes was actually a January “outside-of-the-classroom presentation.”

The professor begins by noting that according to a Rand Corporation study, 96 percent of global terrorism is rooted in radical Islam.

“Why do so many Muslims, relative to other religions, want to kill us?” he asks in the video. “The answer is easy, very easy. It is seven letters: culture.” As an example, he notes that “The Qur’an uses the term ‘jihad’ 41 times,” a word meaning “holy war” according to the professor.

Neither Matusitz’s students nor his colleagues have lodged any complaints because of his work, and he was actually honored last year for his outstanding performance, according to UCF spokesman Grant Heston.

As for the video, Heston noted, “Dr. Matusitz expressed his opinion, which is his right.”

Matusitz indicated on a South Florida radio station Thursday that he refuses to be “politically correct just to please everybody.”

“I think that in academia, I’m sure a lot of people don’t share my views,” he noted. “But I also think that a lot of people share my views, but they’re not as open as I am.”

Dr. Matusitz’s fearless commentary on world events recently resulted in a cancelled invitation to speak before the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee.

In a letter to the editor of the SaintPetersBlog following that brouhaha, he wrote, “as a UCF faculty, I never intend to be controversial; rather, I try to be factual and 100% correct.”

And therein lies the problem — people are often afraid to face the facts.

Most cultures, societies and even many religions have experienced their share of “dark periods” at one point or another. Ancient Rome, for all its greatness, had its period of depravity, Christianity had the Spanish Inquisition, and more recently, Germany brought us the horrors of the Nazi regime.

We all learn from those periods and move on — or at least that’s the theory.

If CAIR wants to truly serve the Muslim community as it purports to, it should do the same. It should quit whining and note the role that radical Islam has assumed in global terrorism and renounce it — over and over again.


  • http://Hubpages.com/janiek13 Mary Krenz

    Political Correctness has been the bane of my existence since it's introduction, P.C. is not necessary to leave a peaceful life. I think if more people opened their eyes and ears and closed their mouth, there would be more men like Dr. Matusitz. Kudos to him for his fearlessness.

  • Sandra Tricarico

    More of academia should speak out like this. It's the truth. So be it!

  • http://facebook william h. etheridge

    cair is a leftists lying group of scumbag assholes period. they back the koran about killing other people not muslim so I say screw them lying scumbag asshole period.

  • http://www.infideltaskforce.com Infidel Task Force

    Prepare to see many more of these incidents. Someone tells the truth behind Islam and CAIR threatens to sue. This is called Stealth Jihad and that is how they will silence us.In fact, we have dedicated an entire page to this subject of Silencing Americans.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheLatestOutrage?fref=ts ramjet

    Shame on the Pinellas County REC.

  • http://righthereontheleftcoast.blogspot.com/ Ralph Vaughan

    Even the FBI gets heat. It placed an advertisement on bus exteriors showing pictures of wanted terrorists and telling citizens that information leading to their capture could net them $25,000,000. CAIR instructed one of their pet senators to write an official letter of protest to the FBI stating that the advertisement was "offensive to Muslims" because it showed only Muslim terrorists. CAIR definitely has a hand in your government, and getting stronger with every concession and appeasement.

  • http://yahoo A.koper

    I applaud the professor,he is trying to tell you the truth-listen and learn.Political correctness is absolute insane nonsense.Wake up American people! Stop bowing to and making excuses for enemiers of our country.Why don't you all read the translation of the Koran,then opine.If Islam is a religion,religion has a whole new meaning.This professor should not be fired,he should be honored for his high I.Q.

  • Doug Hanks

    Academic freedom is paramount.

  • Dan

    Now that you got that off your chest, tell us how you really feel??? The intellectual conversation of Dr. Matusitz does not need to espouse emotional derogatory names but is embedded in listing facts, figures and a logical reality.

  • Jo

    Education is about facts and I applaud the professor for stating what is really happening. What would have happened if Paul Revere's warning had been whitewashed ? The Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming !

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