Sharpton prepares for outrage over Trayvon Martin shooting verdict

The race-baiting Rev. Al Sharpton is already laying the groundwork for outrage if the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial doesn’t goes his way.

On his MSNBC show, Sharpton used an interview with Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, to question whether the jury of five white women and one Hispanic woman seated Thursday can reach a fair verdict in the case of a white man accused of murder in the death of a black teenager.

alsharptonI would hope that we get fairness,” Sharpton said. “I think, though, we must deal with what the obvious is in terms of what the county demographics are, what is on the jury. But we don’t think people can be fair or unfair based on who they are. But we think the system ought to always be questioned.”

In Sharpton parlance, “questioned” means impugning one of the jurors in advance for the crime of having had a concealed weapons permit and mischaracterizing protests in Sanford that took place after the Martin shooting as “riots.”

“I was down there and helped organize some of the protests asking for a trial,” Sharpton said. “I never saw rioting and never heard of rioting when I was there.”

Crump agrees, then ludicrously suggests the possibility of a riot by Zimmerman’s supporters if he is convicted.

“The question I have,” he said, “… they come back with a just verdict holding George Zimmerman guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, will the other guys act right?”

If there are riots after the Zimmerman verdict, whatever it is, neither Sharpton nor Crump seriously think they will be the work of Zimmerman’s supporter.

And Sharpton knows how this stuff works. He’s spent decades fanning the flames of racial violence – literally in at least one case.

He’s just prepping for another round.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at


  • jim

    I think he wants an acquittal so he can start his rant again. Tawanna Brawley Al, remember her?


      Duke Lacrosse Team

  • Allen Runyon

    Al Sharpton is the most racist man in the world. This trial would have never happened if everyone had stayed out of it. Zimmerman was protecting his self. It was self defense plain and simple.

    • tommy may

      This is a Shame on FOOD NETWORK. She said nothing that hasn't been said since the 50's in the South when I was there. We would say more than that if we were attacked with a Gun, Dum Dums? Sharpton is on his way South to Spew worse than Paula. He is also bringing the Black Panthers south to meet the KLAN> HERE WE GO RODNEY>>

    • Bob

      We don't know the facts so it is great that there will be a trial so that the facts can come out. The Sanford police botched this from the beginning.

      • Aoife

        Really? how so? They did their investigation, presented what was known to the prosecutor over the area and he did not, at that time, see there was enough information to charge AT THAT TIME. So they invesigation continued. The problem became when the race grievance mobs came out of the woodwork, aided and abetted by a compliant media looking to sell papers. So now they took an incident that was never allowed to follow any normal or average investigation and demanded an arrest. Really? That should scare the absolute bejibbers out of everyone that now we have mob rule. SO the idiots at the state level brought in the mendacious Angela Corey, who needed some face time and race props to bone up her cred during an election cycle. This led to the overcharging of Zimmerman, his entire family going in the hiding and losing their livelihoods, friends, homes, etc all to satiate the a bunch of evil people–from Sharpton and Crump to the Martin family. This never was about justice. This IS about money–TM didn't go off the rails that February night. His absentee bottom-feeding family didn't give two shakes about him otherwise he wouldn't have been a petty thug, a three times suspended student, Baker Acted, MMA wannabe drug dealer. This is about a mother and father, or rather egg and sperm donor who are profitting handsomely from their own guilt at not being decent people themselves and the professional race grievance promoters who stand to make a pile of money on the ignorance of the great unwashed they claim to support.

        • MAC

          Very well put.Sharpton and Jackson are both worthless Nothing but hate comes from their mouth

          • Jean

            Lets file a class action suit and donate the winnings to the NRA. I live down south and I dare the black panthers to start crap here.

        • tentdweller

          you are so right the facts tell all

      • WHO CARES

        How do you know that? you said the facts aren't out yet,

      • boster

        Really? How did you determine that? From the doctored NBC video?

        • tentdweller

          from life

    • George Huber

      After serving twenty-seven years in the U.S. Army people should know that I'm definitely not a racist. (You can't get away with all that racist crap in the military!)Sharpton is a disgrace for any religion he may profess to be serving. He's a bigoted trouble maker and never seeks the truth about anything. Trust me, his good friend and fellow antagonist, Jessee Jackson will be in the middle of this trial also – siring up the – You know what! My main concern is that Mr. Zimmerman won't get a completely fair hearing because they're worried about riots and trouble on a verdict leaning towards Mr. Zimmerman. It's also my belief that if the entire truth is allowed to come out, we'll find that Young Mr. Martin is far from the innocent little angel as he's been portrayed.

    • http://aol charles

      you are right.

  • JW

    Sharpton wants a "just" trial ? As he stated as long as the verdict is "guilty", now how is that just? Did the whites riot after OJ was found guilty? Act civilized and allow the court to do its job without fear of rioting and vigilantes.

    • Jean

      No, not out style

  • maskedblogger

    Sharpton is a racist pure and simple. He is stirring a pot that needs no stirring. There has been no trial, no verdict and unless this jackass owns a crystal ball, all he's doing is creating friction where there is none. He's a ridiculous person and does nothing to help the race situation in this country, all he does is make it worse.

    • j raulerson

      I do think Zimmerman should have stayed in his vehicle, If he had their would have been no killing. I also think Jackson & Sharpton are causing more problems. They need to worry about Chicago. They have enough problems their. By the way. I am white.

      • Barry G

        Sooo, a neighborhood watch leader on duty within his GATED community that had several burglaries and robberies should have stayed in his truck and kept quiet?

        Who the hell has rights here? Trayvon came after Zimmerman, he jumped him, the Lying ass Media namely NBC edited the tapes and photos in order to crucify Zimmerman in the public eye so he could NEVER get a fair trial.

        Obama jumped into the fray and claimed Trayvon as his Son in order to attack the 2nd amendment, only problem was the person that Obama thought was a Whitey Jew, turned out to be a Latino Catholic, ooops.

        "Free George Zimmerman"

      • Al

        There are a lot of "if only's" in this case. If only Martin hadn't attacked Zimmerman, there would have been no killing. If only Zimmerman wasn't part of a neighborhood watch and had instead just ignored the stranger in the neighborhood, there would have been no killing.

        It is what it is.

        • samburnell

          If neither of them had been born, there would have been no killing…

      • Naomi Blue

        Is there a law that says one cannot get out of his vehicle? What law did Zimmerman break by getting out of his vehicle? There would have been no shooting and Martin would not now be dead if he had not gotten suspended from school because of his behavior, and was attending school instead of being in Sanford.

  • Birdogmp

    If you want to see a Racist all you have to do is look into the Eyes of Sharpton. He calls himself a preacher, I know that I am not without sin, but this man would like nothing better than to see a racial war in the United States. He may try to twist the statements like the one I wrote or any of the others. Truly Pathetic!

  • Mark Marshall

    ? Why was he not in School in Miami? DRUGS, Using maybe selling. The kid was no angel and did not look like the picture used for so long when he was 11. Not saying he was all bad but he had problems that probably lead to this mess in the first place. I feel bad for all involved but if Al starts a problem regardless who is on the Jury he should be put in Jail.

    • Naomi Blue

      I truly think what happened to Trayvon was a tragedy. He obviously had no parental guidance. When I heard the first interview of Sybrina, it was obvious to me that she knew nothing about her son. In Tracy's interview on HLN, he said in reference to the photos and text found on Trayvon's phone, that that was not the Trayvon he knew. Obviously, he did not know his son either. But the most tragic part to me is that Trayvon was suspended from school because of his behavior, yet his parents did not ground him at home with strict adult supervision while he was on suspension. IMO, that is the worst kind of parental neglect. And Trayvon was the one to suffer for it.

  • http://facebook James Fleming

    As usual for Sharpton, he is going to make this in to a racial circus. The only way he will be happy is if Zimmerman is found guilty. He says a black teen killed by a white man. What happened to Zimmerman being Hispanic. If he is found guilty, maybe the Latinos should march, saying he didn't get a fair trail because he Hispanic. What do you think Al?

    • Wayne Brannon

      This was a bad situation that got out of hand, Martin was unsure of who was following him and was scared and The other guy should have listen to the law enforcement and stayed in his vehicle. He didn't and a tragedy occurred.Let's move on and learn from this.He should never be allowed to own or possess a fire arm again. I vote not guilty of murder.

      • Robert

        If he is not found guilty of murder, then his firearms rights cannot be taken away. I would hope he learned his lesson about avoiding a possible confrontation.

        • Barry G

          You people have given in to the criminals because of "political correctness", we have the 2nd amendment right to protect ourselves from an attacker who is trying to maim or kill us, PERIOD!

          Zimmerman was in his neighborhood doing his job and following the law, he was attacked for that by a thug.

          All the Police do is show up at crime scenes and take a report, which is what had been done the several other times in that same community when homes were broken into.

          Do you cower in fear within your home or community?

      • Barry G

        How do you know Trayvon was scared?

      • ramjet

        Not exactly, Wayne.

        He was already out of his vehicle when the dispatcher told him "We don't need you to do that."

        Zimmerman responded, "OK" and he has stated he was on his way back to his vehicle when Martin confronted him.

  • Rita Thomas

    Sharpton and Jackson and 2 of the most racist people in this world. and i am sick and tired of the race card being played everyday.none of us were there but let me be clear if someone was on top of me beating my head into concrete and i had a gun on me you better believe i would have also shot the other person. the proof that Trayvon was on top is the bullet hole itself.

  • linda mitchell

    Sharpton should go to Chicago and go after the young people who are shooting and killing kids up there.

  • Winston Smith

    Let me check my crystal ball, here …

    When the Jury is prepared to announce their verdict the Sanford, FL Police will beef up their presence to head off any possible 'unpleasantness'

    Sharpton, Jackson, et al will scream "RACIAL PROFILING!" and "WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE? ANIMALS?"

    Then, if the Court doesn't lead Zimmerman straight to the gallows the streets will erupt in "spontaneous protests" (aka, riots)

    And when queried about the mess the same black "leaders" will exclaim "What did you EXPECT!"

    Rodney King deja vu … It wouldn't surprise me.

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