AT&T to force Obama alerts for iPhones with no way to opt out


AT&T subscribers’ iPhone Notification Settings

Not only is Big Brother President Obama watching you, he’s going to start messaging you if you own an iPhone with AT&T service.

AT&T subscribers with an iPhone 4S or 5 using iOS 6.1 or higher are going to start getting presidential alerts on matters of “national importance” whether you want them or not, the Inquisitr reported.

As part of AT&T’s new Wireless Emergency Alerts, once a user’s updates are complete, AMBER and Emergency alerts are automatically sent to the phone. However, users have the ability to turn these notification settings off, if desired.

Photo Credit: Responsible Marketing

Photo Credit: Responsible Marketing

Presidential alerts, though, will not have an opt-out feature. So, if Obama has something to tell you, AT&T has ensured you need to hear it from him no matter what you think.

According to the report, no additional fees are incurred for WEA messages.

I would assume the optional Emergency alerts would notify me of an impending disaster or the start of the feared Zombie invasion if I chose to leave the setting turned on. Why would I need a forced presidential alert? I like having the choice of getting my news from my source.

AT&T and Obama have seemingly taken that choice away.

From AT&T’s Consumer Blog:

These are government-issued safety messages that include AMBER Alerts, emergency alerts – such as man-made or natural disasters, and Presidential alerts.

Wireless Emergency Alerts are part of the FCC’s CMAS program and are mandated by law.  You may turn off alerts (except for Presidential alerts) if you choose.  Go to Settings >Notifications>Turn On/Off. [Emphasis added].

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  • JKelley

    I don't give a damn if they are sent to me free of charge. I don't care if I got paid to receive them.

    DO. NOT. WANT.

    (And people wonder why I refuse to buy a "smartphone"? Just how "smart" are they now? I've got a basic little phone – makes & receives calls, that's about it – and I barely carry THAT around!)

    • Wanda McCoole

      I cant stand to hear his lien voice on tv and sure in the hell don't want him on my cell-if this does happen I will cancel my AT&T Im not playing I mean it

  • MUtrera

    WOW! If this would have been around in 1959, Castro would have done the same thing. I don't want the any message from Obama, unless he is resigning ….

    • JA Coleman

      Well said, MUterea! Well said!

    • Chase Ford

      MUtrera…I like the way you get right to the point…Thank you for making it plain.

  • KB Cook

    narcissists are like this! Oligarchy is the new normal

  • ritas725

    Will be changing to Verizon (hopefully they are not doing this also) for sure if this is happening. AT&T has been my carrier for a long time, but I have no problem changing. Also will not be updating my iPhone 4 anytime soon. Let him send his messages to the people that get his obama phones for free. As a taxpayer and paying consumer I am not interested.

  • patrrick francese

    I wish he would call judge jeine pirro.after she got through with his sory ass he would hang up

  • Gary

    I just got a new smartphone but not an I-phone. My carrier is AT&T and I think Obama stinks like dead skunks so if this happens I think the carrier will see a huge revolt in this climate of government snooping into our lives!

  • Mike Wilson

    This is NOT just an AT&T thing. It's being implemented the same way by all the carriers in the US. So, changing to a different phone carrier won't help….since at this point Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile all implement this the exact same way.

    What you should probably do instead is contact your Senator/Representative and ask that the law be changed so everyone can opt out of ALL government-initiated messages from ANY carrier.

  • Rightly

    If an Amber alert means a child is missing, and a Silver alert means a senior is missing, does that mean an Obama alert means …

  • HVC

    What is your source for this article?

  • Connor

    While I am not so fond of the idea and would love to be able to opt out, I am not going to change my carrier just because of an alert. That is just ridiculous.

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