Dem. lawmaker cries foul that he must come under Obamacare


Now that 2014 is fast approaching and everyone will have to come under Obamacare — including members of Congress and their staff — one Democratic lawmaker is crying foul, claiming it’s “not fair” they should have to be subjected to it like the rest of us.

Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., is finding it impossible yo keep staff members — they’re leaving his office in droves to avoid Obamacare. He summed up his dilemma by saying “this is simply not fair,” according to Forbes.

When the Affordable Care Act was being hammered out in Congress — often behind closed doors — most Americans saw it for what it was — inadequate coverage at grossly inflated prices. The main selling point Democrats came up with to convince their constituents that Obamacare would be a good pill to swallow was the last-minute inclusion of an amendment forcing Congress and staff to come under its provisions.

And it worked. Obamacare passed — albeit by whisker-thin margins — and both the president and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were left grinning ear-to-ear. Now it getting to be time to pay the piper.

The mass exodus was first noted Thursday by Politico’s Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, who described it as a potential “brain drain” and observed “[t]he problem is far more acute in the House, where lawmakers and aides are generally younger and less wealthy.”

Wasn’t that another of the Affordable Care Act’s selling points? — that every person, regardless of income, would have good health coverage at affordable prices? Surprise! It can’t be done, not this way, and conservative lawmakers, pundits and economists have been preaching this for years, since it was first proposed.

Back to Larson, that Connecticut Democratic congressman. In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. He voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act. Be careful of what you wish for — or vote for. It may come back to bite you in the derrière.


  • Anna

    Pretty vague article. How is congress required to be covered by Obamacare? Do they have to drop their current group health plan and congress is then most shop for a group plan under the exchange and that plan costs more than the current plan? (That would not follow the grandfathering rules.) Or is it because certain congressional employees were getting better plans than other congressional employees and now they must all get the same plan and this is making recruitment difficult? Or is this complete fiction?

    • Joe Schmitz

      It's not that they have to drop the current plans that they have Anna… it's that they have to pay for the CADILLAC Plans that they now have… remember, the more expensive the plan you have, you have to pay higher deductibles plus pay a tax on that plan as oppose to those who have less coverage and a standard plan. You can have your own plan outside of the Exchange through a private Insurance Company. What he finds not fair is that some of these Congressmen own business with a lot of employees, plus, the healthcare plans that they have while they are in Office are free to them being paid by the Tax Payers !! Under the Obamacare, tax payers would not be paying for that service to them any more. Only the pay they are getting monetary wise for their service.

      • Allenhip

        There is some good and some bad. All Federal Employees and all elected Federal official are going to be covered under Obamacare.

        You know that these plans are subsidized by federal tax dollars, but did you know that some Federal Employees have to pay additional premiums?

        All insurance companies must first qualify through an accreditation process like NCQUA before they can sell to Federal employees, which is a lot tougher than most State Insurance Departments. In short these are the best of the best plans. Check out all the different types of great insurance plans at that are available to Federal Employees to choose from under FEHB Program.

        I would NOT be surprised if the premium rates will be actually lower than what employees are paying now. Look what happened in the California Health Care Exchanges.

        BAD News Part: It looks bad for all of the people who were trying to find fault with Obama Care?

        For years now some Doctors and a number of Insurance companies have gotten away with huge profits.

        Remember what happened when Rick Scott had to step-down as CEO, and his company was fined $1.7 BILLION in fines for fraud.

        This type of correction was long over due.

        If some elected official are having a hard time keeping staff something else is probably going on behind the closed doors. Could it be not enough campaign funds to pay them?

    • michael

      There is no granfathering under obamacare. You must have a.substandard plan with extremely high premiums under Obamacare. It turns out your coworkers free sex change operation costs money and everyone's premiums must go up to cover it. But don't worry obama will exempt congress from obamacare just like the reunions

  • http://None James

    Suck it up and try living under the Laws you create for the rest of us!

  • jim

    Brain Drain?

  • jack skelley

    "…most Americans saw it for what it was — inadequate coverage at grossly inflated prices." Typical conservative tactic, make a claim that is unsupported by facts and expect (because the typical conservative takes all they are told at face value) people to take your word for it. A little honesty would be nice….but it's too much to hope for idealistic people like Michael Dorstewitz to be honest when it would undermine their argument.

    • Joe Schmitz

      Well Jack.. so much for bashing the Conservatives because as it stands out as the facts are coming out, the Conservatives were right !!! Premiums have been increasing in one state as much as 88% for the same coverage !!! Have you checked the or compared the price of a full coverage plan a few years ago ? Well…. take that same coverage and compare the prices of today and then after Obamacare kicks in. Look at the premium cost before 2008, then look at them in 2010, and then today !! Look at Allstates back in the yrs I mentioned above. Keeping the same coverage though that the Obamacare is requiring to be the min standard of coverage. if you see more than a 30% increase in the premium rates… then the Conservatives were right. What's the matter ? Afraid to do the research to find who was right and who was wrong ?

  • Joe Schmitz

    You do all realize that by the Precedence of Obamacare and it's mandating policy… the Government can now make mandating laws that we have to purchase certain things whether we like them, want them or not ?? t doesn't matter what it is as long as it has to do with Commerce now !! Everyone thought that by making it a mandate, that it would be a grand Idea and help the tax payers not to have to help pay and support healthcare services for those who are on welfare or low income families(as the Obama/Reid/Pelosi) made it sound like that would happen. Well guess what…. Wrong !! Why do you think Obama is wanting a new tax code to be rewritten ?? To RAISE TAXES even higher on the tax payers to help the exchange with subsidies to be successful !!! If this law would have not passed, our economy would have probably picked up a lot and unemployment would have gone down and people would have had more money in their pockets to spend on things to keep people working and production going. But Guess what, by having to spend money on something that doesn't produce products to sell to others in a production/manufacturing line is going to make our economy sink even deeper than what it is now. There is Obama's HOPE and CHANGE !

  • willard

    you bunch of stupid look where you have taken our country this country is fast becoming a third world country it no way the way it was when i was born here 75 years ago we are fast coming under the rule of other gods not the true GOD that we new when we were growing up the GOD i grew up knowing is a loving GOD not one that tells you to kill other people why have we let this happen here if you want to serve another god go back where he lives don't bring him to our country that why we went to war in the 1700,s so stop trying to change us

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  • Trudy

    Awe,that is such a shame.You are a bunch of dummies.You deserve everything that you get.Nothing do you ,but barely pass this law.Well the rooster has come home to nest and I hope it cost you and your counter parts an arm and a leg.And,if it gets to the point that people can not pay what is expected of them,we will be sure and send the bill to you.

    all of you that passed that bill deserve that.

  • John Carr

    The American public will be getting exactly what it voted for. I doubt if they will like it so much when 2014 gets here. Wake up America and smell the gun powder.

  • Gabriel Beaven

    I agree, You all voted this jackass back into office, you get what you want.

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