Barbara Boxer calls Calif. shooting a boost for anti-gun groups

With an assist by an MSNBC hostess, California Sen. Barbara Boxer once again put the best spin possible on last week’s shooting in Santa Monica that left five victims dead and the gunman killed by police.

barbaraboxer2Boxer was responding Tuesday to a blatantly leading question about the shooting from interviewer Karen Finney:

“Do you think this may reinvigorate the conversation about gun-safety regulations?”

After an obligatory “our-thoughts-go-out-to-the-families” kind of moment, Boxer told Finney that the shooting would help gun-control advocates in the U.S. because it “gives us wind at our back.”

Finney’s response to Boxer’s response was equally cynical.

“I hope you’re right,” she said.

At least conservatives really are compassionate sometimes.



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