Maxine Waters raves about Obama’s epic database, comes back to bite her

Boy, she wasn’t kidding.

In an interview with the black-oriented TV One earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said the Obama era might be ending in 2016, but his legacy would carry on in the form of “an organization that contains a kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life.”

“That’s going to be very, very powerful,” she added.

maxinewatersWhen the interviewer, Roland Martin of “Washington Watch,” asked if she was referring to Organizing for America, the new name of the original Obama for America campaign outfit, Waters agreed.

And, she added ominously: “That database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before.”

Those words sound kind of eerie now, given what we’ve learned about how Obama’s IRS treats citizens exercising democratic rights – and how the NSA keeps an eye on everybody else.

But to be fair to Obama, Waters has a record of questionable commentary, going on the record throughout her career – and long before he was in office – with comments ranging from insulting to the merely inane.

Here, with help from Human Events, are a few of her greatest hits:

On sequestration: “We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to cause these jobs losses, over 170 million jobs that could be lost.” (March. There are only about 135 million jobs in the United States.)

On the tea party: “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened.  And as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.” (2011)

On patriotism: “I didn’t say anything to anybody. I just watched — the Republicans were out there — they were having a great time (protesting Obamacare). They were laughing, they were waving the American flag, they were egging them on, and I thought that was outrageous behavior. I really did.” (2010)

On oil companies: “Guess what this liberal would be all about?   This liberal would be about socializing … basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies.” (2008)

On race relations:  “Policy, for the most part, has been made by white people in America, not by people of color.   And they have tended to take care of those things that they think are important … And so we have to band together and keep fighting back.” (1993)

On the president: “The president is a liar.” (Just kidding. That was in 2005)




    • Rosanne Howard

      Why is she still in Washington? I thought she was up for review by the Ethics Committee.

  • http://Hostile Buffy

    The hostility of Maxine Waters is frightening! Her statements are full of inaccuracies and drip with venom. How can our legislators/world ever come together with people like her in positions of leadership? She wears blinders and only sees issues from her very narrow point of view. It's very sad when an electorate chooses that type of person as a representative.

  • Susan Williams

    I posted about this on FB about 3 weeks ago. I knew they were up to something. We are living an Orwellian nightmare. This is only the beginning. Yes, Waters and Obama are frightening for sure.

  • Kdcarr

    Makes one wonder who is more insane… Waters or the voters who put her in office.

  • torepedo

    Hey they put Mariam Berry back in office with him smoking a crack pipe on the news.

  • Tom Murray

    Maxine Waters can go straight to hell. In her own words.

  • http://facebook Diane

    Talk about racists? She is the top of the food chain. I don't think she is taking all of her alheimers meds. When they get this old, they should not be allowed to even be in Washington.

    This woman is the biggest idiot, and racists, puppet I have ever seen. Do you think since she has been in D.C. that she has missed out on one single thing? Money, money, money. Talk about brown nose. Wait, maybe O is the son she wishes SHE had.

  • frank

    The worst thing is she was elected by voters to represent them….My question is not how stupid is she? It's how stupid are they, the voters?

  • jim

    Muddy Waters.

  • Nancy Redmond

    Wow, talk about a racist and socialist

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