Glenn Beck compiles history of Obama lies you may have forgotten

From comments made by President Obama on how he got his start in life, his stance on hiring lobbyists once he became president, to the promises behind healthcare reform, Glenn Beck has compiled audio and video clips that show two very different sides of Barack Obama and his administration.

“It’s important that you understand the lies that have been told thus far, because they’re only getting worse, and they’re only getting much more dangerous,” Beck warned.

Beck said the Obama administration has employed a “three-step process” that begins with lies, then revises history to fit the desired story, and ends by attacking anyone who tries to speak out.

“The only way for them to maintain absolute power is for them to always be lying,” Beck said. “To keep this illusion that they can never be wrong, they must silence or attack their opponents who prove them wrong time and time again.”

Beck offers commentary during the audio clip in the first video below, but the second is a video clip that he notes is “100% in their own words.”

Watch the videos below via The Blaze:

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • KB Cook

    if his lips are moving, he's lying

    • Carl Tarajkowski

      Sadly for the great Republic of the USA, HIS legacy will be one of empty campaign rhetoric and outright LIES!!

  • Shelia Lynn

    I love the way Obama changes the tone in his voice to accommodate the Group in which he is speaking to.

  • Eddie King

    Barack could never have reached this far into the fundamental transformation of America with truth. He has to lie, Liberals have to lie it is the only way leftists can make progress happen. They also lie, to themselves.

  • Roe

    Has anyone noticed Obama's new habit. Like Bill Clinton, when he's feeling the pain of "the middle class", he pauses and bites his bottom lip. It's laughable. I try not to EVER look or listen to him but I couldn't find the remote to change channel and noticed.

  • Buckeyebubba

    These people prove every day that they have interchangeable body parts: their mouths and their rectums. They have severe and persistent crainial rectumitis.

  • Stephan'chuckno

    Thank You Very Much! Mr GLENN BECK Sir! And God Bless You! And Your Loving Family!And Friends!of This Country Thee United States of America* I am Stephan aka'chucknors'Stenzel Midwest U.S.Cowboy*of MN & Sometimes Texas*too! lol Natural Born Patriot* USA* and I Approve This Message. http // www Jango com /music/Stephan+chucknors+Stenzel

  • http://Facebook Linda Dietz Whelan

    I agree. When his lips are moving, he's lying!! He's against everything that the Constitution protects us from. Obama is a traitor, a liar and a murderer. I've posted things on FB that were innediately snatched off. It doesn't change my mind in ant wa!! I'm a Christian, but I'm finding it very hard to forgive Obama for anything that he says or does. I'm sure thar they have me on some list that says I'm against Obma. Whatever! His name says it all! Barack Hussein Obama!! Who could vote for a man wirh such a name to be President of the USA???

    • Nicklaus

      What a disgusting comment and a disgusting stance……don't lump all Americans in your cabal of subservience….

      Maybe Obama isn't sticking knives in Israels back if they are giving him their highest honor and 70 % of Jews voted for him to be re-elected. According to your BS IQ charts Jews are smart (so are Asians who 70 % also voted for Obama) so you cant say they are stupid for supporting Obama.

      Maybe you and your pals should re think your positions .

      Because We are Americans, NOT hateful disgusting racist bigoted scumbags like you! you don't sound like you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. You sound like a HATER.

      No, he's a Christian… and even if he were a Muslim, so what? If you don't believe that religious people should rule countries then you should object to all of the Presidents of the US. I suspect that you are just a racist looking for a reason to hate Obama and hate Muslims.

      Why would I not be surprised that I'm dealing with scumbags spend all this time running on hate and venom against thing Non-Christian or Non-white and does not care about things like truth?

      You need to grow up!

      1. No, he is not a fraud. Feel free to post any evidence you have that he is. I cannot answer a non-specific statement like that.

      2. No, he is not a traitor. Feel free to post any evidence you have that he has given aid and comfort to the enemy. Be sure to identify the enemy first.

      3. No more than any politician. Politicians have to have some narcissism or they wouldn't bother to run for office. If you have proof that he is MORE narcissistic than others, feel free to post it.

      4. No, the President does not hate America and the President is not destroying America! Since he has taken office, unemployment is down the stock market is up. Our military is still stronger than the next 15 countries combined. Perhaps you could be specific about what you think he has destroyed. And remember, in most cases, Congress has to do it first.

      If Obama was 1/1000th the tyrannical dictator you claim, do you REALLY think you could talk about him the way you do? NO!

      5. President Obama is NOT a "closet Muslim." AND Anyone who calls Obama a communist IS a racist R-tard!

      You won't provide any evidence today, any more than all the other times you have come on here and posted the same untrue statements. Post and run is your only purpose.

      So what else is new about bigots that don't like a BLACK MAN as President of the USA.

      you are a rabid racist and in reality, I hope you end up in a lunatic asylum to spend the rest of your racist days in a jacket with no openings.

      • Marty Dytrych

        Nicklaus, Nicklaus, Nicklaus, playing the race card is getting old. Try something new like the facts. Obama is leading (from behind) this country right down the toilet and Nicklaus you are at the front of the line blindly letting him do it!

      • Barry G

        You want evidence? OK!

        1. Obama was born a Muslim, both of his Fathers were Muslim. He went to a Muslim Madrassa where he was raised in Indonesia and was listed on his enrollment sheet as: Faith-Islam.

        2.Obama has produced 2 fraudulent documents claiming that they were his birth certificates, they were examined by many forensic experts that all concluded they were made by layering in a computer software program.

        3.Obama has been arming and financing our enemies, he did it by running guns to Mexican Drugs Lords, by arming Terrorist Rebels throughout the "Arab Spring" territories and he has done it by financing both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to the tune of many $billions$ of dollars. He also just exposed a top secret Israeli Military base by posting the building diagrams on a White House website. Are you a Jew? I am and that is reprehensible you jerkoff!

        4. Obama has been apologizing to the world for lies about the USA, he called us things like "America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” I can get more if you need, like when he said we were "no more exceptional than Greece etc".

        5. Obama landed a drone in Iran and refused to destroy it, Iran is now using the drones against Israel, Are you a Jew? YOU SUCK!

        Obama dismantled our missile defense shields in Europe and in the USA while our sworn enemies moved forward with nuclear weapons development. Venezuela works with Iran etc.

        6. And to prove the point in the simplest of terms, OBAMA HAS DRIVEN THE US DEBT UP TO UNTENABLE LEVELS, we are being destroyed from within.

        7. Sitting on Obama's Cabinet are many members of the Muslim Brotherhood who enjoy top secret clearances, are you a Jew? You suck!!

        This Jew NEVER voted for Obama and hates those Jews who defend him and his policies, yes I hate you for what you are creating.

        The words "NEVER AGAIN" mean something to this Jew you ignoramus.

        • David Castlen

          Thanks Barry,

          Sorry to say, most Jews I know are behind Obama

          Can you give any insight into why this is so?

        • david scott

          Thank you Barry. Facts dont lie. Libtards hate the facts.

      • jeff

        Hey Niklaus…….are you even an AMERICAN ?????

      • cottagemist


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  • Jack Kalman

    Nicklaus….attention…YOU ARE TRULY A MORON!

    • Randy

      I second that motion

  • Lynne Wallace

    It's so insulting…just sickening.

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