Democratic voters won’t swallow the Crist crap sandwich

If Charlie Crist runs for governor as a Democrat, he’s going to lose.

He’ll either get rubbed out in the Democratic primary, or he’ll lose to Gov. Rick Scott in the general.

If Crist runs for governor, rank-and-file Democratic voters will never again trust the party leaders who support Crist.

Terence McCoy, of the alternative New Times Broward-Palm Beach, made some excellent points in Five Reasons Charlie Crist Will Not Run For Governor, which I urge everyone to read.

Charlie Crist nasty look

Charlie Crist

McCoy thinks Crist won’t run, but every Democratic leader I know who’s been talking to Crist says he will, and they’re excited about it.

The Democratic leadership in Florida is hungry for power, and it’ll stop at nothing to get it.

The pollsters, who told everyone that Crist was a shoo-in against Marco Rubio in 2010, are the same kind of know-nothings the Democratic leadership is listening to now.

The Democratic establishment is going to try to force feed the crap sandwich that is Crist down the throats of primary voters, but those leaders are in for a shock.

I also speak to plenty of rank-and-file Democratic activists, and I haven’t found one who is happy about Crist becoming a Democrat and running for office.

Primary voters from either party have a different diet than the political establishment. They want someone or something to believe in. They won’t eat a crap sandwich just because their leaders tell them to.

The political establishment is comfortable eating crap sandwiches because their palates are cleansed with money and power. One big-time lobbying gig or government contract can mask the taste of the foulest swill.

But not the loyal primary voter, the working stiffs both parties count on. They just want to be able to look at themselves in the mirror every day, and like the face that stares back at them.

True believers want to be proud of the vote they cast and the work they do for a candidate.

Nan Rich

Nan Rich

In the run-up to the 2010 elections, I was the only conservative on a panel of five discussing the election, and the tea party, at a local university. One of the other panelists was Democratic state Sen. Nan Rich, the same Nan Rich now seeking her party’s nomination for governor of the state of Florida.

Of course, the inevitable happened: The two of us went at each other, clashing multiple times.

When Crist was sending Florida Republicans mailer after mailer, telling everyone how pro-life, pro-gun and pro-traditional marriage he was, Rich was battling it out for the Democrats with people like me.

I will always politically oppose Rich because I’m a conservative, but I’ll tell you one thing: Rich has a political soul, and she knows who she is, just like I know who I am.

Given her set of beliefs and the battles she’s fought for Democrats, Rich can look at herself in the mirror every day, and like what she sees.

Any Democrat who betrays a real party loyalist like Rich for the likes of Crist should never be able to look in a mirror again without being repulsed.

But please, don’t heed any warnings from me. I’m a conservative, and I want the Democratic Party to lose.

Nominate Crist. Please.

Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.


  • morstar150
  • RonSr

    Go home Charlie no one likes a turn coat.

  • Bocabarbara

    The last thing this state needs is a leader who believes in nothing other than getting himself elected. The state is in decent shape financially, let's keep it that way.

  • Jan Porter

    Ah, Charlie Crist. Reminds me of my granddaughter who, upon playing soccer for the first time, scored a goal…and everyone applauded…No one told her she had sent the ball into the wrong net, and the other team got the point. But Lily is in kindergarten. She doesn't flip-flop purposely. Charlie is another story.

    It would be fun, though, to see Crist run, if only because Jack Furnari gave us a reason for sitting on the sidelines with hotdogs and beer to watch Charlie once more fade into oblivion though not as an Independent this time but as a Democrat.

    LISTEN UP. Jack may not be a seer, but he sure knew Christ's plans to run in the last election before the press would even admit to it. "Nominate Crist. Please", Jack says….Yes, I can almost taste the hotdogs…..

  • torepedo

    crist swallows

  • Jessica

    Charlie who? Which are you today? A Republican, A Democrat, An Independent…?

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  • Allenhip

    I believe this election will be about an anti-Scott campaign based on his dismal record.

    When you compare Scott with Crist record the majority of voters will choose Crist regardless of party affiliation.

    Scott’s low approval ratings prove just that.

    To say that Democrats will be angry with their leadership is being very unrealistic. Remember Meek in the last election liberal democratic loyalties stood with Meek to the bitter end.

    Democrats will NOT make the same mistakes twice.

    If you look at the election results you would see that if Meek had stepped out of the race and supported Charlie Crist it be Senator Crist and not Senator Rubio. Just add Meeks numbers to Crist and we would have a total different outcome.

    So what do Nan Rich and Meek have in common, extremely low pole numbers to have made a real difference.

    The bottom line is about winning – The smart monies are now with Crist

    As for the 5 reasons Crist will not win – I can give ten real good ones why Scott already lost

  • Rifraffe

    Don't sell your Florida democrats short. If they have to, they will vote for a yellow dog rather than Gov Scott or any other republican. Look who beat Alan West!… and look who they sent off to the White House! To guarantee victory, all any candidate the democrats put up will have to do is to say- at the top of his or her lungs: "Free Stuff! Just vote for me!"

  • Grumpy

    It's always amazed me how fast the democrats, especially the moneyed establishment, forgot about their duly nominated black candidate as soon as the orange guy came along..

    Guess it's diversity at work, Orange Candidates are a minority

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