Fla. illegal on welfare for 20 years shows others how to milk system

“Welfare is not a career opportunity,” unless you’re an illegal immigrant, mother of seven on food stamps, and collecting social security, of all things, in the great state of Florida.

Fla food stamp programFox News’ Steve Harrigan reported on the completely out-of-control food stamp program in Fla. with a story that will set your teeth on edge.

Illegal immigrant Marita Nelson, 50, is a single mother of seven who collects $240 in food stamps, receives child support, and “government funded housing, medication and $700 a month in social security.” And she has been getting assistance for the last 20 years. Twenty years. Now Nelson wants others in her situation to know they can get the same help.

How she possibly collects social security isn’t explained, but Harrigan reported on Florida’s federal assistance recruiters who sign people – “clients” – up for “multiple federal aid programs at the same time.”

The goal of these recruiters is to “increase federal aid to Florida by one billion dollars a year,” Harrigan said.

And with story after story of people like Nelson, it sadly sounds like the state stays right on track.

Please take a moment to watch via “Special Report” here:

Janeen Capizola

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  • LeftiesAreDopes

    Yes, someone please explain how it is an illegal can get social security. Isnt that the fund that working AMERICAN CITIZENS pay into so they can have a little income when they retire?

    • Dan Reynolds

      I am a legal citizen of this country and have worked for over 48 years. I am presently on Social Security and get only $562.00 per month. I have worked legally and get less that this woman who hasn't worked in this country legally. There is no justice for those of us who are legal citizens. We get screwed by the same government that we elected to office.

    • Cathy

      What I want to know is why a news program would air this. Why not take out an ad. The illegals know more about how to take advantage of available programs without any help. She should be made to pay it back or face jail. Guess that would be the right thing to do though

  • Tammy Duncan

    OMG the story is out and posted now somebody do something about this. Prison time for fraud concerning the federal government. Damn I am so sick of seeing, hearing and reading all this crap that has, is and was done. Time to DO SOMETHING except fricking talk about it….PLEASE!!!!

    • galensdad

      Sorry, Tammy Duncan! It would be politically incorrect for anyone to do anything about this sorry situation. Anyone in a position to do anything about such would immediately be branded racist, an abuser of the poor, insensitive, intolerant, etc., etc. No one has the backbone to confront the problem.

      • Susan

        The last time I tried to tell SS that I knew of ppl scamming the system – I was told I needed their SSN and how much money they were receiving and for how long — IN OTHER WORDS: "We don't give a chit!"

    • Ella

      Sadly Tammy Duncan, the people who is in charge of the SS system/office is 100% behind these low life free loaders! It's like that all over the country, NOT just in FL. Here in Indiana, even the DCS (Dept. of Children Services) is "double dipping" on the government! We personally know of someone getting $700 disability for her 1 yr who lives with her parents. Her dad is a motivational speaker doing 3 to 4 speeches per month at 6 figures per speech; she has 2 older children who's given to her biological mother to raise and she continues to use the SS money to buy drugs and pay child support to her mother with the money she collected for her disabled infant son, who she NEVER`EVER cared for. The State of Indiana (DCS) owns the child therefore his needs are "supposed to" been taken care by them but they told the mother to apply for the SS anyway so DCS don't have their $$ on the child. We went to the SS office with SS numbers of the perpetrator, they looked it up and their "manuals" and said…it's perfectly LEGAL! What a SCREWED UP system!! It makes our stomach so sick…using money allocated for a disabled child to buy drugs, boggles the mind. Meantime no body cares what happens to the child. And we all wonder about the high rate of Juvenile Delinquents in this country?? What happened to the GOOD OLE' USA?? Can someone please help these 70 year old folks understand???

  • Robin Leclerc

    are u freaking kidding me?…thats why we have as much deducted from our paychecks for social security as we do for federal taxes!..it would be cheaper to send them to tech school and teach them a trade so they can GET A JOB…in fact it should be a requirement that they are learning a trade for their future in order to get govt. help..we cant afford to keep these people forever…am i the only one that sees that?and if u r an illegal, u dont have any rights to any of it until u become a citizen!..i know people that work several jobs because thats what they need to do to survive. so get off your back and quit making babies u cant afford to feed, and learn how to take care of yourself!

  • http://radio.PatriotComeLately.US Patriot Come Lately

    Cloward-Piven anyone?

  • Jim

    What's even more sad is that there will probably never be anything done about this.

  • http://facebook melissa

    smh how could that happen only in America!!! send her back to where she came from!! why send her to prison?? a roof over her head, 3 meals a day, shower! ppl get in trouble so they can have all that!!!!!

  • Trudy Miller

    Yes, Isn't that a shame! Illegals getting social security, food stamps etc, etc, etc. While senior citizens living on social security who worked all their lives, educated their children, and NEVER used any government programs are denied food stamps because their social ssecurity yearly total of social security is $13,000.00 dollars are denied as they make too much money. There are no pictures of the food card receipent on the cards. There should be as many trade their cards to others for cash to buy drugs and booze on a basis of if they get $200.00 in food stamps you give them $100.00 cash. Then they give the person their card. They inturn go to all the local food banks for free food. They can be drunk or high on drugs at the food banks and still get food. What an outrage. Obama he has destroyed our once great nation with his illegal patrons.

    • Ella

      So true Trudy Miller, so~so true and very sad :(

  • Ray

    Now we know where the word "entitlement" comes from when referring to social security benefits. For all the people getting money without contributing one EFFING dime!!!!!

  • ILO


    • Linda

      Tell you friend to stop being a thief!!! Thieves belong in jail. Honest, hardworking people are sick of lazy thiefs whinning that they aren't given enough money!!!!

  • http://google Jo

    Florida is full of these people & not one thing is done about it!!! Time to clean house!

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