Fat cat union boss caught sleeping on the job

A fat lot of good he’s doing his workers.

An executive of New York City’s largest union of blue-collar public employees spends a whole lot more time sleeping at his desk than fighting for the working man, according to a New York Post expose.

fatunionbosssleepingAnd he’s making $156,000 a year in union-dues paid salary to do it!

According to the Post, Mark Rosenthal is a 400-lb. president of District Council 37’s Local 983. After arriving late to the office, he eats a big lunch, naps for a while at his desk, then cuts out early to beat the afternoon rush.

“He’s usually out by 4 p.m. after being at the office two hours,” Marvin Robbins, a union vice president, told the Post.

Granted, there’s probably union politics at work in a vice president ratting to the press about his president, but other union officials
told much the same story, according to the Post.

Rosenthal even uses a “union business” expense account to write off some of his eating bills, board members told the Post.

Rosenthal, however, told the Post he takes “power naps” he needs during “12-14 hour days.”

Nice work if you can get it.


  • Bob Reich

    At least he doesn't need a pillow.

  • Bob Reich

    If chairs took talk oh the tales they could tell…

  • Steven

    That is not fat – it is morbidly obese & he needs HELP desperately The fact that he can physically get to work must be incredibly draining for him

  • lorraine

    They are kidding right?

  • Rusty Varner

    Is he purring?

  • Jack Furnari

    This should be a bad joke, but it isn't. Just sad.

    • http://Bizpac Ted

      Don't agree with you on much. This I do. Just sad. Time for intervention like Christie. As for judging the guy for the hours he spends at his desk. It's like saying that only the work done by this writer at his desk should be counted as work. Many writers uses computers/Ipads, phones to write their articles. Just looking in on the office and judging him for the time he spends there is like leaving the barn door open and wondering why your horses wandered off. I've notices that the rule of thumb seems to be that the higher you go in an organization you go two things happen: 1. You actually spend less time in your office, especially if you need to be out meeting people or making contacts. 2. The more you go up the flag pole of success, the more your butt shows. His physical condition is sad though. GOP or Democrat. He needs help. Then we can laugh about this more easily. Seems a little small and mean.

  • Tom

    Question: Where's our contract?

    Answer: I ate it.

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