John McCain tears into Mike Lee on Senate floor, Lee responds

Sen. John McCain provides yet another reason why many feel the “old bull” should be put out to pasture when he tore into fellow Republican Sen. Mike Lee on the Senate floor Thursday over Lee’s objection to negotiate the debt limit increase as part of the budget resolution.

“Perhaps the senator from Utah doesn’t know about that — the fact that even if they did raise the debt limit, it could not become law because it doesn’t go to the president of the United States,” McCain said.

“So again, maybe the senator from Utah ought to learn a little bit more about how business has been done in the Congress of the United States.”

Sen. Lee then took to the floor to respond to McCain’s charges that he doesn’t know how Congress works.

“In case no one noticed, the way Washington works stinks,” Lee answered.

It’s unfortunate that McCain doesn’t show this much passion to prevent a raise to the debt ceiling. It’s even more unfortunate that those who’ve been sent to Washington, D.C. in recent years to clean up the mess have to battle just as hard with fellow Republicans as with Democrats to make it happen.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • KB Cook

    how much longer will our dimwitted old maverick continue his inane rantings? Someone please pack his bags and send him home with our thanks for his service. Time to go, Mr. McCain.

    • LAM

      ask the people who ELECT him, KB Cook…and,yes, especially on Memorial Day w'end we DO thank you for your service, Senator, but when will you decide to pass the Torch? This wasn't meant to be an Occupation, just a temporary position…

      BRAVO to Sen Lee! That mess he was sent to clean up was made by the likes of Sen McCain!

    • Eric

      Like Boehner in Ohio, McConnell in Kentucky and McCain in Arizona,…. the voting dolts of those states must get rid of them!!! Maybe these voting dolts are part of our problem right along with who they elect and re-elect, over and over and over again!!! All three I've named above MUST go for our Nation and Our Party to survive!!!

      P.S. Others need to go as well and I am quite aware of

      that fact.

  • Ms Moommist

    Thank you Senator Lee! The way Washington does work, does stink!

    • http://BizPac Norma

      Yes, Well said Sen. Lee

  • Martin Roewer

    Washington is guilty of many things but "working" is not one of them! We need major changes: term limits, live under the same rules they force on us (Obama Care for example) Tax reform, border control, stop the FED from manipulating the markets…and on and on..

  • Joan Barrett

    What Sen. McCain and others don't seem to "get" is that We The People are damn sick and tired of "the way the Senate and Congress works"! We elected the ones who are truly trying to change the lousy system that has been ongoing for 200 years because we want it changed!! No more back door committees! Just listen to the MAJORITY OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS, DEBATE IF YOU MUST AND IF YOU FEEL YOU LIKE HEARING YOURSELVES SOUND LIKE IDIOTS, and then VOTE for the will of the people – not your own personal opinions on matters – because we don't care what your opinions are! It is our opinion that counts, not yours. We pay you to listen to us, not to listen to yourselves talk around the subject of the matter. Like GET US OUT OF THE UN for starters; LEAVE OUR CONSTITUTION ALONE for another; IMPEACH OBAMA & HOLDER or their treasonous acts; and I could go on and on and on!!

  • ruth

    get out McCain and yes the way you work stinks

  • Maggie

    One more for Sen Lee.

    Good job sir. Don't back down. Courage and intelligence are the only things left to defeat these fools!

  • http://[email protected] Teresa

    This is why I no longer donate to the republican senatorial committee. Too many rhinos like John McCain…

  • Jose Cunha

    …is John McCain retarded now that he is an old coot? The very fact that a measure or action requires a unanimous vote means that BY DESIGN it can be stopped or altered by a group as small as 1. Why does he continue to harp on the notion that a small group of senators can change the way we do business. I have seen the way you guys do business, and let me tell you, it can stand some change. Time for McCain and all the rest of the "business as usual" set to pack their bags and stop treating the Congress and our fiscal future as if it is handled by some "good old boys' club and that it is audacious or mendacious for the people to want to inject some common sense into the process because "that's not the way it's been done for 200 years". Correct me if I'm wrong, but you supported bills that would violate the second amendment that's been around for 200 years without batting and eye. But now you are concerned with the way things have been done in Congress because you want your way? Go home John McCain, your drunk.

  • Former Republican

    Good to see that the GOP is still eating there Own! Soon The GOP will stand for Gone Out of Politics!

  • New Libertarian says

    McCain did us all a favor when he lost to OBUMMER. one is as bad as the other!

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