Homeland Security monitors tea party at Florida IRS protest

IRS protest-OrlIn spite of confusing messages and midday rain showers, the tea party showed up in force at the local IRS office in Orlando on Tuesday to express its dissatisfaction with the agency.

On a warm, humid Central Florida day, dozens of protestors turned out in spite of an out of the way location and a somewhat inexplicable call to suspend the event amid a series of inconsistent messages from various tea party factions.

The protest was held in Maitland, Florida, a short drive north of Orlando and not surprisingly, North Lake Tea Party, long the standard bearer of the Central Florida tea party movement, was on hand.

The tea party was acting on a call to action by Tea Party Patriots Inc., which bills itself as the nation’s largest tea party organization, in response to recent admissions by IRS officials that the agency had intentionally targeted tea party and conservative groups.

A scandal that continues to grow in scope with each passing day.

Under the watchful eye of Homeland Security — yes, they were present — protestors carried signs that read “We Do Not Consent to Tyranny,” “Abolish the IRS” and “Don’t Target me Bro!,” making it clear they do not condone the use of the IRS as a political weapon.

As one protestor noted, it’s insulting that Homeland Security felt the need to be present as American citizens exercise their first amendment right, but decide to look away when suspected Islamic terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev travels back and forth to his home country.

Today’s action is likely to do little to change the face of a scandal that is now fully owned by the Obama administration, but it does serve notice that the tea party is still around. Even if it’s “leaders” are missing in action.



IRS protest - Orl


Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Lillian Smith

    Dear Lord, what have I missed? Did we lose the country while I was sleeping?

    Did Homeland Security show up at the Occupy Wall Street Movement? I really don't know.

    Does Homeland show up at Union Protests??????

    This looks and smells like purposeful Government Intimidation!

    • Frank

      Yes you have lost the country while all of you were sleeping. Why did the FBI let the tsarnaevs go back and forth and why is homeland security watching the tea party because it was meant for us the whole time you freaking fools! I'm sorry I have to say that but my god man. This has been going on for a while now and nobody has noticed because they are too busy watching trash TV and worrying about their own garbage. You don't even know the half of it. Do some research and wake the freak up and maybe your kids will have a country in the future.

      • WRONGWAY


        Glad to see you are ALIVE AND WELL!

        As you know, MOST are worried too much about their TV,BEER and NACHOS to see what's slapping them in the face!



        INFOWARS DOT COM!!!!

        • http://www.importanceofconsent.com Leopold B. Scotch

          Too bad too many stupid "Patriot Republicans" fell for all this crap when it was their goons in office. The DHS, Patriot Act, etc, were fully embraced by these "patriots" who are as guilty of enabling various forms of quasi-authoritarianism when those in power wore their R logo on the uniforms.

          Rediscover Liberty.

          • http://deepfriedmanates.blogspot.com Carolyn T

            As one of those stupid "Patriot Republicans" I have to agree with you. I'm not proud of it but at the time I didn't think through the implications of the Patriot Act. Now that it is too late the nightmare that I and others slept through is in full swing. All I can say, and I realize that it may sound like a cop-out, is that we can't fix anything backwards but we can work together to fix things forward. It is time to get back to the Constitution and the original principles that this country was founded on. Together we must stand up and say, "Enough!". We cannot sit by while government, whether "R" or "D", abuses its citizens.

            Homeland Security was also present at the IRS protest in Tampa. I wasn't aware that we middle aged, and older, farts were such a dangerous lot.

          • joanne

            Carolyn T, You might have missed the memo in regards to who authored the Patriot Act. Answer: Senator Joseph Biden currently the Vice President.

      • Gene

        Thanks for waking up and sounding the alarm. Youre so correct there is so much damage Obama has done. He must be impeached immediately and tried as a criminal and forger. All his executive orders must be 100% nullified and repealed.

        • http://Tea RhondaKelly07

          If this happened to liberals there would be riots, we would riot! This is wrong no matter who you are a liberal, or GOP, we need Obama to step down he is making our party look bad, what scandle is going to happen next?

      • Joe

        Chill a little Frank, better to wake up late than not wake up at all.!

        • Patty

          The problem Joe is that everyone has been chilling too damn much!! Get awake and get involved!! They have been doing this because 3/4 of America has been asleep at the wheel. This administration is nothing but thugs and they keep trying to intimidate anyone who speaks up! Stand up and SPEAK up!

        • Frank

          The time for keeping calm is over. It's OVER.

      • Patty

        Amen Fran!!

      • Julian

        You're absolutely right, Frank! It's not popular when you tell the truth. It ruffles feathers…makes people use profanity while claiming to be good, decent (if not also ignorant) Americans.

        "Ignorant" is not a particularly bad term, you know; it comes from the Latin meaning you just don't know… I'm ignorant about a lot of things.

        What I am not ignorant of is how ALL politics have combined to remove essential tools from the citizens' toolbox that we use for maintenance of the country.

        BOTH parties…are to blame.

        Trash TV, celebrity worship, hate mongers, a broken judicial system, media glorification of violence, parents too busy to parent, Frankenfood accepted without even a hint of disapproval, greed, religious fanatics, a tendency to play down any kind of education and a strong propensity for playing ostrich….there's more….all play their part in our country's spiraling downward.

        And those who hate America most will be the first to complain that you – or I – would dare insinuate that all of us have to improve if things are going to change.

        • Patty

          Right Julian!! We need to all stand up and make these idiots in DC understand that they work for us! For them to pass a bill to EXEMPT themselves from this piece of sh$$ healthcare should OUTRAGE all American tax payers!! How dare they. Good enough for the "people" good enough for the so called "public servants". I'm angry and so should everyone be.

          • http://Tea RhondaKelly07

            Cancer paitents are losing there Medicare, and we need your help, we just want our health care back, the way it was before Obama care, also my husband has to work 2 jobs, no full time employees, THIS IS NOT RIGHT, please help repeal Obama care not a Gop, or Liberal, just an Americian thing, love you all me Rhonda, Pray for Amercia! I am awake..

    • Kathleen Craigie

      I doubt very much that HOMELAND SEC….OBAMA'S "SS"….bothered to show up to monitor the union or the occupy people (Kool-Aid marxist Left)….. They just come after conservatives…..and I, for one, mistrust Napolitano and the DHS even more than I mistrust the IRS….and I don't TRUST *** a n y *** of the Leftists in Washington for a second….

      • Mike

        Hello Kathleen,

        I'll assume you haven't attended any OWS style events. Do it in any large American city and you will see that law officials do show up at these events, and not to join in or support the movement. There are tear gassings, pointlessly arresting (charges dropped or never filed afterwards), intimidating and beating.

        In other places around the country (Chicago and Cleveland) police are rumored to have infiltrated Occupy groups, using "moles" to create and put into action criminal actions which end up in felony charges for the local occupy.

        In Austin, it was proved that the police did this – http://www.statesman.com/news/news/local/austin-p

        To be completely honest with you, the one argument I used to show that your side was a tool of the corporations was that the government never did anything to you.

        I see now I have to revise that view.

        And a last point, though you did not bring it up, needs to be said – Obama is not a socialist. Honest. He is a corporatist and really doesn't care about any leftist agenda. Trust me when I say that at least as many lefties dislike him as righties.

        They just do it for a totally different reason.

        • Want My Country Back


          I am not in favor of Obama or the Democrat Party (gone way to left for me). I am also not a big fan of the Republican Party anymore.

          I like your post as it is nice to know that those "on the other side" are seeing through Obama as well.

          Although I am quite conservative I would prefer a true liberal than someone like Obama as at least I would know where they stand and what to expect.

          We need to stop fighting each other and realize that it is in "their" best interest to keep the American people divided.

          In light of recent events I would say with a certain degree of confidence that all of our e-mail address and IP information is being gathered by our government.

          • Barry G

            Be very careful of who you bed down with, the OWS 99% movement in NO WAY resembles the Tea Party. The OWS are endorsed by every anti American org out there including, the Nazi's, CPUSA, The Socialists, the Unions, Ahmadenajad, Castro, Pelosi, Obama, The Muslim Brotherhood. They are made up of Anarchists that have destroyed private property, attacked Children on their way to school in NYC. They take over public parks and don't leave for months. They leave behind feces, urin, raped girls, murdered druggies, OD victims. They are racist anti-semites blaming the Jews for what the Democrats and RINOS have done to the economy.

            Stay away from the Anarchists/Socialists if you love the USA.

        • Patty

          Are you kidding me?? Of course police show up at OWS because they rape murder you name it. They "occupy" things that are NOT theirs, tear up things that are NOT theirs!! Big difference. Tea Party is peacefully protesting "unlawfulness" not destroying things that are not ours and things that we didn't pay for. DHS is there for one reason and one reason only intimidation. You really need to wake up.

    • John Knight

      An identical vehicle past by our protest in Jacksonville Florida today. Same Federal Protection Service sign and everything.

    • Otto Yamamoto

      Really? I've seen DHS coppers at multiple NYC Occupy actions.

      • Barry G

        Where they belong, look at the crime record of the OWS.

        • Patty

          You have said everything perfect Barry G!! OWS is nothing but a bunch of thugs like the POTUS! Which he endorsed because he is just like them.

          • Barry G

            Thanks Patty, we truth tellers have to keep fighting the good fight. See you on the front lines.

    • Randy

      Yes they did have Department of Homeland Security Targeting and active in suppressing Occupy Wall Street. I have not seen them at Union events The thing to remember is it is not just the administration targeting the right , they are targeting the population……………there will be no discrimination in the reeducation camps we will all be abused equally.

    • benny

      They don`t investigate communist !

    • joe hump

      As a former union rep who grew up around the govt

      i can GUARANTEE U IT IS INTIMIDATION!!! It is only getting worse until MOST Americans WAKE UP to the reality that my life long federally employed father taught us 'the govt that can give you everything is the govt that can TAKE everything"!!! Thomas Jefferson warned us that one day The GOVT would replace the King they fought to overthrow. That day HAS ARRIVED!!

    • james

      Today DHS shows up in 4-wheel drive vehicles…nice and white; but tomorrow they may show up in camo APCs (armored personnel carriers) or other military vehicles they have been buying. They already have most of the ammo; they already have the FEMA "camps" ready for internment…..

      If anyone remembers how to boil a frog, this is it in real human life.

    • Rainette

      Lillian Smith,

      I think we were all sleeping. Some how someone came up with a magician's trick of mirrors and we all fell for it.

      Now what can we do? I fear it is going to get worse before it get's better.

      Heaven help us now.

      • Diane

        I was frighten of what our country would become if we elected Barack Obama..my fear has come to be. I don't know why people have took so long to start waking up. It hasn't been right from the beginning, I pray that we are not to late to do something about it.

        • BJ

          Yes Diane, esecially since the war against us by the corporate elite started full force under Bush. Until people get it clear that the R's and D;s are the same we are all in trouble. To speak Truth to Power, you need to see who has all the power and it isn't We The People unless we get over division and stand together!

          • Patty

            I totally agree BJ they are close to being the same. I just seem to like the R's policies when it comes to work ethics and morals a little better than I do the D's. to me they are Godless. They only voted 3 times to take God out of their platform and I just happen to believe in God so that to me is a big issue and I believe if you can work you should or then you shouldn't eat. I've said ever since I was young and Carter was in the WH that the democrats would give away the WH if they could. Nothing in life should ever be free. Not housing, not food not healthcare, not babysitting NOTHING. Things that come easy are never valued. Americans need to start with one simple thing. If you can't feed'em then don't breed'em. One mistake should be all your allowed. If you choose to have more than 1 child that you can't afford then you DON'T get rewarded. The democrats have caused a terrible breakdown in the black family. They started rewarding for not having daddies in the house and now we have a total breakdown which in turn gives us thugs and a over populated prisons. They need daddy's!! Period. Stop rewarding for bad behavior!

      • Patty

        What can we do Rainette?? Start talking to people. I talk to people every where I go. Write your reps, show up at Tea Party or other such events! Don't back down. Make sure when you are talking to LIV (low information voters) that you have your facts straight and you are informed. Most blacks when I'm talking to them look at me like I'm crazy but I kill them with facts!! When it was time to vote we had a sign made to put in our front yard that read " Democrat Party….party of slavery". Boy did we ever get a lot of stares but we stood up for what we believed. Take a stand and demand that DC take notice.

    • http://www.youtube.com/newjerseymilitia Solzhenitsyn

      The grandchildren of the Soviet Bolshevik Communist JEWS have taken over America. Homeland Security is the NKVD/Cheka/Stazi. America has been turned in a Soviet Police State.

      WAKE UP!!! SEARCH: "Pregnant Woman Shooting Targets", "Billions of Bullets Bought by Homeland Security". Mass arrests and a "Red Terror" is very near, WAKE UP!!!

    • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser


      Our government is trying to intimidate us&advise us.

      I don't appreciate being mentioned constantly that I'm a terrorist.Why can't media see things?Liz

    • http://Tea RhondaKelly07

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      • J Dickey

        Wow, Rhonda, you sure get around the Internet, as do I and I caution you that just because it's there for you to feed on there is absolutely NO REASON TO BELIEVE IT ALL. While I abhor people who pollute comment pages by criticizing bad grammar and horrific spelling, I get the distinct impression that your level of education leaves you quite vulnerable. There are, no doubt, a myriad of criminal actions that should be attached to the Obama administration and for which he should be held accountable. But based on a number of alleged activities you have suggested in your comments, I offer that many of them do not represent the actual truth although some may have "a glimmer of reality" attached to their premise. I do, however, commend you on recognizing and stating the one truth that cannot be argued: "Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to (the) USA." I do hope, in the future, you can find the time to do some intelligent research so that you can root out the bigots and conspiracy nuts before recommending their garbage to anyone.

  • http://www.eastsideteaparty.org Peter Lee

    Bite me Tom. Some of the Tea Party leaders had to go to work today. Every one of the directors of the East Side Tea Party has a day job. The same is true for West Orlando.

    Just last month you were lamenting about the demise of the movement. Today you recognize it is still alive and well. You may want to get checked out for that multiple personality disorder.

    We hold many events that you never show up to in Orlando. But hold everything! If Tom leaves his home, the tea party and its leaders better be there too or we will get thrown under the bus by his poison pen.

    • Allenhip

      Have white supremacist groups infiltrated the tea Party? Unfortunately I believe the answer is YES!

      Should the Federal Government monitor groups that advocate hate and violence? If you answered YES, then the Tea Party needs to clean house and rid it self of the hate mongers that also preach violence.

      The good news is there are computer programs in use that monitor Blogs on the Internet to locate and watch these individuals and groups.

      • WRONGWAY


      • Trapper

        You think computer surveillance is good news? You are truly a trusting fool. What evidence do YOU have of white supremacists in the Tea Party movement? What Tea Party group to you belong to? Have you ever been to a meeting or are you just speaking out of your ill-informed events? Breitbart offered $100,000 for PROOF of this and nobody stepped forward. It's not true, it's just not true.

        • Barry G

          The attacks aimed at the Tea Party groups that we see here is a plan by Cas Sunstein, Obama's Regulatory Czar, to make the Tea Party look extreme.

          They have no other way to damage the Tea Party movement other than infiltrating with plants who act out the rolls of White Supremacist etc. They tried this a few years ago and the leftwing bum was outed on the spot and the video was passed around the social media sites in order to fight the leftwing MSM who tried to tar and feather us with those lies.

          The Tea Party is still wholesome and Patriotic and American as apple pie.

        • Allenhip

          "Conservative Klan Leader David Duke endorses and supports the Tea Party every white supremacist Website endorses and supports the racist White Power Tea Party"


      • http://Tea RhondaKelly07

        You are a closet racist and Bigget, the tea party is NOT KKK, your a bigget lier..are you a black racist Black Panther, your late for your meeting we are sick of your damn race card and lies, we have many blacks in tea Party, and many Minorities, run the Tea Party , YOU NEVER WENT TO ONE, SHUT UP YOU LIER RACIST RAT! MUSLIM, ISLAM…I hope you just die people like you never been to one , you say it is racist when half are minorities that are C H R I S T I A N S ….

  • http://veryinkyfingers.blogspot.com/ Mary Gray Whitcomb

    I would like to thank those members of the Tea Party who showed up to protest. Not all Tea Party members could attend I am sure, but we were represented and we are not dead by a long shot. It doesn't surprise me a bit that Homeland Security shows up when the president of these United States has done nothing but demean and denigrate the Tea Party, conservatives and Republicans. So, thank you Tea Party members for "representing" … appreciate it!

    • http://Tea RhondaKelly07

      He is a dirty BLACK MUSLIM, ISLAM ANTICHRIST, GET THAT BLACK VOTE, GET THE LATINO VOTE, GET THAT HASPANIC, RACIST SKIN VOTE, you showed how racist you really are and showed GOD, go to: THEY STOLED THE VOTE, in States with No Id laws Illegals voted and Hacked ur computers. in 50 BLACK counties , they were sooo racist not 1 Romney vote. do not ever tell me Blacks, latinoes, haspanics are NOt RACIST, unless they belong to Tea Party. KEEP YOUR GUNS, and learn how to make your own bullets,,ps, THEY WILL NOT HIRE WHITE PEOPLE WHERE I LIVE..WHY?

      • J Dickey

        Perhaps they give a written test?

  • http://www.lordandassociate.net Ken Lord

    Federal Protective Police (FPS) are responsible for law enforcement at federal buildings and yes, they now fall under DHS, but it's not 'sinister' it's just how they handle all protests in front of federal buildings or federal entities. Don't read anything more into it unless you observed individuals taking photos etc. and were not in uniform.

    • Jamie

      I guess you should wait till you get that early morning kick at the door, then they yank you out of bed and put a bag on your head right? Ken, what this is at it's core is a bunch of paper shufflers shuffling paper and ruining peoples lives, with photo-copies. I want to print up a bunch of nonsense and mail them out to people and demand they pay me or lose their home or go to prison. think I could start doing that too? or is there a corner on that market?

  • truecolours

    Time for Gov Scott to step in again and kick the SS – DHS brown shirts out of Florida!!! They step on everyone's constitutional rights at the IRS but turn to the 5th amendment for protection!!!!!!! Lock them all up.

  • wyatt hill

    The tax code / Reg the 2 chapter under income tax does not require

    the average citizen living in the 50 states to file or pay

    an income tax- the trick is you only become liable when you

    fill out a IRS form or if you happen to be a non resident

    alien, foreign corp.. or US person living in a US territory.

    They trick into believing we owe during WWII.


      You are right to an extent, but they get you when you use, earn or carry FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

      See, those notes ARE NOT US CURRENCY, because the fed resreve is a FOREIGN ENTITY, which makes their "notes" FOREIGN and by anyone having them in their possession means you are acting in FOREIGN TRADE.

      END THE ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE and their "collection agency", THE IRS!





      "THEY" tell you it's "of value" and you beLIEve them!



      Most, "in" the Tea Party have NO IDEA WHERE THE PARTY CAME FROM and think RP was just some LOON!

      Guess what? The ones that think that about RP are the LOONS!

      End your ENSLAVEMENT!


      GOD gave you all a BRAIN!

      USE IT!


      • Ned

        "WRONGWAY wrote: You are right to an extent, but they get you when you use, earn or carry FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES…“MONEY”-CREATED BY A FEW TO ENSLAVE THE MASSES!

        “THEY” tell you it’s “of value” and you beLIEve them!


        Tell you what, WRONGWAY – I'll take all your FRN's off your hands. It's of no "value" to you, but I just happen to know businesses who will accept these notes, so, as I'm a disabled, unemployed DUMBASS, do us both a favor: Collect as many of these worthless notes as you can and send them to me. I'll pay the postage.

      • Barry G

        Ron Paul DID NOT CREATE THE TEA PARTY. Damned Paulbots, always riding the coat tails of the Tea Party movement. YOU PAULBOTS ARE MORE IN LINE WITH THE OWS 99%ers. As a matter of fact many of you Paulbots were at those events, the true Tea Party follows people like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Allen West and other great Americans.

        Obama was the true creator of the Tea Party with his policies.

        • WRONGWAY

          Sorry, Barry.

          Get your head out of your sphincter!

          Palin, Bachman are what the Tea Party got when it became co-opted 4 YEARS LATER to CONtrol FREEDOM and "elections".

          Don't even get me started on "BS West"!

          Maybe you forgot HERMAN CAIN'T! LOL

          OBLOWJO wasn't even in a Presidential "Race" when the Tea Party was created nor Palin or Bachman!

          Shows what you know!(NOT A DAMN THING! AND YOU ARE FULL 'O BS!)

          There's NO HELP FOR YOUR PROBLEMS!

          You can't fix STUPID!




          $ACRIFICE!(TO $ATAN!)



          The ONE AND ONLY!

        • Judith

          Sir, B.S. Obama didn't create a 'tea party'. People, like my mom did. She was one of 3 little girls, listening to her Daddy predicting this all. In the 40's.

          • Barry G

            Madam, the Tea Party came together as a result of Obama's stimulus policies immediately after taking office, many who joined our Tea Party group in Colorado were Dems who were fooled by Obama's lies, they woke up early.

            Ron Paul is a Libertarian and has made some damned crazy statements like, "if we leave the Muslims alone they won't bother us", or "Iran has the right to a nuke bomb", or "9/11 was an inside job" and that one is what fuels the Paulbot crowd who rely on "INFOWARS Alex Jones" and his twisting of the facts to create an agenda of chaos.

            Then we read the rants of anonymous posters in their mommies basements and calling themselves names like "wrongway".

            Either way, no one person created the version of the Tea Party that was the phenomenon of the Obama Marxist policies.

          • WRONGWAY

            Throw a lot of BS, Barry…..

            None of it will make you right.

            When REVOLUTION tramples you I will be VERY VERY HAPPY!


            Life IS NOT A GAME, but you keep "playing".

            Your LIFE IS ON THE LINE.

            The end of that line is very near.


          • WRONGWAY


            I will be more than glad to send you back to the pits you came from.

            Be seeing you SOON!

          • WRONGWAY

            And by the way Barry…..

            The more you say the name Alex Jones and INFOWARS DOT COM, the more the people will find the truth he offers and the sooner your and your kind's end will come.

            I, as MANY OTHERS, see your talking points, given to you by your Masters.

            Chaos is what you and your Masters are trying for….

            WATCH what you wish for….

            You just might get it.

            IT will be MORE THAN YOU AND YOUR Masters will be able to handle.

            FREEDOM WILL WIN OUT, EVERYTIME over Satan's Scum,like you.

            You and your kind will never learn how to use that ball of mush most call a BRAIN.

          • WRONGWAY


            I hope to see you on the other side!

            (if not this one!)

      • J Dickey

        Recommended reading for all: The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin

  • wyatt hill

    The tax code / Reg the 2 chapters under income tax does not require

    the average citizen living in the 50 states to file or pay

    an income tax- the trick is you only become liable when you

    fill out a IRS form or if you happen to be a non resident

    alien, foreign corp.. or US person living in a US territory.

    They tricked us into believing we owe during WWII.

  • Brian Cohen

    King Obongo's henchwoman Big Cyst sent her thugs to intimidate Tea Party in Washington as well:

    http ://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2328629/Angry-tea-partiers-rally-IRS-headquarters-Washington-stern-warnings-Theyre-going-to-produce-documents-targeting-scandal.html


    By the way TOM…..

    The Tsarnaev brothers ARE NOT TERRORISTS….

    JUST MORE PATSIES, like Tim McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald and MANY MANY OTHERS.

    Tamerlan was stripped naked and taken into custody, but somehow "THEY" killed him and LIED TO COVER-UP "THEIR"(CIA's) LIES!

    VIDEO EXISTS,taken by CNN Camera Man!

    "THEY" climed the naked guy was CHINESE!











    • Barry G

      Alex Jones has brainwashed your mushy brain. Just like your Daddy, Ron Paul, you defend the Terrorist Muslims who kill innocent Infidels and blame the Jews.

      You are trying to claim the Tea Party but you are much more in line with the OWS 99%ers, and many of you loons marched with them.

      Sarah Palin is a true Patriot, Ron Paul is true wackjob.

      • WRONGWAY



        I lay claim to NOTHING that has been CO-OPTED BY EVIL.

        Like Judith above, I am MUCH OLDER than Alex Jones and have known EVIL, like you, for most of this life.

        Most of that evil has been laid to rest by myself and I continue to be a destroyer of evil, til the day I leave this life.

        Always remember….

        No matter where you go….

        THERE YOU ARE!




        • Barry G

          What's your name pussboy?

          Keyboard Cowboys always talk tough!

      • Patty

        Barry, wrongway is definitely the dumbass but you can't argue with ignorance! The Ron Paul people are literally crazy. But you could argue until the "cows come home" and they will still support and call everyone else the crazies. Look at Obama Bin Lyin's followers. They like the Paulobots will follow them to hell and then try and blame others for their stupidity. No, I take that back they will blame Bush!!

        • Barry G

          You are exact a mundo Patty.

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