Sarah Palin: ‘Global warming my gluteus maximus’

Palin Alaska snow in MayUnlike former Vice President Al Gore, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is no climate denier.

Climatologists are now coming to terms with the fact that catastrophic man-made global warming appears highly unlikely, and that in fact, the earth has not warmed at all in more than a decade.

Palin agrees. On Saturday afternoon, she posted the photo on the upper-left to her Facebook page, together with the following entry:

“One last blast of Alaska winter today, hopefully? This is what “Grad Blast” means in Alaska! We’ll move our graduation b-b-q indoors and watch the mini-blizzard from ’round the fireplace. (Global warming my gluteus maximus.) Congratulations to this year’s graduates all across America. Job well done. Now the real job begins.”

Gore, climate-denier that he is, continues to cling to the past. Sad, very sad.


  • Icarus62

    What can you do but laugh at such inanity? A bit of chilly weather in Alaska is apparently a good reason to believe that the world isn't really heating up and that we're not really the cause of it. Comical.

  • Leslie Graham

    What complete and utter drivel.

    Just when you thought the denial couldn't get any more ridiculous along comes this vacuous nonsense.

    Every data set we have shows continued warming and if you include the oceans – where most of the heat is accumulating – the warming has actualy ACCELERATED over the last 15 years.

    And climate scientists are near unanimous in their warnings of dire consequences.

    You people have absolutely no shame.

    • James Crooke

      Actually Leslie and Icarus you are both wrong. The last ten years and possibly longer The studies show that the earth has actually cooled a bit. Granted only about a degree but it has cooled. What has risen is CO2, however with the rise in CO2 the earth has actually gotten greener meaning more forest/vegetation. You really ought to do some reading.

  • Tad in Tucson

    Icarus62 and Leslie Graham: Absent links to back up your comments, they are worthless. I've seen articles now pointing to fears of global cooling and at least 10 years of flat temps while CO2 increases thus no link. You show me your links and I'll show you mine. Palin in no climate scientist. Neither are you.

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  • Carlton West

    Super sexy Sarah Palin walks tall, stands proud, & looks pretty.

  • SusanSC

    No matter whether I believe in global warming or not,this is just drivel plain and simple. A late spring snowstorm in Alaska is proof that man does not contribute to global warming? And to think this woman could have been the VP of the US.

  • Charlie
  • Charlie
  • Bill Butler

    The statement “the earth has not warmed at all in more than a decade” is another false myth that is being circulated by scientifically ignorant Global Warming Deniers. The CURRENT warming rate for northern hemisphere land areas (as measured by NOAA’s National Climate Data Center) is 5.8 degrees F per century.

    For details and documentation, please see:

    The “Global Warming Stopped in 1998” Lie

  • Pat

    I had no idea this crass buffoon was still around spewing things about body parts. Some things never change.

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