ABC analyst drops bombshell: People very close to Obama authorized IRS actions

While appearing Tuesday on KABC’S morning show, “McIntyre in the Morning,” veteran ABC News analyst Trey Hardin dropped a bombshell when he said he is convinced that the IRS scandal emanates from the West Wing of the White House.

Hardin states his case with “with a very strong sense of certainty,” but does not offer any new information to support the claim:

“I will tell you this on the IRS front. I’ve worked in this town for over 20 years in the White House and on Capitol Hill and I can say with a very strong sense of certainty that there are people very close to this president that not only knew what the IRS were doing but authorized it.

It simply just does not happen at an agency level like that without political advisers likely in the West Wing certainly connected to the president’s ongoing campaign organization that didn’t know about it.”

Careful not to implicate President Obama directly, “at least, not yet,” Harden does suggest that “staff or advisers will insulate their boss, the elected official or political candidate, so that person has deniability.”

This is a serious allegation because using the IRS to harass political enemies is a federal crime and was one of the articles of impeachment drawn up against President Nixon. Ironically, the Senate Watergate hearings began 40 years ago this week.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Regina Miller

    I am sick and tired of people tiptoeing around the real issue…this president and administration are liars!!!

    • Joe Roy

      Obama is the biggest liar I have ever seen. He is corrupt to the core and will do anything to get what he wants including murder. BENGHAZI will not go away and Obama saying it is just a side show is a direct insult to the families of those murdered!

      • Dora

        This would be TRUE Joe! We will not let Benghazi go away!! While you are at it, look up,"Extortion 17". Right along with Benghazi that we need to make equally as big as Benghazi! But keep in mind that we CANNOT take our eyes or fight off of other fights such as Immigration or guns because with these distractions obama & others will slide these bills right on through! That is his way!! God willing this talk of impeachment is NOT just talk! We need to push this! Yes Treason would be sooo much better because he has in fact commited TREASON! Lot's of War Crimes! Look for Special OP's because they are stating the same thing! Havoc to make Benghazi go Away!!

        • Too funny

          Can you Hypocrites Impeach Cheney first for all the Soldiers he killed in the name of the Oil corporations?

          • The don in Florida

            You can't impeach a political appointee, or an elected official who is no longer in office. You can't impeach an elected official until you've proven an allegation, not just because you have an opinion. That's what these hearings are all about.

            Current events do not bode well for Mr. Obama, your opinions are pretty much trumped by the facts.

          • Rick

            The Democrats like to point to the past. IE impeach Cheney. Why not mention Life in prison for LBJ for killing over 50,000 in Vietnam ? Touche

          • larry

            Dude! Wake up! Chenney has been gone for years.

      • http://Hai Patroit

        I never dreamed so many Americans could be so gullible and fall for Obama's continuous lies, I pray each day for God to intervene and wake them up as to what Obama is doing to America and Americans. I pray that, very soon his lies will become so clear that everyone will finally realize just how deceitful Obama really is. PS: do we really want a President that constantly praises Muslim Terrorists and demeans America and Christians. We need a President that loves America and always stands up for our Constitution not violates it each time it prevents him from doing vile and evil things to Americans

    • Ted

      Thank you

    • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser


      You got it all correct.

      Seems at every turn it appears that mainstream medias been around to pick up pieces for this White House(messes).

      Am in shock that they seem to be turning on them some.

      I stopped watching major networks ages ago.

      Listen more to talk radio&then Fox networks,or nothing.Liz

    • Laurie

      And your proof?

  • http://facebook william h. etheridge

    we all know that obama gov't is using dirt tricks of chicago style running crooked scumbag against the tea party and other groups against obama policy's. we need to impeach him now.

  • Jim


  • Buck Dude

    Thats right Jim.

    And it's been quacking for a long time….

  • galensdad

    Believe NOTHING that comes from the Obama administration!

  • Ron Janssen

    Having the FBI (which is headed by Eric Holder)investigate makes me very nervous if this truly goes into the WH. That is like putting a hungry Fox in charge of the hen house!

    • larry

      They need to have Holder find and delete any incriminating evidence before there is a real investigation.

  • Robert Rex EDWARDS

    I told You So!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayne

    Here we go again!

    This was NOT authorized by Obama and he knew nothing about it – period!!

    You all will not be satisfied until you find something to pin on him – it ain't going to happen – he's squeaky clean – get over it already!

    How about your side doing some governing for a change?

    • JJ

      Squeaking Clean Jayne what a joke

    • Steve

      You off your meds?

    • Rifraffe

      If Obama were the CEO of a corporation and his department heads were doing countless illegal activities, whose head do you think the board of directors would be axing (that's "axing" Jayne, not "asking" although I know they sound the same to you). If Obama didn't authorize the IRS and DOJ and State to pull off all these shenanigans, then he certainly knew about it. And if he didn't know, then he is the worst administrator this country has ever had. He is either totally inept and has no clue what is going on around him, or he is the biggest liar to ever occupy the White House. Your call Jayne. Which is it?

    • Robert Morgan

      That is so right! He claims he knows noting about anything, anytime, anywhere! My question to you is: Then why is he the President? You are so naive, lady. He is briefed daily by his advisers,so quit pleading ignorance like he does on all issues. Plus, it is always other peoples fault. Never takes responsibility for ANYTHING!!

      • Too funny

        Why was Bush President then?

    • Elaine

      Doesnt matter! He is CIC and he is ultimately responsible for anything his appointed staff members do! Same as a physician and his staff. Do you really think he knew nothing about All of these scandals? You have been double-dipping in the Kool-Aide. Do yourself a favor and start educating yourself. Read various news sources. If someone can watch as members if his entourage are murdered and do nothing, the same could happen to us regular folks!

    • Beverly Silva

      You are so in denial. Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, information illegally obtained on reporters!!! How much does it take for you to see the real Obama. This is dishonesty and corruption at the highest level and he needs to resign for the good of the country.

    • pcdenver

      How could you possibly know that? HE BENEFITED FROM THE TARGETING

      It's only reasonable, when seeking the perpetrator of a criminal act to look at those who DIRECTLY PROFIT from it.

    • Rob

      here is the problem. I cannot say for sure whether or not he had anything to do with it. The problem is that you are so willling to say there's no way he can be involved without even knowing. why are you so willing to give someone that's in charge of our whole nation a pass without any accountability

    • rmunie

      Jayne, if Obama truly knew nothing about this, it only proves him incompetent.. so would you prefer that argument? Is he truly just an incompetent fool who cannot even run his own government? Or an evil, manipulative President.

    • http://bizpak Paul

      Your brainwashed dimwitted . :)) Liberal wackinhut.

    • NOBAMA

      Jayne, what's it gonna take? Him to tap your obama phone?

      • NOBAMA

        I guess that this opens a whole new set of questions. Is obama a figurehead? Is he as stupid as we have suspected? Is he only good for collecting huge sums of money from hollwood and wall street?

        Or is it as simple as he hates America, and is doing everything in his power to bring US down?

      • NOBAMA

        I guess that this opens a whole new set of questions. Is obama a figurehead? Is he as stupid as we have suspected? Is he only good for collecting huge sums of money from hollwood and wall street?
        Or is it as simple as he hates America, and is doing everything in his power to bring US down?

    • Barry G

      @Jayne, the only way Obama could get "squeaky clean" is if was given an acid bath!!!

      You are the definition of the word "brainwashed".

      Hitler would have loved you too!

    • http://att Linda Mitchell

      Anybody who thinks Obama is clean in any of this is crazy.By the way we all know he won-but what did you people win-no jobs, higher food and gas prices, higher health costs, 4 people killed in Libya, IRS problems, AP problems, also Hilary Clinton did nothing, she never even signed a peace agreement with any country. How anybody thinks a community leader can run this country is nuts-look at the mess we are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danta

      @Jayne. When are you going to open your eyes and see the truth in all this? If you haven't seen or heard about all the crap odumbass is into you've had your head stuck in the sand.

    • Anthony

      Jayne = A little early to be that drunk, dontcha think?

    • larry

      Jayne, how do you know what Obama did or didn't know. Why do you want to whitewash this.

  • Willaim

    I have never know a President to have so much controversy or conspiracy's going wrong at one time in my life. I don't think trying to pin something on him is what people are trying to do. Because you really don't have to try, he is doing it all by himself, we are just finding out what this President is doing and it all seems to be illegal, non American and just the wrong things to do. Impech his ass.

    • larry

      It's all coming out at one time because the "media" suppressed it until it all got so large that they couldn't hide it any longer. Now it's breaking out like a dam burst.

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