Whistleblower Hicks, a Democrat, voted for Obama and guess who else?

It turns out that the Benghazi whistleblower who offered the riveting testimony at Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee and turned the Obama administration into liars is a registered Democrat.

Gregory Hicks

Gregory Hicks: “I’ve never been as embarrassed in my life, in my career as on that day.”

On addition, Gregory Hicks, who served as deputy chief of mission in Libya during the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary election and Barack Obama in the last two general elections.

This information was disclosed Saturday to the Daily Caller by Hicks’ lawyer, Victoria Toensing.

“The fact is he is a registered Democrat in Virginia. The fact is he voted for Hilary in the primary and Obama and then again for Obama,” Toensing told the Caller, adding that she was unaware of this fact until the day before the committee hearing.

“I’m not interested in that,” she said. “I’m interested in government not abusing its powers.”

This information, if nothing else, adds an enormous amount of credibility to Hicks’ compelling and already highly credible testimony.

Hicks testified that his Sept. 11 calls for help were ignored and his attempts to send assistance to Benghazi were thwarted. He also testified that he was demoted after cooperating with congressional investigators and questioning the White House talking points that blamed the incident on a YouTube video.

Those talking points were pushed by Amb. Susan Rice during a 5-show marathon on the Sunday following the attack, and directly contradicted his report and that of the Libyan president.

Watching the Sunday news shows, Hicks was shocked. “The net impact of what has transpired is the spokesperson of the most powerful country in the world has basically said that the President of Libya is either a liar or doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” he accused. Hicks added, “My jaw hit the floor as I watched this…I’ve never been as embarrassed in my life, in my career as on that day.”

The State Department has since denied that Hicks was demoted following the events in Benghazi, a claim his lawyer refutes.

“The State Department is lying — saying he was not demoted,” according to Toensing. “It is almost impossible under law for them to take away anybody’s salary. But they demoted him to a job where he has no meaningful work,” she said. “He had a choice between no job whatsoever and a job that didn’t have any meaningful work. And I say this is like telling a starving man he can have no food or he can have the rotten beef. And if he chooses the rotten beef, is that a choice?”

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  • KB Cook

    and he still had the chutzpah to blow the whistle! Kudos! and Bravo! Mr. Hicks!!!

    • anniewalker

      You're praising someone who put them BOTH in office –– twice?

      By this logic, if I kick you in the leg and break it, as long as I tell everyone I did it, you're OK with that…

      I already know you're cutting style of retort, so save yourself a carpel tunnel attack and just tell me where to go…

      • Thewlyn

        WHOA, someone had a bit too much caffeine this morning…it seems to me like KB is giving him the credit he deserves for going against the libtard party emotional hostage line and truthfully pointing out the miserable failure & cover-up by this administration about leaving our citizens alone to die.

        • anniewalker

          Well, I took the blinders off, and I completely disagree.

      • richard40

        Lighten up, anybody can make a mistake, and even make 2 mistakes since he voted for Obama twice. At least he is doing the right thing now.

      • TONY


    • militarybooks

      I agree. The man has character and dignity. His voting is a bit suspect, but we all make mistakes. I watched his testimony, and as an attorney I could tell it was real, heartfelt, true, and dripping with verisimilitude. Let's hope others come forward as well.

  • brian specyalski

    When do the impeachment hearings begin?

    • richard40

      Impeachment is highly premature. Find out all the truth first.

  • Teri

    Impeach all of them!

    • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

      I'l mention it again.

      This administration always wants to put blame elsewhere

      &they do know whats happening around them.

      I don't care,

      that Obama says constantly; didn't know

      what was going on.

      YES!Mr.President you do know all that's taking place.

      Sick&tired of the constant lies from you&our press.Liz

  • JB

    When does their trial for Treason begin ?

    • richard40

      again highly premature, find the truth first.

  • http://msn earlene leonard

    what a shame when honesty is a detriment to a job…we have really gone power hungry…my country would always come before my desires for power..we have a bunch of sorry people in office because they are liked more than the people love their country and for that i am ashamed…

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  • John

    What does this say about his qualifications when even after all this happens, he still voted for Obama. The republicans better start bringing forth better candidates. This story is almost an indictment against the national republican committee more than the Obama administration and that is sad.

    • richard40

      Lots of decent people are mistaken enough to vote dem. Remember his persecution as a whistleblower did not begin until after the election.

  • mary Fader

    where is outrage over iraq war.. that killed thousands where is outrage over 15 people to defeat president and impeach on inauguration nite..where is outrage over do nothing congress, collecting their checks where is outrage over guns ,immigration, marriage equaiity, jobs, Why don't Bush and Cheney travel outside of US .. Really!! Isn't Congress Government ?

    • richard40

      More lame bush. Everytime Obama screws up guys like you totally ignore what obama has done and just mindlessly chant look at bush, look at the repubs, look at romney, look at rush. This administration is the biggest collection of fingerpointers and buckpassers I have ever seen.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    Who cares who he voted for in any election? He was in a difficult situation that had only bad options. He did his best. He tried. We are still arguing about how the organization worked for conducted themselves, but, this guy did his best.

    I suggest that if impeachment is tried, that the GOP get to fundraising. The impeachment of Bill Clinton (Bubba, Big Dog), cost the US taxpayer more than 50 million dollars. They couldn't get it done. The taxpayer was stuck with the cost. Issa and his people are trying to dig, dig, dig. They don't mind having all these meeting, on your dime, because it takes away peoples' attention away from the economy and congressional impasse. Impeach away, just don't do it on taxpayer time or money. Just a suggestion.

    • anniewalker

      "Who cares who he voted for in any election?"

      I CARE!! It was people just like him who put this Anti-Christ in office! White liberals. He couldn't have been elected without the white liberal vote; there are just not enough minorities. So, when you say who cares? –– try thinking before you jam those fingers into your keyboard.

      And before you play the race card, THINK.

      I am not speaking about race. I am concluding who it was who actually pushed him over the top and gave him to us as the POTUS.

      People just like your hero here did.

      As I told KB Cook above:

      "You're praising someone who put them BOTH in office –– twice?

      By this logic, if I kick you in the leg and break it, as long as I tell everyone I did it, you're OK with that…"

      Both of you really need to apply a small dose of critical thinking on this issue.

      You both have used 'feelings' to make your case. Not always a good idea in debate; and that's what this is.

      • http://Bizpac Ted

        Release the knot. Who this guy voted for is not a trend for the entire country. Who he voted for information is only to make people draw a conclusion that he somehow was responsible for the situation he was in Libya. He was a State Department employee that was in a bad situation that had no timely solution. This is why we are worrying about whether the attack was a "terrorist attack" or something spontaneous. Four people are dead. The make up of the attacking force at the time wasn't as important as why we were in such a bad position to respond. Who this guy voted for is not important to the issue, which is what happened at Benghazi and how we can prevent it in the future.

        Lots of "Antichrist" talk here. I didn't see the interjection of a religion here by anyone but you. Religion had nothing to do with the core subject: That this person, who was in the middle of the Benghazi attack, and answering questions, happened to vote the way he voted. I didn't notice whether he was a Christian, Mormom, Buddhist, or even Muslim. Frankly, I don't care. Remember, if the situation is just crap being offered, and you get near it, you could smell like crap. As Cheech Marin said: "What's that smell?"

        • Kenneth Clark

          Our as your mentor said "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE" and another of your heros "That was a long time ago…" In other words to quote another "Do you know who I am…"

          All these statements are the direct result of the attitude of, Hey folks lets forget this ever happened. We have bigger fish to fry like who are we gonna put up for Pres next time…

          No, it does not matter to them that 4 or 400 were killed in Begazi. All that matters is that none of those responsible are held responsible. That they never have to answer for their actions or inactions in regard to this blatant disregard for AMERICAN lives they placed there and refused to come to their aid.

          • Kenneth Clark

            How dare we question them.

      • Doug Hanks

        Annie are you outraged that some white people voted for Obama?

        • anniewalker

          Oh give me a break.You can read, so figure it out for yourself; unless you're 12 and have not the power of reason.

          Let people think you're stupid, or open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      • richard40

        Lots of people got deluded into voting for obama and hillary. Hicks case just goes to show that Obama will even turn on his own supporters if they refuse to lie for him.

  • Bob

    Outrage about how someone voted???? The first outrage is that the administration let these Americans be in a war zone without adequate protection. The second outrage is that they then did nothing after the attack even if the outcome would have been the same. The third is the cover up. The last is the news media going along with the administrations cover up. Where is Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Woodward on this? They are supposed to be experts at seeing coverups.

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