Judge Jeanine Piro: ‘A lie, is a lie, is a lie’

In a scathing 15-minute indictment of the Obama administration, Judge Jeanine Piro assesses the Benghazi testimony presented to the House Oversight Committee and comes to one irrefutable truth: “Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, they all lied to us.”


  • Rick C

    Judge Pirro has clearly and cogently drawn up what is a virtual indictment of Sec Clinton, and Someone High Up in the White House… quite possibly the President himself. As the judge says, A Lie, is a Lie. And there are a multiplicity of lies in this tragic Benghazi affair, coming from the administration. The dead Americans are not mere "bumps in the road" as the President said… Let them become Roadblocks to Clinton in her quest for the White House! Let the Truth shine out of the darkness that is DC. Where is the main stream media in all this?

    • Scott L

      Ben Rhodes — brother of CBS News president David Rhodes —was instrumental in changing Benghazi talking points. ABC exec's brother also high up in Obama regime.


      At least these two of the mainstream media seem to have only private agendas at heart. This should not really surprise anyone. These are for profit companies, not humanitarian groups.



  • Doug Hanks

    She's almost certainly a Supreme Court appointment if GOP takes over.

  • Lawrence Peloso

    …when someone of the stature of judge Pirro goes off on a subject in such manner, it is definitely for a valid, relevant reason and, as we all know; judgement is her forte' which nobody can dispute that. Anybody calling judge Pirro biased is a liar with an agenda – an agenda akin to the root of our national problem(s) and now, by virtue of judge Pirro, ET. AL. the American Criminal justice system has weighed in on the matters at hand.

  • http://[email protected] john hochella

    Thank you judge Pirro for telling it like it is. . . if EVER there was cause for impeachment it is now. What are we waiting for???

  • Tired of this

    Yep, it's called a conspiracy! Ever hear of those?

  • Sandi Trusso

    Judge Piro, I'm with you. My heart breaks a little more every day when I see what they've done and are trying to continue to do to our country. I can not even listen to our National Anthem without crying!

  • AtlatisMom

    Thank you, Judge, for speaking the truth.

  • Julia

    Judge Pirro puts it clearly and succintly – what I have been wondering about ever since I heard about our 4 Americans who were killed. I saw the video that supposedly caused it, I watched the events unfold, and I also thought, "Who has the most to gain in a coverup?" Thank you, Judge Pirro, for getting it out there, as mainstream media did not even seem to think it mattered.

  • Larry

    so how long before they are charged and tried for perjury to a congressional investigative committee, which is a felony??

  • Doug Hanks

    Should be imminent like never.

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