Palm Beach Post writer ‘appalled’ by freedom of the press

When Stacey Singer of the liberal Palm Beach Post tweeted to me Friday that she was “appalled” I’d “ever post such a thing,” I was kind of surprised. When I figured out what post she was talking about, I responded with the dark sarcastic part of my personality.

Stacey Singer and Jack Furnari - Round one

Randy Schultz is The Post’s ultra-progressive Editorial Page editor, and from what I understand, Singer works closely with him.

The post Singer was “appalled’ about, “Nearly one-third of voters think armed revolution may be needed,” written by BizPac Review’s Tom Tillison, involved a poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University that found 29 percent of registered U.S. voters believe armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years.

I was on my way back from Tallahassee when the post went up, and I only skimmed it, so I thought maybe I had missed something. Had Tillison advocated for armed rebellion?

No, which makes me wonder if Singer read the story at all, or just responded to a headline tweeted by a conservative.

“While it’s an easy argument to suggest Americans are out of touch with what’s happening in Washington, D.C., a new survey may indicate some are out of touch with reality altogether,” Tillison wrote.

He makes it very clear that he thinks those supporting an armed rebellion may have a few light bulbs missing from the chandelier.

After rereading the post, I got a little more serious with Singer, which resulted in the following exchange:

Jack Furnari and Stacey Singer Round two

If BizPac Review yelled fire in a crowded theater by writing about the poll, then so did MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Fox News, CNS News and dozens of other media outlets, because all of them wrote about the same poll.

If all these media outlets are yelling fire in a crowded theater, does that not concede the point the poll illustrated? In order to use the “yell fire” analogy, one must have a crowded theater in which to yell.

Singer replied to my tweet, saying something like, “I believe in personable responsibility when it comes to speech.” I thought using the word “personable” instead of ”personal” was kind of a clever pun, but maybe it was just a misspelling, because Singer deleted the tweet before I could save it.

I answered with:

Jack Furnari-Stacey Singer round three

I’ve never met or spoken to Singer in person, and while we had our differences from afar about a few topics last year, this isn’t personal.

In fact, I should thank her and those like her at mainstream media outlets all over the country, who seem to think it’s their right, and their right only, to decide what news the American people are allowed to hear, and views the reporting should represent.

New conservative media outlets like BizPac Review are flourishing all over the country, in part because the old liberal media is “appalled” that conservatives exist at all, and that we will no longer accept their definition of what is news, and what is not.


Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.


  • http://Facebook Jim Plant


    Like your comments on this. If people don't like someone's opinion, To me it's a no brainer. Just don't read it.!

  • John Rice

    If a theather is on fire would you not yell FIRE??? Our country is on Fire and I believe Americans will not take much more of Political Correctness n losing their freedom.

    • Sireta Neighbors

      Amen … John

    • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

      Everybody should be able to have an opinion

      whether I agree with it,or not!

      My viewpoint might not be as the person next to me

      ,but my opinion seems to be shut down lately.

      Seems everybody can say anything nowdays

      except Christians who are being silenced constantly.Liz

  • Sandi Trusso

    No one advocates supporting an "armed rebellion". I think that people are very skeptical as to the "real reason" why our gov't (Democrats) wants to get our guns. Especially when they've been caught so often being dishonest, and they seem to be slowly dismantling our US Constitution. It's not such a far leap to recognize that people are wondering about a possible takeover of America's system of government (which has served us well and made us the envy of the world for over 200 years), and they do not want to be left with nothing to defend themselves and their family.

    • http://google John Gordon

      Being in an armed rebellion against this government requires a lot of soul searching…an examination of the concience. Rebellion is not taken lightly but arises out of dire circumstanses. Those who have already fought a war will be the people who see it only as a last resort, but once committed, will be the most willing to give their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy. Unfortunately, people like this Singer woman simply cannot understand or accept this. She'd rather be one of the bleating sheep.

      • cs

        Amen to that.

    • Alandon

      Sandi Trusso, of course people are in support of an armed revolution. But not to overthrow our system of government as you suppose, they want to rid our government of this administration because Obama and others have committed fraud and treason against America. Many if not most in our military oppose the socialist element in our government that are trying to disguise themselves as mainstream while they systematically dismantle our system of government. The networks, and our education system have both been "federalized" to keep people like you in the dark. And considering your remark, it is working just as they had hoped. WAKE UP and smell the corruption. Please!

  • http://[email protected] Franklin

    Like most liberals,Educated but stupid.

  • Russell Bennett

    I would shout fire in a crowded theater if there was a fire. This theory is whats in play here.


      You can't yell "fire" when there is none, to create a panic.

      • Barry G

        If you can't see the fire then you are part of the problem!

        • Rifraffe

          She doesn't even smell the smoke!

  • Mark Matis

    Why are you the least bit surprised by this? She writes for the Palm Beach Post, which "serves" Palm Beach County. You know, that's where Sheriff Bradshaw has his one million dollar snitch line, funded by the Republican legislature and approved by the Republican governor. Both parties have become nothing more than opposite ends of the same steaming turd. And ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers – such as the Palm Beach Post – are ecstatic.

    Revolution is indeed coming. And soon.

    • Dmitry

      One million KGB/Gestapo-style "snitch line" generously funded by the repubicans and gratefully accepted by "non-partisan" (Deutch's best friend) Bradshow is the last straw which proved to me that I am "Back in the USSR" – my motherland.

  • Alan Bergstein

    An armed rebelliion will never occur if the populace is kept in the dark to the reality of our government's support of Islam. Benghazi, the Pentagon's analysis of the Ft. Hood shooting, the government's inaction in preventing the Boston Massacre and its attempt to smother the post mortem investigation, the government's silence re: our universities'support of Radical Islam,the infiltration of Islamists into our government leadership positions and our backing of Islam abroad in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Palestine. Obama's mesmerization of America will lead to a peaceful takeover of our country if the Jack Furnari's and his ilk are silenced by the government controlled Left Wing Media. Let's all stand up and fight—-NOW!

    • Barry G

      Here here Alan. My question to Americans is this, "Since your vote was rendered worthless because of the known voter fraud in the last election, is that something worth fighting for"?

      How else do we save our "free Country" if not for the People fighting for it?

      • Jean

        Remember that Patriotism isn't dying for your country – it's making the other poor SOB die for his.

        This war started, and we didn't know it.

        for god's sakes, let's FINISH it ASAP, completely, cleanly, and get back to our real lives.

        Everyone and everything in D.C. gets to "burn" (Figuratively – want to keep the historic documents and monuments). But no flesh should escape. We go in, sear the place clean, and organize new elections for POTUS and House. States send Senators, as was originally designed. The message is sent to those who wish to rule us that we are MEN, not sheep. And we will repeat that message as needed.

    • Doc Halliday

      Good for you Allen. You and some others know what is really at stake. Wake up America

  • BB Friend

    The best way, in my humble opinion, to express our differences and share our differing opinions is In the media. This isn't China! Does Stacey want to ban our email or Facebook as well?! Thank you Jack! You prove over and over again the importance of our Freedom of Speech!

  • Bob

    Sad to say I live in Palm Beach County and have to deal with the rotten journalism on a daily basis.

  • T.O.K.

    The amazing thing to me is that these types of conversations or comments come from Liberals every day and we are so conditioned to them now that we brush it off. Kudos to you and your paper for bringing it to the attention of the public. More people should do that. Very well done.

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