Joe’s ‘Bidenisms’ turning creepy with ‘snake in the bed’ comment

joe-biden-sunglasses-pointingThe vice president’s off-kilter and often off-color “Bidenisms” have become so commonplace during the last four years that few bother listening any longer. But several he made Wednesday night are causing people to take note and wonder how the heck his mind works — or if it works at all.

Biden spoke at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser that was co-chaired by his daughter, Kathleen, and hosted by the Volunteer Lawyers Project. The subject was abused women.

There were no cameras present, but according to the Weekly Standard, the pool report noted that:

VP Biden began his remarks by praising Kathleen for the passion she brings to the cause. He described his initial push for VAWA [Violence Against Women Act] in the early 90s, when “nobody thought very much of it,” including women’s groups. Biden singled out D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton for her help in getting it passed — and gave a plug to D.C. having equal representation in Congress.

He followed this up with a “normal” Bidenism. The pool report noted, “’By the way, there should be two senators from the state of D.C.,’ he said to hoots and hollers.”

Other than the fact that the District of Columbia is not a state, the Weekly Standard noted that with President Obama having picked up 91.4 percent of the vote in the 2012 election, were it to become one, it would be represented solely by the Democratic party.

But after this, the vice president delivered what Twitchy called his “creepiest Bidenism yet.”

Commenting on women coming of age, he said, “When they’re 12 to 14, a dad puts his beautiful little daughter to bed. And then the next morning, there’s a snake in the bed.”

Red Alert Politics editor Francesca Chambers took note on Twitter:

Francesca tweet

As did the Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery:

Jennifer Tweet

Hotel manager Brian Stockman tweeted Bendery:

Brian tweet

Some days I think I would love to know what goes around in Biden’s head and how it operates. Other days I realize I’m better off not knowing — if I did, it would probably scare the hell out of me.

H/T Weekly Standard and the Twitchy Team.


  • http://Facebook Maureen Roth

    Corruption runs ramped in DC "Bengazih was a long time ago" American embassy taken over and all Americans killed. This should be forgotten and is not important! What is happening to our country? We need a real leader, honest, military, intelligent and a true citizen of the United States. Someone who will lead and will stand up and take charge.

    • Gladys Whipple Hurti

      Yes we do.

    • JDickey

      Bengahzi should NOT be forgotten although I'm quite sure that all of the Obama minions wish it would be. The Internet is awash with revelations regarding the dishonesty of the current administration and what we truly need is for Congress to grow some intestinal fortitude. Nixon was forced to resign for much less. It is now time for Obama to do the same although the prospect of President Biden is equally scary. Maybe Congress could do a twofer deal and get rid of both of them.

      • Marie

        I totally agree. I get dozens of requests every day to sign online petitions to impeach Obama. While I'm tempted to sign them, I won't for 2 reasons: (1) I don't think online petitions carry any force, no matter how many people sign them and (2) The thought of crazy Uncle Joe as president scares me even more!

        • Dora

          Marie, don't be scared of the petitions just be selective! NO because "o" get that one. But be proactive! I believe that our continued voices have had a place in not letting things die! Look at 2nd amendment, immigration! Although we are far from done…WE made that happen! I volunteered for the Tanner gun show to get people to sign petition here in CO (the model state for obama, because we have an all democratic house) we got 1.5 million signatures from that gun show! And guess what? alot of those people had been obama voters! We need to stay on top of things otherwise just lay down & die and let them take over! I refuse too!!

    • Dora

      Maureen, do ya think? How about…We've needed, not need! Look how far along the administration has taken us in a very short period of time! I had a black conservative speaker at a town hall meeting couple months back & he droned on about gearing up for 2014….I stated that we would not make it to 2014 at the rate of speed that obama's adminstration is moving (Not to mention specific Congress men that are hopping on "o's" back for the ride)! I than had another guest speaker, Kevin Jackson, "the black sphere", who was not only about 2014 BUT about the here & now! Our concern right now…THE HERE & NOW! Hop on board & be proactive if you aren't already!

  • Larry Germain

    I think Joe Biden should team up with Yogi Berra and do a comedy act like Abbot and Costello. Instead of who's on First they could do who is in the White House, etc. But let them ad lib the whole bit that way it should make no sense what so ever and may be quite entertaining.

  • Mary

    Early signs of dementia. Maybe he will wander off and go play in traffic, on the interstate, during rush hour!

  • Jason Morgan

    My guess is he is referring to finding a boyfriend in his daughter's bed when she "grows up" Sick reference, but the most logical given who is saying it and the context of the comment. JM

  • realitybites

    Sorry to see that a sense of humor still eludes so many people.

  • MM from Georgia

    Yes, Crazy Joe on a comedy team tour or maybe on the Comedy Channel. No Repub could ever get away with his antics. He is one bizarre act in the world's largest freak show. Maybe Joe will run for ruler of us all next election. As we have seen, anyone can be president. He's a heartbeat away from the top (or bottom) – comforting thought, isn't it? Does Hussein still smoke cigarettes?

  • Buck Dude

    The "mere thought" that the people of his state kept re-electing him for so many years, and that he's now 2nd in command, has scared the hell out of me for many many years…

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    Sounds like SOME of you took his "bidesm" directly to sex. It was a reference to the young lady turning into someone else. Puberty and teenagers and will get you a "changeling". He could have used that word, but I don't think it would have sunk in like it has with some of youse.

    Benghazi. Heard any new theories lately? The military has shown where their assets where and the time to aid to the CONSULATE at Benghazi. Everything was hours away. Even the guy that hinted that US Fleet assets were "just over the horizon". This whole incident was over in less than eight hours. Consulates do not have the Marine security force. It was being worked on to be reinforced. Security, by diplomatic agreement, is supplied by the host countries. Would you tolerate a regiment of Russian Special Forces Marines down the street from the Russian Embassy in DC? The Libyans, as chaotic as their secdurity situation is even now, would not tolerate this either. The GOP is clinging to this issue because they have so much little else. All there is now is those who benefit from keeping a question going. The answer to which is what they want to hear: that there was nothing that could have been done for the Consulate in time to save the people there. Believe what you want, but ask some questions of the questioners: Have the questions really been answered? What more really could have been done, considering distance, assets, the fact that DOD Assets are not under the direct command of the State Dept.? Who is benefitting from the continued questions. If you still have questions after that, you either have some line into some very secret information or you don't want to hear the truth anyway. As for the Impeachment question: Please! Put up or shut on this. Have your rep start the process. Lay out the charges, set the hearings, set the date. Guess what, folks, there is nothing there. Please!

    • Gary

      Nah, Ted! Requests for more security were made well in advance of the Benghazi murders.

      And have you heard this one?

      The government is threatening to prosecute Benghazi whistle blowers if they talk.

      You should wake up and watch something other than the liberal media.

      Benghazi was kept quiet and even lied about in order to help your worthless leader get re-elected.

      By the way; Do you remember Obamas' lie about "If I don't cut the deficit in half in my first four years, I don't deserve a second term:"?

      • http://Bizpac Ted

        Let me ask you something. As for the people threatened about disclosures: Who is saying this? That lawyer couple who have a special interest in keeping this foolishness going? The request for increased security had to be considered in line with budget limitations. Some that were not approved by the GOP controlled house. Like I said, Benghazi was not the embassy. The Marine Guards were not there. The Abassitor was famous for his relations with the Libyan people and often went running with little or no security in Tripoli. As for the vow to cut the deficit. Who holds the purse strings or the US Budget? Ready for this? The GOP House. So, you are trying to hold Obama to a pledge even though the entire GOP machinery has tried, even at the expense of the US Economy and credit rating, to stop the pledge's success. I presume that these reps are people voted in by you. So, by default, YOU are standing in the way of any success for the US budget. I think that, for the health of the US, nation and people, you consider self deporting. You can pick where…Please.

        • Barry G

          You are a damned MORON!! Go somewhere where you can sing to the ObamaZombie choir, we are way to informed for your Obama drool B.S.

          Obama's goose is being cooked and you won't be able to influence or stop it by parroting the Obama talking points which are ALL LIES!!!

          And Obama will be answering for "Fast and Furious" soon too!! Telling the Mexicans that he is jailing those who deal in the weapons trade!! Telling Mexicans that 90% of the weapons used in their gun violence are American made!! HE SENT THEM THERE HIMSELF AND THEN USED THE EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE TO COVER HIS A$$!! What a damned liar!

    • Janet

      Geez Ted……'re crazier than Joe!!

      • http://Bizpac Ted

        Lady, when you have to get personal, you don't have an opinion. You might as well be passing ga-. Now that would at least getting something done, for you.

  • Doug Hanks

    At 70, there probably hasn't been an active snake in Joe's bed for some time.

  • http://WestisaREALman Kathleen Taylor Adam

    There are no good options….NOBAMA; NOBIDEN; we got NOBODY…..

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