Bill Maher uses JFK assassination to insult Bush, entire state of Texas

Bill Maher has to work hard to top himself, but every so often, the pompous ass manages to pull it off.

In mocking the opening of the Bush Library in Dallas, Texas, during his opening monologue Friday — low hanging fruit for this notorious Bush-basher — Maher used the assassination of a U.S. president to take a cheap shot at President G.W. Bush and the entire state of Texas when he said: “The last person in that state to get near a schoolbook was Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Here is a brief transcript of Maher’s remarks, which are captured in the video below:

Congratulations have to go out to someone very special, in my life, anyway. For 10 years he was.

This was a big week for our 43rd president, President Larry the Cable Guy. As you know, Wednesday they had the big opening of the Bush Library down in Texas. All five living presidents were there.

It was a once in a lifetime event: a library in Texas.

Oh, I kid. I kid Texas, but the last person in that state to get near a schoolbook was Lee Harvey Oswald.”

H/T Newsbusters

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • http://Bizpacreview Regis

    Bill is an –


    • Rosanne howard

      He is such an ignorant idiot. Why doesn't he move away from here?

    • Joshua

      I've studied the assassination Of JFK for 18 years now. I don't think I've ever heard a joke or a "funny" remark about it that I have EVER found even remotely humorous. How could I? I LOVE the Kennedy's! I gotta say though, considering the fact there is VERY credible evidence that former president George H.W. Bush was (at least at a low level)involved in covering up John F. Kennedy's death and the fact that (Two Time Illegitimate "president") George W. Bush is a pompous ass who is responsible for EVERY SINGLE American, Iraqi & Afghanistani death since he began his "war on terror" (more like war for oil) lie. I find Bill Maher's joke very humorous and probably a fairly accurate statement as well. And to you folks on here that are fighting the "liberal" media are doing nothing but falling for the right-wing media's propaganda. If you really, seriously think that our media is liberal then you don't have the brain capacity to function in society. The only other "ass" I see here aside from G.W. & son is the author of this article & the one's who believe his lies.

  • Regina

    He is just not that funny.

    • Rosanne howard

      You can't fix stupid. Why does he think anyone wants to hear him and why does he think he's funny. He is despicable.

  • Michael Nappi

    This guy only says whatever will get him attention. People like him should come with an ignore button


    Damn him. I was a child when Kennedy was assasinated; it was a horrible thing to have witness. There is nothing funny about it including Bill Moyer's comments. I have always thought he was incredibly stupid now he can add classless to his resume.

  • barry

    Why did George H.W. Bush lie about his service in the CIA? Because he had something to do with the Kennedy assignation. Just watch Dark Legacy, the Bush family are Nazis.

    • bear

      you are an idiot!

  • Sick of Lib media

    Funny…. Seems that political correctness only apply's to the conservative side of the isle. As usual

  • Sad watching USA in

    He is the reason I no longer subscribe to HBO! Brain cells are lost watching Maher!!

  • http://bizpak Paul

    Why do complete jerks get these platforms? Bill is not a very intelligent person.

  • Dave

    Bill WHO?………………oh I thought he was dead.

  • wim dankbaar

    Did the Bushes help to kill JFK?

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