Video: Disgusted ICE head finally faces down Gang of 8

The head of the union representing immigration agents and staff slammed the Obama administration and the Senate’s Gang of Eight for including illegal immigrants, but excluding law enforcement from providing input on the new immigration reform legislation.

President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council Chris Crane testified before Congress Monday expressing his disgust that law enforcement was shut out of the negotiations on immigration reform.

Crane recounted to the Judiciary Committee how he was physically escorted out of a Gang of Eight press conference last week and “spoken to with anger and disrespect.”

“Never before have I seen such contempt for law enforcement officers as what I’ve seen from the Gang of Eight,” he said.

Crane told the Judiciary Committee:

Lawmaking in our nation has indeed taken a strange twist. Senators invite illegal aliens to testify before Congress…but American citizens working as law enforcement officers within our nation’s broken immigration system are purposely excluded from the process and prohibited from providing input.

Suffice it to say, following the Boston terrorist attack, I was appalled to hear the Gang of Eight telling America that its legislation was what American law enforcement needs.

Crane criticized President Obama and Congress for choosing a path of legalization for illegals rather than allowing immigration agents to crackdown on enforcement.

“Unbelievably, [this bill] gives far greater authority to the president and secretary of DHS. Exactly the opposite of what our country needs to create a consistent and effective immigration system,” Crane concluded.

Watch ICE union chief Crane’s testimony to Congress Monday:

Janeen Capizola

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  • http://facebook DRhonda Wallace

    NO AMNESTY! Enforce the laws of this country and allow the law enforcers to do their jobs!

    • Tired of BSers

      Chris Crane did an excellent job of pointing out the flaws in this Gang of IDIOTOS scheme. Will anybody listen? That's the big question.

      Yes, please copy and post the URL to this video to every posting board online and email it to your legislators who seem asleep at the wheel.

  • Gcayse1

    WOW! HE HAS WAY TOO MUCH COMMON SENSE! Perhaps Americans should ban together and nominate Chris Crane for President!!!! This testimony NEEDS to go viral!!!!

  • Sorry !

    Sorry but what he failes to realie is the fact that we need a solution and that law enforcement has been struggling to do their job and fix the problem. He's failing to see the bigger picture. You can just deport all of those "illiegal" aliens. The system is broken and a reform is needed.

    • Mr Tony

      BS. Round them up and deport them and all their relatives. Don't give me that "can't" word again. What don't you get about the word "illegal?"

      • Sue

        I agree with Tony. I am tred of supporting these criminals and that is what they are. They have broken the laws of this country and do not deserve amnesty or citizenship.I am tired of political correctness. I have been brought up with manners and treat people as well as they treat me. I don't believe we have to accept the illegals for fear of offending them.

    • tmunson15

      sorry… but the bigger picture is that law enforcement is being "hamstrung" by bureaucrats… and illegal is illegal…. by definition that makes them criminals

    • Jay

      The system is broken because the government broke it – on purpose. The Federal government has purposely prevented effective enforcement and released criminal aliens into the general population. The ensuing chaos is used to justify the need for reform and a pathway to citizenship when what is needed is effective enforcement of existing laws.

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  • Sorry !

    Well too bad things will not go the way u want them too

    @Mr Tony…start getting used to it…

    • Anti-libtard

      @Sorry! says – are you wearing your sheep costume as you type? I guess you relish the fact that since your head flock master refuses to secure our borders innocent American citizens, and perhaps members of your family, may be killed by a terrorist who already crossed our border illegally. Or you or your children enjoy illegal drugs brought through our border from an ILLEGAL ALIEN. You are a Bo Peep follower who is really the crux of our problems in America. Libtards have NOT an ounce of American Patriotism in them. I have seen nothing but hatred, racisim, immorality and evilness in all they profess. You are as much a threat to America as Islamic Jihad & Obama is.

      • J.A.K.

        Amen! And in GOD WE TRUST!

    • 2Slipry

      One could stereotype the response from "Sorry" and understand the misspellings, poor grammar and consistent lack of understanding of the term, "illegal" and "unlawful entry." Unfortunately, the US of A is prohibited from stereotyping…but…therein lies your answer for "Sorry's" response. In summary, we are all "sorry" for your lack of understanding of the laws of our Country. We are "sorry" for your own Country that you are unable to go home to your "sorry" country.

  • Rich

    Illegals know they have both parties fighting for their right to break out laws and compromise our national security. Meanwhile Veterans are told to go to the back of the bus, Mexican drug cartels invade our cities and illegals bankrupt our social programs.

    In FY 2012, ICE removed 96,828 aliens who were either repeat immigration violators or immigration fugitives. The minute they are deported they are sneaking over the border again.

    55 percent, or 225,390, of the people removed in FY 2012 were convicted criminal aliens

    There were 255 illegal aliens from countries such as Pakistan and Iran that have been officially linked to terrorism by the U.S. government apprehended along the southwest border by Border Patrol in fiscal 2011, data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) show.

    There are many more terrorists who have successfully bypassed our unsecured borders.

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  • cs

    Of coarse Obama wants no enforcement of the current immagration laws! They want more "undocumented Democrats",no matter how destructive to the USA to help keep them in office!

  • JLP

    democRATS & obuma get a lot on money from the mexican drug lords to keep the border open. Do you think they want to give that up.

  • Earl S. Biggoose

    As one who is born of the original owners of the soil , i am appalled by the terms used by this man to describe human beings . This must stop in order for this land to move forward in its quest to be truly the home of the free and the land of the brave .

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