Virtually all physicians walked out of Obamacare session at national conference

Ophthalmologists from across the country walked out of a session on Obamacare Sunday during a national conference being held in San Francisco.

Twitchy reported ophthalmologist Dr. Kris Held sent live-tweets from the “Government relations” session on “implementing and complying with Obamacare,” saying virtually all the physicians walked out of the speech in disgust.

obamacare tweets

obamacare tweets

obamacare tweets

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obamacare tweets


H/T: Twitchy

Janeen Capizola

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  • http://AOL Jimmy

    For all of you (that would be about a dozen or so) that wanted this man as our president and Obama care-how is this working out for you? If the idiots had only actually READ this before signing on the dotted line-we would not be in this mess that we are in with health care. Hold on to your seats folks-I promise you-it WILL get a lot worse before SOMEONE will realize that this actually is NOT going to work.

    • yshuaben

      And your Republican alternative was what, exactly? I am still waiting to hear the alternative as to helping lower the costs. Please, my email is drrichardpaul@gmailDOTcom give me a buzz and I'll look at it….. oh wait… they still have nothing other than the one Obama stole from them

      • Steven O'Connor

        You see, repulicans actually believe in the people to handle their own lives. Insurance was going down about 7 years ago, with more and more insurance companies developing, because of the used to be free market. But not only is that destroyed, but everyone, including retired military, who already paid for retirement insurance, but even they are going to have to get obamacare. There is a reason why military make no money. Because of the benifits that they are paying for that are being taken away, and more and more money and "entitlments" given to peopel who wont work. Yeah, for obmarica.

        • Tony P

          Steven, republicans don't believe in people handling their own lives.

          If so, they'd stop with all the social engineering laws they create.

          I.E. Gay rights, women's rights, etc.

          • Dona

            Tony, let me guess. You're one of the "gimmies" aren't you?

          • Mark

            Conservatives do not oppose true gay rights and women's rights – they oppose forcing others to give up their rights so certain groups can have special recognition.

          • http://Facebook Leslie Hoffmann

            Tony the Republicans are not the ones prying into every corner of peoples lives that's your communist Pres Obamalamadingdong!!!!! Yes dona he is a taker and a minion!!!!!

        • Bob

          I'm not sure what country you live in but costs were definitely NOT going down 7 years ago. As for the "article" -one person's tweets- what a waste of space.

      • Steven O'Connor

        The gov does not need to run everything, let alone just about anything. Everything they have done lately is destroying us. So lets have them run everything. Over 50% of America is on the gov pay list. Can you tell me how that works. Just 8 years ago it was around 30%. So you want our gov to run more..?????….

        I believe people can take care of themselves, the people can make things happen, the people can send their kids to what ever school they want, the people can pick there own doc's and insurance instead of being told who and where and very soon, when.

        • Tony P

          Why are you making up stuff man. NO! 50%of America is not on the gov't pay list.

          I see how you work: if the truth doesn't fit, just throw something at the wall to see if it fits.

          • Mark

            The correct number based on the March 2011 Census Bureau CPS is 41.3%. Still short of half, but a very large number. Far too large.

          • Vickie Moore

            Oh yes there are about 50% of all Americans on some kind of government hand out!!! When that number tops 60% then that will be the end of the USA as we know it!

          • Maggie

            If you add in all of the government workers….we are already done!

          • http://bizpac linreis

            the 50% number is certainly truer than any of your own comments, which seem to be based on the comedy of Main Stream Media…wake up, these so called journalists are the biggest joke in America and the World, right behind obama himself…

        • uma

          this is pure racial socialism. this is not an ideological battle of left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is ethnic warfare against white people.

          Why do hostile globalist elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage white majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with dystopian non-White colonization?

          East Asia is 99% yellow. Africa is 90% Black. West Asia is 99% Brown. But 3rd world colonizers are annihilating Whites, just as China is annihilating Tibet.

          Why do gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who confiscate White people's guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks & spying agencies, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?

          "Native" Americans are not native. They invaded from East Asia. They slaughtered countless women/children. All races, all cultures are guilty of slavery, genocide. From Greeks till today, Whites are victims of Jewish/Cryto-Jewish, Turkic, Muslim, African slavery, genocide, imperialism.

          Gullible Whites should reject subversive anti-White ideologies – libertarianism, feminism, liberalism, & reject hostile slanders of racism, collectivism. Love to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their families, their fertility, their interests, their homelands. Reading list:

 , , ,

          • That Guy

            Yeah, it was so difficult as a white guy owning a slave – having to feed him and having to listen to all the complaining. Don't get me started on those "native" Americans, not just giving me their land. And as for feminists – those silly women, thinking they have rights and things.

            PS. When's the next Klan meeting?

      • bobaireland

        Learn to support yourself. There is absolutely no reason American citizens should be expecting the government to take care of them medically, if they are not belowthe poverty level. Citizens need to stop demanding government support for everything they want. You do not have a Right to demand others, including the government, provide for you that which you should be providing for yourself. That is this Republican's plan.

        If you wanted medical insurance you were free to purchase your own, at the going rate; most weren't interested in this option and demanded the government provide that which they were not willing to provide for themselves. The Democrat controlled (at the time)Congress responded by increasing the total cost of medical insurance and by requiring you to purchase a more expensive product than the product you were unwilling to purchase in the first place. You get fined for not complying.

        Please explain how the Democrat plan is an improvement. While you are at it, explain how forced consumption of a more expensive product rather than the voluntary purchasing will be beneficial to the nation's citizens in this failing economy.

      • Millie

        I actually busted my butt and got a low paying job, 10.00 an hour with full fairly decent insurance and a high deductible. Obama gets elected for the second time. I LOST my job. They could not afford the insurance for me. I am so very sorry that I cannot agree with anything yshuaben says. If the economy was doing well, if the democrats had one economics class between all of them, I'd still be working. I can't afford any insurance, I can't afford the penalty for something I can't buy anyway. What am I supposed to do? I can't pay my college loans. I'm 60 years old and did everything I was supposed to do. I am really beginning to hate liberal "thinkers". What you say will happen and what does happen is not the same thing.

      • TheRaven

        Lower costs? There have been no reductions in costs, and there are none on the horizon. The total cost of ObamaCare has already more than tripled what they promised it would cost. And since he passed that ridiculous bill the average cost of family health insurance coverage has jumped by more than twice the rate it was raising before he was elected.

        This idiotic piece of legislation is going to do exactly the opposite of what we were promised. Costs will explode…current estimates are that the average family will pay 80 percent more for healthcare as soon as it's implemented. Access will decrease. Doctors are dropping out of the profession at a pace never seen before, and fewer US students are going into general medicine. Fewer doctors, more patients, higher costs…we're all screwed (except for the people who were exempted from the requirement)

      • Zeus

        The Republicans actually had alternative plans which never got a fair hearing. One idea was to allow selling of health insurance across state lines which would have increased competition and lowered costs. Now we are stuck with "Health Insurance" which will lower the standard of care for everyone and increase costs for those of us who actually work!No one actually has any idea of how much this monster is going to eventually cost. When has any gov't program cost what the Government promised? This is no different and will eventually be insolvent; we can only hope it willnot bankrupt the country in the meantime.

        • Brian


      • http://facebook Ruth Brackett

        Republicans did not have anything better, but we knew Obamacare was not going to work. In trying to cover everybody, this causes people that did have insurance to not be able to afford it now; because Obamacare says they have to cover the others. By the way, Onamacare does not cover everybody. Obama will admit that at least three million people still are not covered.

        There were rumors three years ago that Doctors were going to retire or go cash only so that there would be a doctor shortage within a short period of time. Looks like that is coming faster than Obama hoped. I say he hoped because he wanted it to fail, so that the government can take over. It will be cheaper for a lot of families who had insurance to take their chances and pay the pentaly. How is this helping?

        • Vickie Moore

          Being able to buy Health Insurance across state lines would have been a BIG step in the right direction which democrats did not want! Also, lawsuit reform would have been a good step int eh right direction but of course that got shot too! Anything the Republicans put forth was shot down by democrats and for the most part, obamacare was done completely by democrats because they wouldn't allow a republican in the room to even discuss the matter! All those hearings obama had on it was just for show and shut out any dicussion on the matter entirely! This is all the democrats wanted was this Bill to go through and how about Pelosi's statement, "You have to pass it before you will know is in it" Well , it passed and the more you find out about it, the worst it is!

        • Brian

          Wrong!!! wake up and pay attention

      • Leslie

        Who cares about party, let's save the country, lets save the planet! Neither Dem or Rep is going to be the answer, they are all the best politicians $ can buy. Evil is winning, the NWO/Police State is knocking on the door…Men died so freedom could live and now it dies w/o even a fight? What are you going to tell your children when they ask what you did to try to save their future? Agenda 21, know what it is, it is happening, being implemented, once in place, humanity is doomed, you will never have a say about anything or be w/in reach of the people in power EVER AGAIN!

        • Greg

          I agree 100 %….I am aware and do know what is the ultimate plan of our government. Total control, forget the constitution, Obama has broken every possible rule and should be impeached with criminal intentions and thief of American rights.

      • Nephrology Queen

        They didn't have much of a plan, other than to let the private sector do its thing, as it had for years. Plus whenever new technologies come out, costs go up.. That's just how it goes. You also get what you pay for.. The more you pay, the better the care you should be receiving.

        I would much rather have things stay stable than for costs to shoot up, doctors beginning to quit or retire, have fewer people on insurance but paying more, and massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid (those two I know personally, being on dialysis at such a young age).

        Obamacare was created solely to push the notion of socialized medicine. It was done in hopes of convincing the public that their private insurance companies weren't cutting it, and the government then hoped that the people would turn to socialized medicine as an alternative.

        • Nephrology Queen

          Actually, they did have one that stood out at me.. The Ryan Plan. It was quite brilliant, compared to what the Democrats came up with. Less than 40 pages, very detailed, and it was very common-sense. Provide those who have very little with more help, and provide less for those who are very well off financially.. It should have passed.

      • Dan

        You sound like an Obama-Bot. He can do no wrong. You'd better wake up out of your trance and pay attention to what's going on.

      • Helldogger

        That's easy. Get the govt, the lawyers & the insurance peddlers out of the business.

      • Richard K

        Somebody has to say it: the government (the taxpayers) ought not to have to provide the latest and greatest high-dollar medical care to those whose only contribution to society is breeding.

        Answer this: how much should YOU have to pay out of your pocket for a $250,000 pacemaker for somebody ELSE's grandmother, especially if that somebody else is required to pay zip for yours?

        • David

          while I agree with you where did you get 250.000 for a pacemaker mine cost 8000 total everything included

      • http://facebool Joanne

        Did you look at the Ryan plan?? Don't say they never presented something. Less expensive, no new taxes,and guess what it was not over 2000 pages. Just saying……….

      • Dwayne Jackson

        Delfection is typical MO for liberal nut cases. How about about we stick with the problem at hand like how Oblamocare is going to destroy jobs, the economy and raise taxes through the roof

      • Lisa

        Apparently 'yshuaben' the liberal can't google when he says there is no republican alternative to obamacare. There is a republican alternative to obamacare and it might (if given a chance) have actually done something other than jack prices of healthcare sky high, give doctors so much paperwork they need to hire a new team just to comply and won't drive employers to drop coverage so we get crappy single payer universal healthcare.

        I am so sick of utopian socialist liberal types who think this great country would be "better" if only we would do everything barack the dictator wants us to do. Um….go look at a bunch of EU countries, or better yet, go LIVE there and tell me how wonderful they are. How many EU countries are completely broke because of their socialist agenda? How many? Yeah, LOTS. Idiots, socialism doesn't work because you ALWAYS run out of other peoples money.

      • Corey

        This is the main fallacy of liberalism: You assume that society's problems are caused by a lack of planning when ,in reality, it was government planning that caused the problems in the first place. There are numerous examples of this with respect to healthcare, but I'll name two:

        1. Democrats under President Truman outlawed cross-state insurance thereby decreasing competition.

        2. State governments established "mandated benefits", which effectively outlaws low cost catastrophic insurance.

        You demand a plan from Obamacare opponents, but more planning will only compound the problem. The proper solution is to roll back the government planning and allow patients and doctors to choose their own plans.

        • Brian

          The answer is the free market, not the nanny state

      • Nathan Mikita

        Ron Paul!!!!!! No one listens :(

        • Brian

          We tried isolation once, it failed and brought us to WW11, Ron Paul's foreign policy sucks. ignoring it won't make it go away

      • Jekyllisand

        You do realize from reading the bill that it in no way cuts costs one bit right?

        You have read the entire Act at least before making such a ridiculous comment?

      • Bethaney Riley

        If we weren't caring for all of the illegal aliens, like Obama, our state of the art medicine would be just fine. If people on food stamps and welfare would have to take drug tests, that would also eliminate a major expense that "We the People have to pay for. All we would have to do is ship them all home, protect our borders and quit allowing Muslims into our country. I have several doctor clients who are changing professions. Obamacare is tax, disguised as healthcare reform.

        • RoxieC

          i agree with you but your completely off base when saying we need to keep muslims out of our country. we need to keep all illegals out, muslims arnt our problem, the government has wrongly led us towards hatered for the muslim people. which only generated more hate towards us.

      • thornton gilmore

        how about taking all the illegals home? or did obama already give them citizenship? there was only a couple repub candidates who seemed serious about fixing that monsterous problem. i just hope to taken in the rapture before usa is a 3rd world nation. leftism screws everything up. always has and will be the cause of the end.

        • http://NA klyptomaniac

          The rapture hahahahaha

      • Raul S.

        Alternative to what? Disaster? Medicaid is working fine. Why duplicate it? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Leave it alone.

      • Paul Stubish

        Where in the bill as it currently stands is there ANYTHING to control the costs? Can't find it, can you? IT does NOT exist in the bill!

      • Gary Gray Sr

        yshuaben……you are a complete buffoon!

      • Ken Carter

        @yshuaben — The Republican alternative was to WORK TOGETHER with Democrats to ENGINEER a bill, using standard order in the Congress (i.e., standard order is to write a bill, assign it to committee, divide the larger bill into sections to be assigned to subcommittees, call witnesses, learn from the witnesses what works and what doesn't, revise the bill accordingly through amendment, bring it to the floor for debate and additional amendments, and pass it with the support of a majority of the members). Instead, the Democrats rammed the bill down everybody's throat with virtually no Republican support, and it was so ill-conceived, Nancy Pelosi even said "we need to pass it so we can find out what's in it." We probably could have gotten a better bill if we assigned it to a homeless person living under a bridge. At least he would have first hand experience how the medical system really works in this country.

      • Craig James

        The alternative is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Too many leeches and liberal titty babies want to wreck the greatest healthcare system that the world has ever seen.

      • Brian

        You weren't paying very cloes attention then were you, many alternatives were and still are being presented, ones that actually make sense and doesn't destroy the greatest heath care system in history. All you have to do is become more educated and active instead of just wanting a free ride

      • TimO

        Having nothing would be infinitely better than this brain dead, mindless, money stealing freedom stealing, farce formed after the most greedy, incompetant bastards that ever ran this country, the DEMOCRAP PARTY.

      • Dale Netherton

        The alternative is not a government program but the removal of government intervention in medicine. Government socialized medicine was tried in Russia and it failed . What other evidence do you need?

      • Elaine

        And you have read all 2700 pages of obozocare???

      • Larry

        When a spoke brakes on a wheel,you don't throw out the wagon,you fix the wheel. How dumb it is to throw out the greatest health care in the world. Anybody could get help for free or Donations if needed. Now with Obamatax,you pay the tax for care or you get fined. How are the poor going to pay for the fines? Free care ends with Obamatax. Don't pay the tax, you won't be cleared for care.We well turn toughs people into criminals. Take responsibility for your own life. God gave us Freedom and responsibility. Do you want to argue Freedom and Responsibility with God?

    • Susan

      Jimmy, are you deluded? Obama won 51% of the vote. That's more than a dozen or so votes. As for the health-care mess, it predated Obama's presidency. Insurance companies are generally awful and will do whatever it takes to avoid paying a claim. How could Obamacare be worse? Tell me, please.

      • Laura

        Susan – I have been in the healthcare field for my entire adult life – going on 22 years now. I have worked for private physicians in general surgery, pediatrics, thoracic & vascular surgery and specialists. I have also worked for BCBS in 2 states…No government heathcare program will work. We have 4 examples of government healthcare today – Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and the Health Department. I would encourage you to go down to your local heath department and try to get a flu shot or get checked out by a physician for an ailment. You will be there all day (from 8:00am until 4:30) and you might be seen by an MD, but more likely you will see a nurse. If they run out of vaccine before you are seen, you will just have to come back when they get their next shipment in which will be in a couple to 4 days. Hope you don't come in contact with anyone with the flu and you have another whole day to waste sitting there.

        Right now, I can go to any doctor I want to – if I have a mole that needs to be checked out, I go to the dermatologist. If I get a sinus infection, I go to my general practitioner. Under this new plan, I will have to get a referral in order to go to any other doctor other than the one that I am assigned to (sure hope they "assign" me to the doctor I have seen for the past 6 years). After going to my primary care doctor, I will get a referral only if that specialist is accepting any more referral for this month, if not, I will have to wait until next month or the next.

        Since they will using our tax $ to fund this new health plan – let's look at how they have used the tax $ that I pay in every 2 weeks to the already existing government programs: Medicare is "broke", Medicaid pays claims until there is no more money, then they stop – yes, they actually stop paying until the new budget comes trough or the state calls an emergency meeting to raise taxes. Tricare is the only government agency that at least trys to help the soldiers and their families, but even that is difficult to work with. I have fought more with Tricare than any of them because I think that is the least I can do for the people that are fighting for my right to sit here and inform people of a system that WILL NOT WORK!!!

        The current system is not great but the free market works. Your employer negotiates with the insurance company for your benefits. Believe me when I say – the insurance company will sell you whatever you want to buy. People need to stop blaming the insurance companies and start communicating with your employers – they are the ones that negotiate your benefits. If you want more and better benefits – talk to them and let them know what you want & need. There are hundreds of insurance companies that would love to have the business – don't allow your employer to be lazy and go with the standard BCBS – ask them to look around at Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare – There are choices! But not for long…

        • Susan

          I have Anthem Blue Cross. The free market does not work in this instance. I think it's an ethical and moral problem when we want government to pay for a military, but not for medical care.

          • Sophia

            Thats because government wont be paying for it, your neighbors who can barely feed themselves but cant afford medical care is going to pay for it!! most people in the states are not rich, you will be taxing people 50% of their paychecks! when does it end, when do honest people start quitting their jobs because working hard isn't worth it when beggars are taking your paycheck. how that fact that people are going to go yo jail over it. they have 400 FEMA camps ready, i bet its for those that cant or wont pay, lets treat them like prisoners and give them a record. better yet, they are going to be guarded by Soldiers, why not pay the soldiers to just kill those that dont give their paychecks to the beggars? its not fair to tell people who work hard and are being honest, that they could end up in a prison camp for not paying for it! its just not fair!

          • Leslie

            Really, military is defense, why don't you socialists go join a socialist country and stop trying to change this one!

          • Jekyllisand

            Of course the free market works, the problem is liberals don't want to have the hard conversation of calling people fat or unhealthy for their own decisions in life.

            Libs want to help those fat people while taking something away from those that did do the right thing that don't need assistance from the government

        • http://aol Fran
        • Mari

          exactly right Laura! I too am in the medical field, last 35 years. The changes that are coming are scary, you stated everything that needs to be said, however, some won't listen because its their Prez. Well he isn't mine, I certainly didn't vote for him. I'd love to see Ben Carson elected, so its not a matter of skin color. This promise was a pipe dream, that insurance rates would go down, and look where they are going now. To the moon! Why do you non believers think the big unions are rethinking their support of this SNAFU and trying to get out of it? If its so wonderful why doesn't it apply to the big 0 himself and the rest of congress? Lets let Nancy Pelosi have it, maybe she can explain now that its passed and we're all going to suffer for it.

        • Ginger

          You left out one more poorly run program. If you have ever had to be under the "protection" of Worker's Compensation, you have seen a mini prototype of socialized medicine. When I was injured on the job, I could not go to the doctor I had been going to for over 10 years. I still had to see him under my ow insurance to make sure other elements of my health care were not set back by the treatment being provided by my Worker's Comp. doctor. One doctor I saw had one office for his regular patients (that had a comfortable waiting room and a short waiting time) and another for Worker's Comp patients with rickety, uncomfortable chairs and waitng times of around 3 hours. Then, when the Worker's Comp insurance company decides you have had "enough" treatment, that doctor has to stop seeing you unless you have another insurance. That Worker's Comp doctor's estimate of your disability percentage (which decides how much you are paid for lost wages and for how long), they can and do dispute their own approved doctor's diagnosis and require you to see one of their special determination doctors, who can decide from one short visit that the doctor who has seen you for several months does not know how disabled you are and cut your percentage in half. If you dispute that decision, ou are allowed to have another exam by another "special" doctor, who might reduce your new pecentage another half.

      • Sophia

        Wait a minute, only 51% voted for him, that means 50% did not. now he has pissed off gun owners too, they are dems as well as Republicans, so i wouldn't be boasting about how he won. also many people from all the republican states will tell you, they announced Obongo won before the votes were even counted. Also they found boxes of uncounted active service members votes thrown out in a dumpster! their votes were not counted! Can you say voter fraud? also, Obamacare is for those who dont get healthcare until they need it, and they want everyone else to pay for it. you need to speak to someone in England about this healthcare, and why even Canadians come here. Because our healthcare reigns supreme, but how much research do you think is going to be dont when there is no funds for them? none! a lot of private doctors can turn you away, so you have to rely on offices that wont even take Medicare patients!! How many doctors do you think are going to go to school for 10 years to work for minimum wage? Look at Kenya, that is what type of Medical care you will get from Obongo, the poorest there is.

      • http://aol Fran

        it will be worse because they will deny treatment based on your age and condition. They will act as if they are God and they will not be members of the medical profession

      • Zeus

        My experience with the health insurance companies has been the opposite of what you describe. I have 2 liver transplants. The first one cost over ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the hospital stay alone because I was so ill that I was in the hospital for 5 months. Five years later a problem arose and I had to be re-transplanted. Thank God Obamacare was not in effect at that time or I would not be here writing this as Obamacare rations health care. I am 65 now and would have been considered too old and not enough remaining productive years to be worth the cost (check out England!). The insurance covered almost 100% of my cost including lodging for my husband while I was hospitalized and transportation costs.

        My husband recently had a quadruple heart bypass surgery (all covered by insurance). From diagnosis to surgery was less than one week. A relative who is under Canadian Healthcare (a model for Obamacare) and who had the same problem as my husband has been waiting over 6 months for his surgery-I think the govt is hoping he will die before surgery so they can save money. Is this what anyone wants here?

        Please tell me how Obamacare can be better than this??

      • Leslie

        Can you say VOTER FRAUD????

        Also that is what ppl get for telling everyone a vote for 3rd party candidate is a Vote for Obama, most of them just didn't even vote, saying it, made it so.

      • Helldogger

        Well Susan when they come to get me & take me to jail for non-compliance, are you coming with them. Why not? You believe in this un-American crap so much, why don't you be the one to enforce it?

      • Gary Gray Sr

        LOLOL.. what an idiot !!!

      • TimO

        Just sit back and watch as the DEMOCRAPS sell us to Al Queida.

    • Tony Amico

      They support the Man "Blindly". Education does not develop "Common Sense".

      • Gary Gray Sr

        Amen !!!

    • Allenhip

      For years some insurance companies and physicians have abused the health care system now finally Obama Care is finally going to try to bring reality to Medicare and Medicaid and the entire healthcare deliver system.

      Abuse Examples are not hard to find. Remember when Rick Scott was forced to resign as the head of a insurance company that pled guilty to massive amounts of systematic fraud, including 14 felonies, leading to a historic $1.7 billion fine. Then walked away with severance pay of $$9.88 dollars and 10 million shares of stock worth up to $300 million at the time (That’s premium dollars)

      So who is looking out for the consumer?

      • Audrey Cutler


      • Gary Gray Sr

        you have a bad case of SFB.. you NEED Obamacare fool !

      • TimO

        Your must be on crack top be that mindless.

    • Stewart

      Funny story, the current healthcare system isn't working and socialized medicine around the world does. This has a better chance than doing what we are already.

      • Jekyllisand

        Please show where it is working tool – taxes are drastic in England and retirement is no existent. Other countries like Canada are going broke so please name one area

      • Gary Gray Sr

        not true at all… you must be blind.


      It is not, it will not, it can not work!

      Obamacare will NOT work in America.

      Impeach Obama!

      Take his Mafia Zionist Govt Criminals OUT!

      American Medicine does NOT want him

      Take out Obamacare NOW !

      • Gary Gray Sr

        Impeach.. charge with treason and hang the worthless bastard !!!

      • TimO

        It's just like a typical Democrap, "It doesn't work either".

    • RUSerious

      Jimmy, it was the majority of the Nation that elected Barack Obama POTUS, not as you state 'a few dozen', you may not like it, but the will of the majority is supposed to prevail in America.

      • Gary Gray Sr

        yes.. all the dead beats in the inner cities.

      • bob patriot

        Everyone ASSUMES that the voting process is working so wonderfully….. Go to and watch the boring "uncounted" movie. When the electoral college chooses the winner, that pretty much leaves the "people" out of the equation. It doesnt matter if the boot on your neck is a RIGHT or a LEFT boot, its still on your damn neck! If people would see this country for what it has become, as opposed to what it SHOULD be, we may not be in this predicament. But, because they have managed to keep most of you fighting among one another, you cant see the truth! The funny thing about the "TRUTH" is, it doesnt require ANYONE to buy it, manipulate it, or even believe it for it to actually be TRUE! Quit blaming your fellow man for the evil deeds of corrupt government usurpers! Pull you heads out of your anal orifices and work together, thats the ONLY way we will prevail.

    • James

      I voted for mr barack so's Id could get my food stamps, free cell phone, free housing, and free utilities. Thats the only way I can makes the payments on my new SUV.

  • galensdad

    Jimmy: Sorry, but the folks who voted Obama into office do not read this site — nor anything else.

    • Angry American

      That's because people who voted for Obama don't know HOW to read.

      • Bill G

        Well, it was all the illegals who voted for Obama. If this was in Spanish, they could read it.

        • Beth S

          Now you wait just a second. It was NOT just "all the illegals who voted for Obama." Lots of dogs, cats, and dead people did too! :)

          • Allenhip

            Your Right: But is was the RNC that got caught in the last election with fraudulent registration forms collected by the firm Strategic Allied Consulting, owned by a notorious GOP operative named Nathan Sproul.

            This was nationwide GOP voter registration fraud scandal that also became a criminal matter in Florida.

      • anon

        And those who don't know how to read are high school drop outs who are having babies that WE ARE SUPPORTING.



        We pay for enough of their freebies. it's time they took responsibility. If they refuse to stay in school, go to trade school, or even go the dept. of labor to seek employment, THEN they GET NO WELFARE CHECK. NO WORK, NO PAY. There's some of the money that can go back into the middle class's pocket.

        • Susan

          This kind of talk is exactly why Obama is in the White House for another four years. Let me tell you, you tea-baggers are going to have to make friends with Mexicans and blacks before you have a shot in hell of retaking the White House. Good luck.

          • Justin

            Hurling homo-phobic insults is the kind of talk that gets you labeled as just another deluded liberal. Susan.

          • common sense thinker

            Susan is just an average everyday liberal with nothing to offer like the mistake in office, patchetic on both counts, America needs a leader who actually loves this country, susan and those like her just need to leave this country.

          • uselogic

            Aww, Susan's just another OFA sponsored troll. She's upset because she's too often been the teabaggee.

          • Jekyllisand

            Susan – you are a moron. there are 225 million white people in the country while only 34 million Black and 28 million Mexican.

            Yes we will have to get along if we live in Detroit, Chicago or NY but we can continue believing in free markets in other areas

            And by the way thunderbolt most hard working Mexicans believe in God, family values, pro life and less government involvement.

            So wake up on what is really happening

          • Brian

            Highly offensive racists statement, liberals are so hypocritical. read the constitution, it applies to equal rights, not racism. I would bet you don't know the tree branches of government and cannot name them without googling the information

      • Craig

        Good lord, listen to yourselves! I'll bet your parents would be embarrased to read these posts. yikes!

        Where are your Christian values & morals? I don't see much love, compassion, charity, patience, courage, forgiveness, kindness or humility in here.

        Most of you seem locked in this fantacy of us v them, Dems V Rep, Conservative v Democrat. If only there were no "liberals" everything would be just fine! …but then you would divide your selves into smaller groups so you'd have someone to fight and argue with. Division is weakness so we should start with our common goals and work in good faith because we have far more in common than not.

        BTW, Here's a chilling account of a nation divided and spurred on by hate and fear!

        "They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Mayer

      • Stewart

        So why is it that liberal states have higher testing results compared to the nation than states in the midwest (especially Texas)

        It is because conservatives are the ones who can't read lolz

        • Jekyllisand

          Have you ever looked at how diverse New York really is or Michigan or even Illinois racist?

          By the way Boston is one of the most segregated places in the world

      • Gary Gray Sr

        yup !!!

  • lovinspoonfuil

    One of the3 co-writers of the bill has admitted it is "a train wreck." Does that tell you anything?

    • JMNY

      It became a train wreck after special interests got their way. The stock prices for major insurance companies shot up after it was passed, and that tells us that investors knew those stocks were going to become more valuable. We need a single-payer system that values efficiency, and cuts out the greedy middle-men. Insurance companies are all terrible, they don't care about people's health, and are able to refuse coverage for non-profitable sick people, which is why legislation was needed in the first place. Healthcare shouldn't involve profits, and basic care shouldn't cost more than it does in every other country in the world.

  • J. Goff

    The people who voted this administration back into office are the people who rely on the government for the free handouts. They have no concern as to what is happening to this country, they just want the handouts!!

    • http://Facebook Kath

      And those getting the hand outs get free medicalcare, anyway. The Emegency departments, are the the only branch of medical care that is mandated by law that cannot refuse. Care due to inability to pay. The law was written to apply to emergencies, however the law is totally abused and particularly by illegals who cannot get care anywhere else for their colds and sore throats. They show up with their drones of kids demanding everything.

      • http://Facebook Kath

        Sorry my ipad finishes sentences, for me, sometimes

      • Annabelle Kazee

        If we lose all of the doctors,who do you think will be taking over???/that is what concerns me.

    • Kendra

      Are you referring to Goldman Sachs and the other mega-banks that are on continuous bailout as we speak?

    • yshuaben

      Like the gifts that Romney promised you, like lower income taxes perhaps?

  • http://Facebook Kath

    My husband is an ER doc and says there will be many doctors, who are able, who will retire early. Colleagues are discouraging their offspring to choose careers other than medicine. We already need more physicians as it stands. Barack Obama will end up bringing in foreign doctors, to fill the spots. It is going to be a nightmare.

  • Brian

    The utter unworkable complexity of ObamaCare, and the impending "train wreck", is not a flaw in the system – it is a feature. It is going to foment a true medical care crisis so vast, that emergency measures must be taken. The government will declare that there is no time to go back to the drawing board, with some type of private sector solution. The only solution is a government single-payer system, implemented by executive decree, if necessary. I mean, the President can't just stand by, while sick and injured people can't get care, can he? Of course, this – a socialized medical system – was always the desired solution by the Democrat Left.

    • Steve Hope

      But why does the D L (Democratic Left) want it that way. What is the root motive. I have heard follow the money trail. But does anyone not in the D L know the trail? This is my opinion. Companies not wanting to be under the obummer law will work their employees 30 hrs or less. This will mean one of two things. Either the employee spends more time at home probably watching TV which will only have more progaganda on it. Also subliminal messages. Also more time on internet where CISPA will monitor. All three of these things together will affect 50 percent of America to help them reach mindless drone standards. 40 percent of America already has reached that level (they voted for Obama)Now there will just be 10 percent left to conquer from OBamas viewpoint. 3 percent he already controls because they are in his pocket. Just 7 percent to go. I know exactly who those people are.

    • Kmilliorn

      You are absolutelly correct. The ACA was designed to put the insurance companies out of the insurance business & into the healthcare financing business–which, with the requirement to cover all pre existing conditions, makes it impossible for insurers to remain in the business. This "clears the way" for the government to step in as the "(single)payor of last resort"–which most of us docs figure was the goal all along.

    • Laura

      Brian – how do you control a mass population? You take away their freedoms one by one. When we are totally dependent on the government for our healthcare, they will get the guns, then we are done.

  • Greg Jones

    –You don't have to guess what will happen. Look at what happened to medicine in Germany an Austria when Hitler took over. Personal care all but stopped, except for the very wealthy. Patients with a poor chance of survival, or without a 'true necessity' were denied care. The advancement of medicine itself was stifled. The health care system in the US has advanced to where it is because intelligent working people are (were) rewarded for their work. People with means were rewarded for investing in untried medicines and techniques. Take the reward away, and people will spend their efforts accordingly.

    • Steve Reaves

      Bull$hit. Socialized medicine works in EVERY other developed, industrialized nation in the world.

      • Vin Campbell

        Yes is does!!!!

        Thank You!

    • yshuaben

      Greg Jones, and you forgot to mention that while the upper class are getting the better overall treatment, people are really dying from not having real Health Care. Emergency Care is NOT the same as Health Care. You also forgot that right now Germany is ranked higher then the US, and they still have Socialized Medicine. There really are numerous factors you left out.

    • Vin Campbell

      Germany? Austria? Hell Greg. I'm on the map. At least the last time I checked! Where are you?

  • Matthew Williams

    America seems full of greedy people who dont want a fair system for all. However how would they feel if poor and not getting medical care. They simply dont care as long as it doesnt cost them anything. We in Europe have free healthcare and it works out cheaper than the American paid for health insurance and guess what Americas healthcare is rated by the UN as one of the poorest value for money and low on treatment scales. You need to wake up. Canada gets on fine with nationalised healthcare. Americans have their heads up their butts on this issue.

    • Laura

      Matthew – if socialized medicine is so great, how come all of the Canadians and Europeans come HERE to have procedures done?

      • Eric

        We don't.

        • uselogic

          Ahh but many, many do. So are you Canadian or European, pray tell?

  • Lauren

    Let's look who is making the profits in healthcare.. Can you say big Insurance companies.. Don't blame Obama this has been a problem for 15 years. The docs get squeezed the patients get squeezed and the profits rise..

  • Jeremy

    "We have to pass it to find out what's in it." Remember that awesome dem quote

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