FAU student says she’s threatened by Allen West’s defense of his wife

Allen and Angela WestAn April 21 Sun Sentinel article, “University on Edge,” details the confusion and dissension on the Florida Atlantic University campus. In addition to the embarrassment over the GEO prison group’s proposal to buy the naming rights to FAU’s stadium, an Islamist student organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, has been active in anti-Israel demonstrations and harassing students.

Now we have a student, Stephanie Rosendorf, claiming that former Congressman Allen West is a threat to her and other students on campus, when according to West, they have been harassing his wife. Radicals don’t appreciate reciprocity when it comes to menacing other people.

On April 17, Tom Trento and I debated Rosendorf about these FAU issues at an event hosted by La’Dor Va’dor synagogue and Rabbi Barry Silver. Rosendorf will be attending Georgetown University Law Center next semester. My cat can now apply there. The university and Students for Justice in Palestine refused to send representatives to the debate. Rosendorf told the audience that West has threatened her and others, but did little to detail or offer evidence of these “threats.” I followed up by actually reading Facebook comments made by West and found they were not threatening to anyone at all.

I completely understand the Alinsky tactics and have no issue with the insidious and incessant personal attacks by the left against me. However, I am warning you, end your harassment of my wife Angela. The students from Florida Atlantic University who have gone to my wife’s office, stalked her at the FAU Board of Trustee meetings, and sent letters to her company headquarters, end it now. This is not a threat, it is a promise that if Angela calls and tells me of one more incident, you will face me, the side of me that you do not want to see. My wife Angela is an American citizen and if you believe that you can intimidate her to surrender her freedoms you are mistaken. Those left wing groups and lawyers associated with these individuals supporting their antics, I recommend you disassociate yourself. How dare you animals attack my wife and her professional reputation. This is your one and only advisory notice.

Any husband would react like West did in defending a wife who had allegedly been bullied, threatened, stalked and screamed at by a bunch of spoiled, arrogant and nasty children.

At the April 17 debate, we confronted Rosendorf about the “stomp Jesus” classroom assignment led by FAU Professor Deandre Poole. The aspiring attorney’s response was that Poole had his constitutional rights violated and Ryan Rotela, the student who had found the assignment offensive, had no such right to confront his teacher. Of course, Rosendorf, a student Democratic leader, claimed that Poole’s position as vice chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party had nothing to do with her support of this man. A lawyer in training!

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • Sam Page

    ► If any readers don't know who Allen West is, go to YouTube and type in his name. Then come back here, re-read this article –– and have a mop standing by to swab up all the blood that's going to shoot out of your eyes.

    ► I'll wait.

    • Cherry Walker

      Allen West is a former Congressman, a hero who saved American lives while interrogating a terrorist who had information of ongoing attacks against our countrymen and women. He is also a husband and father who is willing to stand up against bullies who would threaten his family. I stand with him!

      • Suanne Hagood

        Me too. We should have more like Alan West who stand up against these kookie kids who think they know more. Yes…I think this young girl needs a kick in the rearend and possibly time out.

      • sal cilmi vietnam ve

        you got that right i stand at the ready

      • LInda Zeitoune

        I agree 100% with Mr.West! Spoiled moronic snots attending college who "think" they know what is going on in this world! Same idiots who stupidly voted for Obama! Soon they will grow up….lose their stupidity ..and hopefully turn Republican! Cource some folks can never give up stupid!

      • lovinspoonfuil

        But they don't like having to justify the way they act do they? Allen West has every right to protect his wife.

    • Erika Moureau

      I don't understand the comment about blood shooting out of anyone's eyes, but I DO understand that Allen West is an American Hero, that he is a husband willing to protect his wife from the idiot Liberal Children, who would do much better to apply themselves to their college studies, instead of trying to bully people into their way of thinking!

      • Geri

        These children are so transparent. They can dish it out but they sure as hell can't take it. I admire Mr. West for his military heroism, but I respect him even more for his very clear and concise admonition directed at this little wuss. Perhaps this might make it clear to parents that they must be very careful regarding that tuition check they sign each semester.

        • Edith

          Would be nice if parents were signing checks for this kid. More than likely the tax payers are paying for it through federal grants and loans that may never be paid back.

      • Sam Page

        Think about it, Erika Moureau. Haven't you ever been so angry that it felt like blood was going to shoot out of your eyes?

        (It's an expression; a vivid metaphor; a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money); broadly : figurative language.)

        Are we ok here Erika?


        • Jason Odom

          Hey Sam…If you are trying to assist Erika, you might try not coming off like an elitist snob. As for your original post, it might have helped if you had been less vague as to your support or lack of support for West. Glenn Beck often uses the reference that you made so I'm sure that many will get the imagery but will still be wondering where you stand on the issue of West's defense of his wife.

          • Sam Page

            Well, Jason….

            I'm a 10th grade drop out, who left home at 14 in the 1950's. I'm sorry explaining what a metaphor is brought out such condemnation.

            Who knew?

            Remember, this is the internet you moron, where one cannot see or hear inflections in body language or speech. You have NO IDEA WHAT MY SENSE OF HUMOR IS – NOR WHAT MY INTENTIONS ARE BEYOND YOUR OWN SMALL MINDED LITTLE PERCEPTIONS, YOU JUDGEMENTAL LITTLE PEBBLE.

            So, back the f•ck off skippy.

          • Sam Page

            .."but will still be wondering where you stand on the issue of West’s defense of his wife".

            What are you, the Mozart of stupid?

            What the hell do you think, I think, about Col. West? You know exactly what I think, and you knew it when you thought, well, I'll just get up & kick the cat, and go on line and bust somebody's balls today.

            Here's a thought:

            An appeal to ridicule is a common type of logical fallacy. Being able to spot it in arguments will help you defend yourself, and avoiding it will make you a much stronger communicator and debater. The problem with most logical fallacies is that they are very tempting to use, because many of them are effective, especially against a weaker opponent. However, an appeal to ridicule can easily be turned back on the person who uses it, if someone is keen enough to spot it and jump on it.

            In an appeal to ridicule, a person belittles a claim by suggesting that it is absurd. The mockery of the claim, in theory, reduces its power. However, an appeal to ridicule does not take the form of a valid or useful argument, because it brings no new information or concrete discussion into the debate. There are numerous examples of an appeal to ridicule, but they all more or less take the form of “X is foolish, therefore x is false.” Often, an appeal to ridicule utilizes a straw man, a weak argument created by the opposition and attributed to the defense. A straw man is easy to debunk for the opposition, and an unwary defender may not be aware of how his or her words or position were twisted to create a straw man.

            Blah, blah…

          • Sam Page

            One last thing Jason. Didn't you see the winking smilie face after I said: "Are we ok here Erika?"


            I think you go out of your way to start s•it on the Net.

          • nancy

            Hi Jason, I saw that angry SAM responded back to you! You obviously hit a raw nerve! haha I am going to ignore SAM because he is insignificant and is someone who acts like they drank the liberal kool aid. I believe SAM's attitude along with so many others are a direct result of the obama regime. This president has sent out the message that we are clearly a divided nation and he makes it a point to keep us divided! These college children are just following obama's example; if people do not agree with you, condemn them, go after them and it is okay to try and destroy them. It is a very sad time in our history that we have a president that sets such a poor example. The message is out there that it is okay to harass or intimidate anyone to get your agenda across. God Bless America

        • http://Facebook BADOLDHAG

          Maybe Erika isn't a 'local'; maybe Jason is her brother. It's a shame that higher education is not used for anything better than shouting down anyone who doesn't agree with your opinion. Teachers (inc. professors) are openly teaching students that it is justifiable to get everything for free, not working for 'the man' who abuses employees while cheating them of their 'rightful wages' (Company shouldn't be allowed to keep any profit.); equality in everything, whether you work for it, or not; black is white; right is wrong (all meanings); socialism is the soup d'jour. It's "1984" all over again. The double-speak is so common, day in and day out, that nobody can believe or understand what THEY just said. It is sad. The young and rebellious know-it-alls, really don't. They don't have a clue that they are being played, and their world is going to change. They may not like what they will get. Ahhh, yes, it's a brave new world.

          • Fairandrew

            Well said Badoldhag. The assault on education and the constitution began in the 1920's and has made a lot of headway since then. Read about the Reese Commission. It's in the Congressional Records.

          • Tish

            Dearest Badoldhag your comment reminded me of a saying my mom used to say. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it… Thank you for the memory of my wonderful mom. As far as these ungrateful brats who have no clue what many gave given for them to spew their communist/socialist views. They only hear the propaganda of how fair it would be for everyone to have an equal share .I highly doubt they ever took the time to study the downside oc

        • Turn the page

          Sam Page are you ok? I think you are off your meds today. Your metaphor was not confusing, your opinion is. This was respectfully pointed out to you without ridicule and then you go off like a paranoid schizophrenic.

          • Sam Page

            Oh, puh-leez…

          • http://Bizpac Ted

            Sam. Sounds like you kicked the can in the junkyard and got the mean dogs barking. I wasn't offended by the "blood eyes" thing. I knew what you meant. Kind of makes you wonder, look around, listen, and just wonder again. Good analogy though.

            Got to add this: Think. Now if you like Col West, more than life itself—-you could be in a "bromance". Sorry, couldn't resist. Woof.

      • Carolyn Smith

        I am 100% behind Allen West. He is well within his rights to warn these obnoxious brats to leave his wife alone. They have no rights whatsoever to harass or intimidate anyone. When they act like this , it only turns me away from them and I don't even care what their argument is. Make your point and do it civilly and intelligently. Acting like hooligans doesn't cut it with me!

        • tony glendening

          Carolyn civility and intelligence does not fit with Mr West. He lost his seat in congress because of his vicious attacks against Wasserman Schultz, his verbal abuse on her and others, and his false claims against other members resulted in his defeat at the polls. As for his heroic service in the military, read the report of his resignation, which he accepted rather than be Court Martialed.

          • http://AOL Barbara

            I live in Florida, and voted for Col.

            West, because he is not a phony and tells it like it is….not like Wasserman-Schultz, who lies with every word she spews out with hatred. I read about Col. West and his resignation, I would rather have my son or daughter serve under him, than some coward that does it by the book!!

    • Trish

      Yes he stands up to this jerkomatic in DC

    • Sam Page

      For all you morons out there who can't decipher a metaphor, (aka/Jason), YES, I LIKE Allen West – more than life itself.


    • Sam Page

      ► For all you morons out there who can’t decipher a metaphor, (aka/Jason), YES, I LIKE Allen West – more than life itself.


    • Mark

      Sam, you'd better quit while you're ahead. I have a Master's degree and I still, even after you've explained it, have no idea what in the world your "metaphor" means.

      • Sam Page

        (I'm convinced there is great need for a sarcasm font).

    • Stuart

      Thanks for sending me to YouTube for info on Allen West.

      It showed that he is AWESOME!

      Too bad there are some haters on the left that aren't very tolerant of a strong Black man speaking out and defenders of freedom.

  • Tom Scott

    Colonel West is a great American. Unlike the incompetent boob who is living in the White House.

    • Beckery

      …and her husband.

  • Sandra

    If these people want to protest what is going on in Palestine, then they should go to Palestine and stay there. I'm sick of these people taking advantage of the benefits of American life and then spitting in the faces of their benefactors. And if any of these students are Americans they should be given a choice: Go to Palestine with your friends or leave the university. Stop causing problems. Ignorant left wingers running these schools invite this ridiculous, ill-bred behavior.

    • newlife777

      I think it is time the FBI investigated these groups for future terrorist attacks. Allen West is a great man that loves this country and his wife. Way to go, Allen. If we had more like him in office our country would not be in the shape it is in today. Time to put 'political correctness' aside and hammer down on these groups. I agree with Sandra completely, leave America and go live in an Islamic country. We are sick of you here. I love America and I want it back from the liberals and radical hate groups!!!

  • George Ware

    I remember some time ago that someone said something negative about the Obama daughters and everyone was up at arms and should have been. So how is it that Mrs. West is fair game? There is a double standard when it comes to the Democrats. Miss Rosendorf speaks of Mr. Poole's constitutional rights being violated while proclaiming Mr. Rotela has no rights, constitutional or otherwise. Can you say H Y P O C R I T ???

  • Ronnie

    Someone or group may need to look into what is going on at FAU, Sure make the headlines a lot!. Don't think they bullied Alan West!. Liberals, Trouble makers, the same.

  • Patriot1742

    Time to open a large can of whoopAs…..-Thank you Colonel West for your service.

  • Jeff Smith

    It sounds to me like little Stephanie needs a spanking, then sent to bed without supper.

    • Lilli

      Or maybe she could go back to her country of birth. I imagine she wouldn't feel so threatened there. Ya think?

  • Orett

    I am totally threaten by this brain-washed Marxist/socialist student, for the future of America, for myself, my children and my grandchildren!!!!!

    Shame on her, that she can't honor and appreciate a true American hero!!!

  • CapnJack

    Just another Liberal slut mouthing off.

    • uselogic

      And she's going to Georgetown, like her Fluke-ing mentor. What the heck happened to Georgetown, an erstwhile well-regarded Jesuit university?

  • Sireta Neighbors

    Perhaps they don't know that a REAL man stands up for and protects his wife …. instead of beating her the way the Koran instructs him to. If I were a woman in a Muslim country, I'd be figuring out a way to take care of the men in my family … and I don't mean waiting on them.

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