Muslims celebrate with sweets, praise to Allah over Boston bombing

islamic jihad

2007 file photo: Sheikyermami

Muslim extremists throughout the Arab world celebrated the bombings at Monday’s Boston Marathon.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others reportedly danced and cheered in the streets of Gaza, even passing out sweets upon learning of the death and destruction in Boston, the Israeli News Agency said.

The head of a major Jordanian Muslim extremist group said he was “happy to see the horror in America,” The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The al-Qaida linked, Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab celebrated in its own way, by gloating on Twitter at 2:00 am Tuesday morning, PJ Media reported:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.42.55 PM

After the announcement of the bloodshed in Boston, Shumukh al-Islam forum posted a well-known rallying cry from former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

“Urgent // Casualties and Injuries in an Explosion that Shook the US State of Boston, and a State of Panic and Chaos Spreads Across America in General,” said the first scrolling message.

That was followed by this bin Ladin quote: “I swear by Allah the Great, who raised the sky without pillars, that America and those who live in America will not dream of security until we live it as a reality in Palestine and until all the disbelieving armies are expelled from the land of Muhammad, Allah’s peace and prayer be upon him.”

Below are some comments made on the popular jihadist forum, known to be a “primary source for official messages from al-Qaeda,” Site Intel Group reported.

[Ibn Talha al-Muhajir]

Allah is Great, praise be to Allah. America is ruined. Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great.

[al-‘Amal al-Salih]

Allah is Great!!! O Allah, put fear in their hearts and make them die from fear and horror.

[Muhammad Abu Bakr]

Allah is Great, Allah is Great, Allah is Great  Two explosions were heard in Boston in America!! Six people were injured!!


Yes, they are really explosions, days ago. Almost a week ago, I read news that one of the brothers will carry out bombings in America, and some of the brothers criticized him for giving information like that on the jihadi forums. Allah knows best.

[al-Faqir Ila Allah]

Allah is Great, Allah is Great…Panic and deployment of anti-terror forces… in Boston… after two explosions?! #America!!


We ask Allah that this is the start before the storm. May Allah give you the glad tiding of Paradise for this joyous news.

[Khuwater ‘Asifa]

By Allah, even if no one is killed in these explosions, the fear that entered the hearts of the millions of Americans who watched the marathon live on television is enough.


Allah knows best, it is a perfectly planned series of explosions targeting certain cities in America! It might be the start of big coming operations, Allah permitting..I ask Allah that Qaedat al-Jihad is the one responsible…

[al-Zubeir al-Maqhur]

Every drop of American blood that falls is part of the retaliation for the tortured Muslims all over the world…We ask the Almighty to make these explosions one of them.

 CLICK HERE for Boston Marathon bombing – Live Updates.

Janeen Capizola

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  • Victoria

    Cowards that know no God. They go from praying to gold and.wood and want to say they know God. God of love, forgiveness, and peace. They dont know my God or my Christ. Thats why they are always starting wars. Wars within themselves and everyone else. Time to go where they are and watch them run like cowards. Hiddening behind the many wivies and children. I am ready to serve my country….. So whats up? Let do it

    • Uma

      more muslim immigration. more terror bombs. but gullible whites are too stupid to connect the dots.

      • tommy

        Not all gullible white are stupid but enough are with all the gullible black people to elect and put a a lying ass black muslin in the white house. But his time there will end and then maybe the new president will run all the coward ass rag heads back home with a present that goes BOMB !!!!!!!

        • Ilse

          If it turns out that the perp is a muslim, ALL need to be shipped back. Too bad if there are some GOOD ones amongst them. No and's if's or but's about it.

          And no more visa's of any kind from any muslim country. Also keep their lawbreaking diplomats out of our country.

          • Ruth Ann

            Hasn't the world learned yet? When America is at our lowest point, we are at our best. You Muslims are really helping American's to reach down, inside, and love one another as the brothers and sisters we are. Siblings always bicker with one another until their family is threatened and then watch out! We will band together and be stronger than ever before. Turn to your black, white, brown, yellow neighbor and say "We're together on this right? So let's kick some ass". GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • Isabella1709

        Lots of us connect the dots Uma, we didn't get elected twice and can't do a damn thing about it.

      • N.Sarkozi

        Problem is, the ones that aren't gullible are called racist, xenophobic, ignorant bigots.

      • pjstx

        Uma: Uncle Joe (Stalin) said it doesn't matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes. The exact precincts in exactly the right states were counted by guess who? Some had more than 100 percent voter turnout, some had 100 percent of the vote go to one candidate. No one questioned it. Why not?

        Don't even have to be smart about how they're counted.

    • http://Facebook Robert Powers

      They are the lowest form of life on this planet. Their hypocrisy knows no limit. We should just nuke the Godless bastards and make the middle east a parking lot. They profess to be religious but act like heathens. Allah is a joke.

    • Ali Harris

      do you guys still believe this crap…why would a muslim be posting things like this…isnt the FBI out there monitoring things like this…this is fake, why arent these ppl locked up……..and above all, no arab muslim that is a terrorist can speak/type that clearly…it sounds like an american hate group that will post something like that on twitter

      • Richard

        Ali, You are most certainly incorrect in your statement that no arab muslim can speak or type english like that. in fact after living there for several years thats exactly how they would speak or type. They are not stupid they speak and write English. English is widely used.

      • N.Sarkozi

        For all we know this site could be hosted in another country. FBI doesn't have jurisdiction in every country and the internet doesn't belong to the USA.

      • I luv rice

        Yah Ali possibly. We may not even know maybe the Chinese or North Kor cloaking behind the bombings and this site.

      • I luv rice

        you know..cyberwarfare

      • Barry G

        @ali, how is it that you can type so clearly? Maybe the FBI should come a knockin on your tent door you raghead.

      • Casey

        They say that stuff because they know Owebama won't do a thing to them.MAybe it's time we start treating them like they treat us.that could be a LOT of fun.

    • lovinspoonfuil

      Why are we giving space to muslims in this country? And why is Obama sending money and airplanes to the muslim brotherhood when they hate us so much and rejoice about the Boston bombings.

      What he is doing is treason. He donates to terrorist groups and he sends money and airplanes to the muslim brotherhood. He is not fit to occupy our White House. Defund all amenities to the white House.

    • http://CHROME Joanne LARA

      Obama will probably give them millions of more money…more weapons, and tanks, and planes

    • Jessica James

      I love how mad shootings and murders are being done by Americans and one attack done by two "Muslims" labels every Muslim in America. What is wrong with you? This is not the first time people use religion as an excuse to kill people. This is disgusting.

  • Victoria

    And Americains are not scare of cowards. We go to their door. Face to face. This is the home of the brave you stupid anti christ muslins. So stupid you cant tell that you worship the devil. Living your life doing evil….. Duh?

    • Jerry

      @Victoria, Before calling other people "Stupid", Maybe you should learn how to spell so you yourself don't appear to be "Stupid".

      • Ron

        And disregard my typos. I have big fingers and I know how to spell. So ShutUp.

  • Jorgepsousa911

    Allah Akbar, you sons of a bitch!

    • allahhater

      Allah dont exist stupid ass! Is it 72 virgins or 1 72 year old virgin? Men or women or both? Stay in your part of the world and leave everyone alone. Why would you want to kill someone for a figment of your imagination?

      • FaUlClKa

        72 year old virgin my ass, we all know that ALL of them lose their virginity by age 6. Not one of the MALES can get it up unless she is young and crying.

    • Ron

      Yeah! My mother was a Bitch and she could kick you ass any day of the week on Town Square.

      Allah is a Big Joke and he is the Star on Your Ass.

  • allah sux jesus

    stupid muzzy godtards

  • You serious?

    THIS IS NOT TRUE! DON'T LET YOUR HATE MAKE YOU BELIEVE THIS BS! The same photo was used last December by another crazy blogger attacking Diane Feinstein, and NONE of the quotes are attributable to ANY media organization! FRAUD!

    • James B.

      By media organization, you mean like MSNBC, CNN, NY Times? Thank God for conservative sites like this one or we would never hear about the vile response from the extremists. Part of the information came from AP, the biggest media organization there is! The rest of it from tweets and sites directly. Just because the picture was mislabeled out in cyberspace does not make the reporting false, but I'm sure you already know that. The story is not about the photo if you ask me, it is about the fact that these people still want to KILL us! I guess none of that matters to you if those in the photo were celebrating a different terror attack than this one. And for those who are sad that innocent Muslims are being lumped in with the extremists, I'm gonna have to guess that you have retention problems when you read because the very first sentence and everything after that distinguishes these people as extremists! Do people even read before they comment?

    • Ali Harris

      do you guys still believe this crap…why would a muslim be posting things like this…isnt the FBI out there monitoring things like this…this is fake, why arent these ppl locked up……..and above all, no arab muslim that is a terrorist can speak/type that clearly…it sounds like an american hate group that will post something like that on twitter

    • Ali Harris

      do you guys still believe this crap…why would a muslim be posting things like this…isnt the FBI out there monitoring things like this…this is fake, why arent these ppl locked up……..and above all, no arab muslim that is a terrorist can speak/type that clearly…it sounds like an american hate group that will post something like that on twitter….

  • Daniel

    Congrats on being fooled by years and years of propaganda. We are chain drone bombing their country ruin thousands and thousands of family, 200+ children have been reported killed by our bombs. Hell I'd be rejoicing too that we got what was coming to us.

    Buncha biggots. If we were getting drone bombed by China, you think we'd sit and watch? Or grab a gun and go fight?

    Who's the terrorist now?

    • salvatore d homer

      @Daniel your comment is so funny, I hate to burst your bubble but in war there are always civilians killed been like that for thousands of years. A certain group of Muslims have called us the great Satan and want to rid the world of us and you are condoning these attacks on us, these groups hide in civilian populations so what do you suggest we do? I have a suggestion why don't you do us all a favor and move out of the USA since you do not like living here.

    • Star

      @Daniel News flash, American civilians ARE NOT drone bombing over there. The US government is. Innocent civilians shouldn't have to pay for what the elite government has done. Oh and it was THEIR groups who started the ball rolling for us to fight back after 9/11 when they hijacked those two planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers. So we should just forget all the civilians, including SEVERAL CHILDREN IN A DAY CARE, who died as a result? Children who lost one or both of their parents that day? If they didn't want a fight, they shouldn't have attacked us.

      • AmericanLibertarian

        We are our government. We elected them into power, we allow them to drop drone bombs over other nations. We have given them that power, either directly or indirectly through out indifference and apathy. We as the people of the United States are 100% responsible for what our government does. If we truly didn't agree with the drone bombings, we would all DEMAND it stopped immediately. WE outnumber those in Congress nearly 1:1,000,0000.

        No, we as a country don't want to stop bombing the Muslims.

        No, we started the ball rolling. You think 9/11 was the first time EITHER side ever did anything to eachother? WE've been interfering with the middle east for at least a century. You are blind or stupid to think they threw the first punch in this fight.

        Yes, we lost a lot of civilians on 9/11. We've killed over a MILLION Iraqi's and Afghans (not differenciating combatants vs non-combatants) so when do we c all it EVEN?

        • JLParsneau

          @American Libertatian, you can't be serious! Do you really think that we are not writing, calling, petitioning our senators/representatives to listen to us? They can't even do anything! Harry Reid won't let any legislationon the floor that he doesn't like…we have a president that completely ignores the constitution and operates on "executive order"…a budget hasn't been passed for our country in over 4 years because the democrats refuse to seriously cut spending…we have a sitting Attorney General that is in "Contempt" but no charges are being brought because he is being protected by the administration…our director of Homeland Security has so much blood on his hands he could be straight out of the Third Reich…I could go on and on…AND YOU SAY THAT WE SHOULD JUST "DO SOMETHING???" Okay, Einstein, what is your plan? People are screaming "revolution" out here and you are suggesting that since we outnumber them 1,000,000 to 1 we have a simple solution. Yep. Our constitution protected us against this crap…it didn't protect us from a coordinated "shredding" by people determined to have their way at 'any' cost. The muslim religion allows you to "lie" if it furthers the cause. Our president and many in his administration are muslim, and have used this "technique" to its fullest. God help us. God give us wisdom. God bless the U.S.A. once again.

          • LDS24

            …YOU…Speak THE Truth….

            ………Thank You

        • ev

          The most educated reply I have seen in this dumb forum.

          • Jerry

            I second that!

    • t

      So. You are saying that since we drone bomb terrorists who run across the border of afghanistan to fight us and back to pakistan, and they happen to be with their family, that the innocent runners somehow deserved this? How sick you are.

      Why condone civlian death at all? This was no military target. They just swing wildly like a child and hope to kill someone since they cannot actually hit a military target. There is a difference between intentionally killing civlians, and civlians being caught in the crossfire of a military action. We don't go out targeting innocents, yet when thes idiots go bomb a crowded market filled with women and children its somehow ok?

    • LionDen

      so are you rejoicing in the death of an innocent 8 yo boy, the maiming of his sister, the potential grave injury to his mother, and the anguish of his father? are you here to say that you are glad this happened? if so, i posit you are just as bad as those you claim are the terrorists.

    • allahhater

      nobody's gettin droned. Obama is one of them he aint gonna do anything. He gives them money to attack us. He a puss

      They need to be nuked!

    • Evan

      Daniel, those drone bombs that you are referring to are dropped strategically on sites that are either known extremist hideouts or sites where they are firing missiles from. The extremists purposely hide amongst the innocent and put their weapons within areas like schools and parks to hide behind the innocent. Then when one of their innocent people die, they say “it was Allah's wish". We would not instigate China to bomb us for no reason and if we did go to war with them, we would not hide behind our innocent children.

    • Ali Harris

      do you guys still believe this crap…why would a muslim be posting things like this…isnt the FBI out there monitoring things like this…this is fake, why arent these ppl locked up……..and above all, no arab muslim that is a terrorist can speak/type that clearly…it sounds like an american hate group that will post something like that on twitter.,.,

    • Barry G

      Obama is Daniel, you Commie BASTARD!!!! NOW LEAVE THE USA


    I would like to say that this article is absolutely disgusting to me because its all garbage and ignorance in one. The true honest practicing Muslims were all absolutely shocked and remorseful about what happened in boston. This is a huge tragedy and a loss for all of us as humanitarians. This is so sad and terrifying to see what irrational behavior is occurring all over the world. WE all strive to live in harmony and peace with all people.

    • Star

      Maybe American Muslims may have been shocked and remorseful. But you cannot speak for ALL Muslims. There are extremists in every group, al-Qaida being a perfect example of a Muslim extremist group. There are American extremist groups too (the KKK being one example). Every group has it's fair share of nut jobs who take things too far.

      • Elizabeth Hamilton

        I agree.. You can't put everyone one in the same category .. That's not fair nor correct.. The people whom do evil are simply evil.. The thoughts and joy of hurting other people is disgraceful .. Shame on them for having no hearts… The Muslims whom are against this terrorism need to start speaking up and denouncing this horrible crimes against man. Silence is only shows agreement to anyone.. The Muslims in our Great Country America And The World Need to Voice Their Opinion To Stop Terrorism!!!

    • Ilse

      Show me a good honest Muslim….In all the acts of terror that have been committed by muslims I have yet to see one come forward and say anything against those acts.

      BTW I am spelling muslim lower case on purpose because that is what they are.

  • Rick
    • Rick

      I love this site when it's accurate, but lack of research on photos and information destroys your credibility. Good Luck..

      • Jack Furnari

        The reporting is accurate. The photo is a file photo and was incorrectly captioned. We apologize for the error.

        • who cares

          Well, that just made everything all better. Good Lord, forgive them ALL for they know not what they do. They have all totally lost their minds. Wars will never stop. Matters not who, what, when, where why or how. Earth quakes keep it up the world will break apart into space in pieces. Problem solved.

    • Tina

      lmao That's funny!

  • Rick

    Hiding BIZPAC from my news feeds until further notice..

  • DrCrimwitt

    How would it be if after we nuked all of Islam that Americans started dancing in the streets passing out cookies and other goodies in praise of killing innocent lives? But are these Islamofacists all innocent? Just the thought of hurting anyone that doesn't believe in what you do make you culpable. So, should America Nuke Islam and should we all gather around on the main streets of America and celebrate their destruction? Yeah, why not! Give them what they dish out and do it 100 fold! Muslims, and I mean all of them, are nothing more than immoral lying scum who intend to hurt anyone that doesn't fall in line with their violent religion.

    • Joseph

      bin laden

    • ED

      You do not have to put lines on the parking lot. Wants you take the action to remove the store.

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