Ted Nugent: If you wanna stop gun trafficking, arrest Holder

Sporting a very spiffy-looking beard, legendary rocker and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent appeared on CNN Thursday night to talk gun control with Erin Burnett.


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Nugent described the compromise reached by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., as little more than a “feel-good measure” that won’t do a thing to curb gun violence.

“I reject it out of hand as a feel-good measure that’s not going to accomplish anything,” he said. “It won’t stop any shootings, that’s for sure.”

Nugent and Burnett seemed to agree, at least in theory, on keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, with Nugent saying, “Every one of those nut jobs should have been in a cage a long time before they committed those heinous acts.”

The problem, though, the rocker told Burnett, is putting everything in the hands of the government.

“I just don’t trust the government,” Nugent said. “I don’t trust the government that claims it’s going to reduce the budget while they increase the budget.”

When Burnett said she agreed that America should put an end to gun trafficking, Nugent said, “Then you would support my recommendation that we arrest Eric Holder,” in obvious reference to his role in the “Operation Fast and Furious” debacle.

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  • http://FACEBOOK marcie rich


    • http://spinoza1111,wordpress.com Edward G. Nilges

      I went to high school with Nuge. He was a clown and a bully who was expelled from my HS (St Viator HS in Arlington Heights, Illinois) for his conduct which even the manifested a psychotic's disregard for others. He also enjoyed sticking his penis where it didn't belong because his Mom, a power in neighboring Mount Prospect city government, was always ready to rescue him from the consequences of his actions.

      Our typical image of the shooter is the "loser" who acts out his resentment. That isn't Ted but another type of shooter would the person who injures people psychologically or physically waving a gun a parties, enjoying others' fear and pain. Sometimes the gun discharges but this isn''t "the Joker's" intent: it was creating fear in women and "sensitive" males, with the latter often targeted the most.

      To my knowledge, there is no psychological profiling that identifies the Joker any more than profiling parents who leave guns around for the kids to play eith

      • Roberto

        Your opinion of "Nuge" from HS is amusing and has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Nice attempt at detracting from the points he makes in this CNN discussion with Erin Burnett regarding gun control.

        Minimizing valid points by attacking the messenger is juvenile at best. Your examples of mental illness and and guns also weaken your opinion on the subject. Your lack of knowledge on the subject is obvious.

        You may want to do some research on how mental illness and prescribed medications are related to the mass murderers. While your at it, look at the statistics your old buddy "Nuge" referred to relating to background checks and how law abiding citizens are denied their 2nd amendment rights.

        Take a good look at Chicago where gun regulations are the strictest in our nation and ask yourself why is the crime rate so high. I believe you will find that it is simply because criminals do not obey laws.

        It's time to let go you bias for your old pal from HS and realize he has grown up and moved on. I think what really pisses you off is that he has done well and is successful. Try to be happy for him. ;^0)

        • Silver


        • Rick

          You nailed it, Roberto!

        • Jennifer

          Thanks :)

        • Linda Hoskinson

          Well dais, Roberto! THANK YOU! It is pretty sad when someone has to go back to high school days to attack a person. Ted Nugent is a dedicated conservative and Constitution supporter. We are lucky to have him speak for us!

      • Sam Page

        ✭✭✭✭✭ This is one of the most pathetic, out-of-context, missrepresented left wing sack of boneheaded, barfbag blather I've heard to date.

        Other than that –– it was fine.

        *I believe the boy has an 'agenda.'

      • JWest308

        The left preaches tolerance,then only practices it if you agree with them. Should you disagree with their "feelings" on hot button topics then because of an absence of facts to rely on they turn to name calling and character assasination. How many of us are the same person we were in high school? Who among us as a young man or woman did things we were not proud of? Did that define you for the remainder of your life? I've read the stories that attempt to discredit Ted and call him a draft dodger. Do you trust the source and what is their motivation? I met Ted at the NRA convention last year in St. Louis and asked him to sign a hat for my son serving in the Navy. I found Ted to be incredibly genuine and he gladly signed my hat and reached into his pocket handed me a blood brother coin and asked me to send it to my son and thank him for his service. That was my experience with Ted. I would say he calls it like he sees it and his views are common sense not politcally correct dribble. Maybe your next story Edward could be titled Ted Nugent murders animals…and then eats them". The bottom line is Ted is right on this story it will do nothing to make one child or adult safer, its incremental gun control..we get this today and go after that tomorrow!

        • http://FACEBOOK marcie rich

          loved your comment on ted . this guy left a bad taste in my mouth . ted has always been up front,

          no non-sense kind of guy – as a gun-totin'granny and NRA MEMBER ! i have nothing but respect for this man. i see a little jealousy between the lines of his comment .

      • http://facebook Dave

        I don't really know what you just said, but you don't have to bring up Uncle Teds personal life out there to shame him.That happened a long time ago and I think he has done quite well for him self and he is the spokes person we need to get the TRUTH out about our idiots in government.Because you are jealous of him you put him down.Shame on you.Keep up the great work Uncle Ted.

      • Linda Walls

        Are you blasting Nugent or preening because you went to school with him? Last time I checked everyone is still able to state their opinions (but I am not sure for how much longer under this administration).

      • john

        Sir you are an asshole

      • Cam

        The opinion of a nobody from 40 years ago? Guessing by your reference to "bully" I take it you were a pathetic, weakling dandelion type who needed mommy up until you were 40? Get a life buddy!

        • http://FACEBOOK marcie rich

          way to go cam !!

      • Sonia Bennett

        I am not especially a fan of Ted Nugent, but am wondering what your purpose was in writing the stuff you just wrote? You did a personal smear on him with things that have nothing to do with the subject. Were you trying to say he is a joker or a nut case? What does it say about you? that needed to share personal stuff? We all did stupid things in H.S. its what you are doing now in your life. P.S. What are you doing with your life other than bringing up garbage from H.S.?

      • Leon

        Aw, you are just sowing sour grapes, he did not stick his penis your way perhaps? why else bring it up

        since it had nothing yo do with the article.

        Lord I hate trolls

      • John Carr

        Ed, I would say you were a little wimp who was, and still is afraid of his shadow.Now run along and hide behind your mamma"s skirt before a big boy Jap slaps the crap out out of you.

        PS Don't forget your blankie.

        • http://FACEBOOK marcie rich

          rofl !! good one !!

      • DiAnn

        That may or may not be so Edward, but the "Nuge" is right on this one.

      • B

        Were you born a commie asswipe or did it come naturally? Wow good commie tactic try to change the storyline has nothing to do about gun control your a pathetic loser and always will be, hey you hate the country so much, move to China you f****** loser!!

      • Gwanny

        Okay, buddy, I was pretty outraged at the meanness of your post. Then I read some of your blog and I understand. I'm sorry about what you're going through, but you need to pull the crabby stick out and go back to using your head. I have some bad memories of being bullied a little when I was in school, then a funny thing happened … at a reunion, someone told me they though I had bullied her! So you see, a lot of it is perspective. That, and the fact that we were all KIDS and sometime kids can be mean, without realizing the life-long effect it may have on a person.

        Also, if you haven't seen this before, you might want to check it out. I don't know if it will help you, but hey, it couldn't hurt. Peace.


      • Mr Tony

        WTF has this crap to do with his appearance on the show.?

      • mugsy

        what in the hell are you talking about, could we stay on point here. Wow Ed,

      • Arthur Nickerson

        Mr.Nigles, First, I would like to say some of those comments could be deem defamatory, as such you could( and probably should) be sued. Second, It would be nice if you could actually stick with the subject at hand. Gun rights(or gun control)which ever side you're on. I openly own and carry guns, I have trained my children how to safely handle guns, and have been a hunter safety instructor for the state in which I live. I know my state has one of the highest rates of gun ownership and one of the lowest gun crime rates, which I believe run hand in hand. With an armed citizenry, comes safety.

      • b mcsherry

        Granted, some youths are stupid, arrogant, elitist bullies, who feel they can do or say anything with impunity(like our progressive politicos). However, part of GROWING UP is CHANGING. Perhaps he has changed, perhaps you have also since you were in high school?

    • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

      Yes!he is an amazing man in so many ways.LIZ

  • StormEagle

    Teds views as far as i have seen are common sense .Since this is the first time I personally have seen and heard him actually speak on the subject, I am delighted to find how well spoken and informed he is.I am delighted beyond words at his ability and courage to speak out as well as he does. If he ran for President he would definitly have my vote.

  • michael scherer

    terrible ted is and always will be a draft dodger!!! for anybody to claim him as their hero, they obviously are not true americans.

    • The7thSon

      Really, Michael? Do you believe EVERYTHING you are told? The old "draft dodger" story has already been debunked. A look at Nugent's draft record shows that he had a student deferrment, followed by a medical exemption for a "limiting, but not disabling" medical condition.

      In short, do your research before carelessly throwing bullsh*t around.

    • Jerry
      • torepedo

        do a little research on the folks tha run snopes. Big time liberals. Would not trust snopes as a resource.

        • mike

          Here ya go idiot… IN HIS OWN WORDS… ON DRUDGE…. THAT FAR ENOUGH RIGHT FOR YOU? http://www.drudge.com/news/164969/dee-snider-nuge… HE WAS A DRAFT DODGER… NOW HE IS JUST A CHICKENHAWK.

          • paintman79

            Hey mike, that is not the real Drudge Report. Looks like some libtard named it drudge reTort.

            Ted was giving an interview ti High Times magazine and fu**in with them.

            Buncha liberal morons.

        • Sam Page

          torepedo ….

          ► Truer words were never spoken 😉

        • Linda Hoskinson

          Amen! The couple that founded Snopes were financed by George Soros' progressive group.

    • http://[email protected] Scott Henry

      How does it feel to know that the rest of the country now knows just what a moron you are?

    • Dana H


    • thomas

      whoever put obama back in as a president is not a real american ,, ted nugent is trying to help us save our country ,, while obamais robbing us blind ,, and trying to tax us to death

      • Honorfirstsister


    • Sherry

      I don't think he's old enough to be a draft dodger. He's my age or maybe a few years older and that definitely wouldn't make him old enough to be a draft dodger.

    • Gwanny

      If he was a draft dodger, then he is in the same company as Bill Clinton (Europe) and Al Gore (Canada).

      Got anything to say about those two???

  • http://[email protected] Scott Henry

    Ted Nugent may be a lot of things, but "correct" on this subject is at the top of the list!

  • Mr. Lynn

    Wow. Two people I really like. Miss Erin on CNBC. This must be a bit weird, this brought tears to my eyes.

  • Stan

    Ted is amazing with his facts, common sense, and no nonsense crap for this Government of the people. I agree with Ted lets stop picking on law abiding citizens who are doing the correct things to obtain their gun permits and right to carry. Let's stick to our current laws and enforce them. Go after the gun traffic personal and throw them in jail or out of the country!! Maybe enforce the death penalty on those who are 100% guilty with witnesses and not waste jail time. When they are convicted take them behind the court room give them a cigarette and blind fold them. Then let the victims families do the rest.

  • William Fuzi

    Why Are Americans dying in mass school shootings?

    That’s a good question. What has changed over the last thirty years? If you listen closely, or just pay attention, an answer will slap you in the head… Some people claim that there are too many guns, or they claim it is too easy to get guns… Just sixty short years ago you could open a catalog, from Sears and Roebucks, and have guns delivered to your door by the mail man… There have been many changes since then, some good, but more bad.

    The Civil Rights amendment was one of the great changes in America. But in the late sixties some college professors got together, and decided that progressive transformation was a good idea. They started teaching the ideas of revolution, and some students took it a bit too far… The war protests that erupted started as mere dissent, and then turned to terrorism, and murder. The demonstrations ended the Vietnam War, but left a great divide in the country. During the marches many riots were started. These riots gave birth to the race wars of the late sixties. That was just the beginning of the hate that infects society today.

    I remember a time when I was young, and it seemed Americans loved this country and its people. Maybe this is just because I was a naïve child, but I remember when the hostages were taken by Iran. It was like an attack on my own family. I remember the day they were released, I and all my friends celebrated like kids do, with tough talk and moments of grandeur. I remember “The shining city on the hill” Those words defined America at that time in my existence. Ronald Reagan said “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem.” Immediately I knew what I wanted to be. I guess it was pride in my country that was the driving force in my upbringing. I love this country, suffered for it, and still love it to this day.

    It seems like that doesn’t happen anymore. The words I love this country now seem to be some playing lip service… I talk to people and all I hear is how America is divided. I didn’t understand until I started actually listening… Everyone is in their little groups, and their all pitted against each other… It’s like everyone is on the edge of exploding all the time. What happened? All I hear is everyone wanting to bring the country together, but all the time tearing it down. America has become a Pox on the planet, while I was lost in some golden slumber… Today America pollutes the world, enslaves the planet, hates immigrants, oppresses the poor, and discriminates against anyone who is not white. Hello! We elected a black president, twice! But I digress, so back to my point.

    This is where I started paying attention. What changed? Ever since the Columbine shooting; I have been struggling, to come to grips, with the fact that no one will ever understand, what the hell drove two kids to destroy that many lives? Some said they were bullied. Lots of kids are bullied… Some said it was video games, or violent movies. Every child since the seventies, has played video games, and watched violent movies… Neither of these seemed to be a root cause. These two had enough hate in their hearts to shoot themselves in the head, after killing multiple students without mercy. What eradicated their Humanity? They went in like mechanical sadistic storm troopers. That is not normal behavior, it has to be learned. They were in high school, so how could they have acquired that much hate. If it was the bullies, they would have only killed the bullies. They had their very souls amputated. Who has that kind of influence on a growing mind?

    Now, since then we have had one massacre after the next. Eliminating the terrorist shootings from the equation, I have come to an epiphany… I know there will be much blowback, and arguing, but I believe my concept has as much chance of being true as anyone else’s opinion… All of the shooters in the school massacres have some things in common. They were all young adults, or older adolescents. When they performed their deeds, they were either students, or former students… From what I gather they all seemed to be outcasts, Goths, or what some might so lovingly call, out of the main stream… Somehow they lost their identity, never had one to begin with, or felt oppressed in the one they chose. But life has always been like that. Some kids just don’t find a place to fit in, but they never shot up a school; slaughtered innocents, and then killed themselves, until the last couple of decades. There has to be some influence that is slowly stripping them of their very being, until they can no longer stand the people around them, or their own lives.

    This is where I go back to the late sixties, and early seventies. The protesters, revolutionaries, and homeland terrorists that were conjured up during that time are now the teachers… The saying “those who can do, and those who can’t teach,” seems rather harmless, unless they are pumping their revolutionary ideas, into immature minds, that cannot process that information appropriately. The teachers today seem to teach that America is the most unforgiving, hateful country in the world… It is their idea of promoting change. They might even, in a moment of rumination, let their revolutionary ideas be disseminated, just to open up the little impressionable minds to conversation, or debate.

    Saul Alinsky May have been a great read in college… His ideas were revolutionary. He pointed out grave injustices in the inner cities that needed to be answered for. He even stated “A People's Organization is dedicated to an eternal war. It is a war against poverty, misery, delinquency, disease, injustice, hopelessness, despair, and unhappiness. They are basically the same issues for which nations have gone to war in almost every generation. . . . War is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play.” An outstanding moment of retrospect, but not good for the mind of a child; A young adult, or adolescents entire world consists of school and home. They really know nothing of the outside world around them. They only understand the stimuli that they are experiencing on a daily basis at school, and what happens to them after school…

    While teachers are exacting future change, by pushing progressive ideas instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic; Or former revolutionaries pushing sensitivity training, with a progressive slant, and a heavy sense of individualism, forcing students to build a sense of self that they don’t quite understand, all the while the children are lost in raging hormones, and teenage drama, feeling alone…

    I imagine being a loner is painful, but throw in a little bit of hormonal imbalance, some rejection, probably a heaping helping of bullying, a sense of no end in sight, all with a revolutionary teacher preaching justification for violence, and what do you think you will get? You will get a loner that wants to share his pain, and exact some measure of revenge on his world, and the end result will be a bunch of people wondering what the hell just happened?

    • torepedo

      very nice William It does make alot of sense thanks for the read

    • Terry

      Its the drugs they are forcing I mean recommending we put our children on because they are ADD or a little excitable, its doing things to their minds….its also just another idea…although i think the almighty federal government is considering the use of these drugs to reject you a permit to own or carry a weapon…that could restrict a entire generation from gun ownership…How convenient

    • rob

      thankyou for your service!!!!Fuzzi

    • Ron Manning

      I too Thank you for your time spent protecting our Country and our Rights. I believe you're correct in your points of view. I would also add the points that The Bible (Prayer in school)and the Paddle (accountability of your actions) being remove from our schools played a large part in this eroding of our country

    • Silver

      You will make Obama your enemy for loving your country and being a proud American. According to the Libs, we are world citizens. No American exceptionalism.

    • David Crump

      You Sir have hit the proverbial nail square on the head!It amazes and horrifies me in the same instant when I hear that our kids are being taught that the founding Fathers were a bunch of rich slave owners and that the Constitution and our fundamental beliefs that made America the greatest Nation on the planet are no longer applicable because we live in a different time now! We need to get back to Basics and teach our youth that no one is responsible for their choices or the consequences of those choices but themselves! In short,live up to your responsibilities, meet your obligations,take credit or fault for your actions and accept the outcome without excuses! This Nation is doomed as long as We The People continue to allow our Government to raise our youth and dictate what is taught them in these Indoctrination Centers some call colleges today. Parents should raise their children, not expect a Government or Learning Institution to do their job for them! Good citizens and decent people are formed in good homes by good,loving parents, not by the mindless Alinsky minions who are running rampant under the guise of educators today!

  • http://www.L-Y-N-C-H.com Thomas J. Lynch

    How may gun show "loopholes" does it take to fill the hole the Attorney General and Obama skirted around to send all those guns "walking" to Mexico in Fast n Furious?

    • Buck Dude

      Yeah! That's a question I want answered too. Among many many others…

  • http://[email protected] Michael Carlucci

    Holder needs to do some prison time, right along with a number of other individuals in this administration. I would strongly suggest including the Socialist Elect "Mac Daddy" Comrade Obama. I suggest "Club Gitmo" so they can be with like minded individuals and they will be able to make some new friends.

    • Gomez

      Well, Michael, how many Republicans do you see jumping on the bandwagon to bring charges against Holder and Obama for murder, gun trafficking, aiding and abetting known terrorist organizations…?

      The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. They will not turn on their own. It's for the same reason that sharks do not eat lawyers; professional courtesy.

      It is up to the People to do what needs to be done and clean house. The first step is getting out of the brainwashed beliefs that we have a two party system.

  • jerry

    I'm with you fellers !

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