White House cancels Jews, is Cinco de Mayo still on?

Obama Jewish Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month reception,
May 30, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

How do we know the election is over? Simply by keeping an eye on the number of times Barack Obama sticks his thumb in the eyes of Democrat-loving Jews. After getting a very respectable 68 percent of the Jewish vote, seeing many Jews lavish his campaign with funding and having hundreds of “Rabbis for Obama” sign their names to petitions aimed at Jewish voters, Obama in his typical cool fashion canceled the Jewish Heritage Month event at the White House – a celebration begun in 2006 by then-President George W. Bush.

With all the love and affection Obama has showered on Israel, how could he do such a thing? Where are the shouts of dismay from the Jewish crowd in Hollywood, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and all the big names listed in the Democrat National Committee’s Jewish Liberal Hall of Fame?

I’m positive Obama will do the same when it comes to the White House’s party celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and the Iftar dinner. Whoever wins the NCAA basketball tournament will surely be disappointed when Obama decides against inviting the team to watch him show off his great hoop skills. Or how about the Women in Foreign Policy celebration he recently hosted? Such important events!

The White House traditionally celebrates Cinco de Mayo. Surely after giving a middle finger to the Jewish community, he would not graciously host that bash next month.

Will the sequester bill the president pushed for and proudly signed into law be held responsible for the White House locking out political and publicity-seeking events in the future? Stay tuned to this space for updates.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • johndillinger

    The dominoes are falling faster each day as we approach total tyranny in this sleeping country, eh?

  • Robin Leclerc

    i hope the jewish people realize the mistake they made by putting their faith in a man who is only out for his own agenda…switch sides and put your faith back in the america that we all love

  • http://none Fred

    Frankly, as much as I dislike Obama, George Bush gave Obama all the tools he needs to accomplish his goal of taking over the country. THE PATRIOT ACT and DHS. Bush is as much as TRAITOR{perhaps even more so},than that POS in the White House.

  • Jan Porter

    C'mon, what's more important, sending money to Egypt or having a little Jewish thingie in the White House? We can't afford a little Jewish thingie. We can't afford to have people trapsing through the White House either, so we've cancelled tours…what's a little sequester rearrangement among friends, huh? And since when do citizens count, anyway? Send the money to support the Muslim Brotherhood. They need it…what wrong can then do?

    Oy vey.

    • JJ

      ..and thank God Sesame Street is getting $10MM to translate their program into Pakistani…

  • http://att Linda Mitchell

    This administration is a disgrace! How about sending Washington a backlash on everything they have done and not done-there liberal views are destroying our country. Now Obama wants to tell us how much money we can save for retirement have you heard that one -bet not because NBC,CBS,and ABC won't report it -I suggest we turn the liberal news off and lets see how there stations do for about a month-might be a different story-lets turn the nightly news off on NBC,CBS,ABC -spread the word turn the liberals off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dmitry

    American Jews will never denounce their genetic attachment to D party and now Obama's personality cult, no matter how many thumbs he sticks in their eyes. American version of Auschwitz will teach them the lesson… and it is in the making…

  • Alan Bergstein

    Dmitry is right on target! I can see the ads for Jewish carpenters, plumbers and fence installers to report to Montana to build reception centers for Jews….with brand new showers.

  • Nachama

    I predict that Obama will declare himself "President for Life" or at least eligible for a 3rd term. Why is he campaigning and raising money now? BO dreads Bill Clinton in the White House again. They are serious enemies.

    While 60% of the Jews voted for him, we can blame the 1 million morons who wasted their votes on Gary Johnson, AND the 3 million Republicans who did not feel Romney was right wing enough. Do they prefer what is happening to the US now?

  • http://facebook Mary Liz Danuser

    Whats in going to take to be awake again?Can we ever recover again?Liz

  • Fact Check

    Hey Bergstein, while Jewish Heritage Month began in 2006 under GWB, the White House Reception did not. Obama started the Jewish Heritage Month WH Reception in 2010 and also held one in 2011 and 2012.

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