Planned Parenthood shocks Fla. House, argues for post-birth abortion

Jose Oliva

Jose Oliva: “I think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, wouldn’t you agree?” Photo credit

A Planned Parenthood representative shocked Florida House members when she testified at a committee hearing that she believes it’s OK to end a baby’s life if it survives a botched abortion.

Alisa Laport Snow of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates said the decision to allow an infant to live or die following an abortion gone awry should be left to the mother and her abortionist, The Weekly Standard reported.

“So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,” Rep. Jim Boyd said. “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family and the physician,” Snow said.

Rep. Jose Oliva pressed Snow further when she repeated that the decision “should be between the patient and the health care provider,” asking: “I think that at that point, the patient would be the child struggling on the table. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“That’s a very good question. I really don’t know how to answer that,” Snow said. “I would be glad to have some more conversations with you about this.”

Dr. Kermit Gosnel is currently on trial in a Philadelphia courtroom for murder — for killing babies born alive after late-term abortions.

Read more at The Weekly Standard. The most relevant 6 minutes of the testimony follows, however, the entire 39 minute exchange is also available at The Weekly Standard.

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

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Michael Dorstewitz


  • Linda

    Planned Parenthood & abortionists wear "uterus" buttons, dress up like vaginas and hold signs that say "vote with your lady parts" to detract from the horrifying reality of abortion.

  • KB Cook

    If it's post-birth then it's not abortion – it's infanticide — MURDER

  • Lee Gotthardt

    And herein lies the danger of relative morals and relative thinking. Anything becomes permissable under one's subjective viewpoint. Maybe I think it is ok to kill these adults who are organizers for planned parenthood. Under relative morals no one can tell me I'm wrong. I just have to "do what works for me." Sad and completely illogical.

  • http://Facebook Edwin Jeffcoat

    The founder of planed parenthood was Margaret Sanger. It might surprise you to learn her philosophy of the superior white race..It is surprising that so many non-whites support planed parenthood.

  • Mal

    Absolutely! How can a mum and dad murder their own son or daughter? How can any decent politician allow this?

    • reality

      there are know decent politicians or abortionists

  • zeprin


    I'll go along with that.

    Just as long as we start with THEM.

    I've been an activist for Retro-active Liberal Abortion for years now. It's about time the issue started catching up. My big question is…do we televise the procedures?

    Strap down the Planned Parenthood Golums and stick the Brain Sucker into the base of their skulls. Maybe too much for the Networks. I'm thinking cable. Or Pay Per View…..

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  • Robert G. Mangold

    Ms. Snow just revealed to the world what her moral and ethical standards are – NONE! People that wonder why the world is in the condition it is need wonder no more, it's due to aberations like Ms. Snow and her ilk.

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  • OzGreyhoundSales

    These people are sick and evil. They use nice words like "planned parenthood" and "post birth". Basically what they are talking about here is murder. I believe in the natural right to abortion however would never do it myself but i'm sorry once that baby is born it is a living breathing human being! THIS IS SICK EVIL!

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