Judicial Watch investigating Obama girls’ Bahamas spring break soiree

Atlantis BahamasIf you wondered what is being done about the extravagant spring break vacation taken by Obama’s daughters in the Bahamas, wonder no more. Breitbart News, who broke the first report on the girls’ latest vacation, is now reporting that Judicial Watch is looking into the matter.

“The Obamas’ unnecessary personal luxury travel is an abuse of office in this age of sequester, unemployment, and out-of-control government debt,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Breitbart News. “Taxpayers are right to wonder why the Obamas repeatedly take personal trips with seemingly little regard for the resulting drain on precious tax dollars.”

Neither the Secret Service spokesman nor first lady Michelle Obama’s spokeswoman would comment on details regarding the cost of the trip, how many Secret Service agents or other resources were assigned, or who else accompanied Sasha and Malia to the posh Atlantis resort.

Judicial Watch has been active in trying to track costs affiliated with the Obama’s vacations. Records released in December, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed in September, listed the cost of first daughter Malia Obama’s March 2012 spring break vacation to Mexico. According to the records, the total cost of the trip amounted to $115,500.87, including these charges:

  • Ground transportation: $23,964.81
  • Lodging: $21,682.92
  • Airfare: $47,767.34
  • “Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized)
  • Support Charges: $449.66 (travel for one from Mexico City to Oaxaca, not itemized)

Judicial Watch noted that the controversial trip had been reported online, and said that 13-year-old Malia Obama was accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents and as many as 12 of her friends, but the news coverage was soon scrubbed from the Internet. The trip was made after a travelers’ advisory said to “avoid Mexico.”

Obama girls1

photo credit: Hangthebankers.com

Mediaite is reporting that Salon’s Joan Walsh has launched a scathing critique of the Breitbart coverage of President Obama’s girls’ vacation – calling it racist, no less – but she forgets the coverage she herself reported on President George W. Bush’s daughters back in 2001. The headline on her report: “The first family’s alcohol troubles.”

See the Breitbart News report here.

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Tina

    This is ridiculous…but yet Obama cut money for our militarymen& women serving our country who protect him… And this pompous ass is who people voted in…. I say cut his pay..get him out the white house…

  • http://facebook jimmy gregory

    I must say this is t-totally absurd that anyone could be so callous when it comes to things like this,especially when we are going through a seqester like this,they have no regard to the taxpayers,that is obvious.I could take a lavish vacation on 1/10th of what they spend,and have money left over!!! In closing I think the Obama's are just plain …''greedy''

  • Special Operator

    Simplu a continuation of Obama's "extravagant " funded totally by tax dollars paid by all of us. Obama should pay all the costs for his family outings that are not related to security. And, the numbers above do not include the cost of security…………if you include the cost of security for this trip it would be well over $1 MILLION. Obama's priority is golf, vacations, entertainment and fun…….he is too busy to fulfill his duties as Commander-in-Chief and order approperiation actions to rescue Americans under attack by terrorists which resulted in the death of U. S. Ambassador and three others serving our nation. While thje main street media covers everything up for Obama, history will not be kind to him when all that has been covered up is revealed. It would definately be in the best interest of America if Obama was to be impeached……….but, that won't happen. So Obama will continue as the Liar-in-Chief.

  • http://facebook Kathy Fitzgerald

    Until this becomes front page news and on every network's prime time news hour nothing will be done to curtail this abuse.

  • Ingrid Thompson

    I hope he enjoys his stay here on earth, because he will burn in hell.

    • http://yahoo linda


    • http://facebook. harvey


  • Dave

    All will be found to have been extravagant yet nothing wil be done!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    I agree – their spending is totally out of control! A president should lead…and listen to the people of the nation. His family should be role models for the rest of the nation and world. Sad to say, none of this is happening and we slip further and further in debt.

  • Anony

    Why doesnt Judicial Watch pursue the usurpers SSN-Everify that Dr.Orly Taitz- Sheriff Joe Arpaio and cold case possee have amassed.

    It is a travesty that our SCOTUS and Legislators ALL have essentially defecated on the American People.

    When much is given, much is expected.

    Eternity and judgement are……

  • Daphne

    Wow you are all so quick to jump to judgement without proof of anything as of yet. There are trips just like these that other first families have taken yet no one jumped on them as quick as everyone here has. Look back at what other first families have done and spent before you judge. Speaking of judging, it is NOT for anyone human to decide the ever after fate of someone, let God decide that and remember, "He who cast's the first stone" look at yourselves first. Your opinions have saddened me that it is not only the politicians that have gone wrong… but so have the people.

    • http://givingnsharing.blogspot.com Tina 'the book

      Amen – that guy above is kind of creepy.

    • TiredOfObamaBots

      Your an idiot, put the damn coolaid down and pay attention to whats going on. Surely cant be that blind.

    • Bill

      One simple answer: “Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized) I want to know what a 13 year old girl spent that money on. It wasn't the Obama's money, it was taxpayer dollars. If he is a millionaire, why are we supplying their children with "walking around money". Americans are paying more for their trips than the Brits pay for the royal family. It is sickening.

    • Dot

      Others have taken vacation trips, Daphne, but NEVER have any former White House occupants EVER spent us into oblivion as these have! YOU read up on the history of our past presidential families, and I think you will see the vast difference. This is total disregard for the good of our nation and people. They don't care what harm they do to this country… just so they can have what they want… if it's our hard-earned tax dollars… so be it! that's the ultimate greed and selfishness that we've seen from them.

      • Samantha

        Not only that but how many in just the last 3 months? arent these kids in school?

    • Bela'

      Daphne, you are both a traitor and a moron of you cosign this behavior. You're like a misbehaved child being called on their poor behavior…"But Georgy was doin' it too…!!!" Smells like a case of blind race loyalty to me…yup I said it.

    • bob

      when other first families took office the state of this country was in fairly good condition…but now that the economy has drooped off and the middle class is now considered poor..dont you think it is a little bit greedy.??..they want the tax payers to sacrifice theirs ,,but do they sacrifice any? the answer is NO ?? if i have to tighten up my belt, i think its only fair that the gov. tightens up theirs.since its our dime they are on !!!

    • tonya

      You are wrong Bela', Bush was constantly bashed by the mainstream liberal media on his girls "drunk" trips and alcohol fueled partying. He was joke too.

    • uselogic

      Pathetic attempt at moral relevance. If you're so saddened, please go troll elsewhere with your OFA money.

    • releggneh

      OH REALLY? How many times did Bush get bashed for going to his own ranch. How many times was his daughters criticized for partying with their friends. You libs are the most hypocritical idiots I've ever seen. The Ospendo's have taken 21 vacations since put in office. How many vacations have you taken. This does not include his golfing,throwing hoops or the girl's vacations!

  • http://givingnsharing.blogspot.com Tina 'the book

    I guess what I'd really like to know is – why is a 13 and 16 year old being allowed to go on a trip without her parents? These are children – who cares if their parent is the president? Who cares if they can get money from the country's coffers? These are children.

    Children this age should be having sleepovers at home under their parents supervision – enough said!

    • Brandy

      I was wondering the same thing!!! :)

    • Dot

      You're right, Tina… They are too young especially going out of the country… If truth were known, the kids would probably rather have a 'family vacation' with mom & dad like normal people do. But…there is a difference in them and a 'normal family.'

    • fred

      They have 25 secret service guys with them.

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