Illegal immigrant uses video game log to qualify for Obama’s amnesty

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Photo Credit: The Daily Caller

Only in Obama’s America could an unemployed, 25-year-old, illegal immigrant use his video game log to prove residency and earn “deferred action” to stay in the country.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported the story of Jose Muñoz, who hasn’t worked since graduating high school in 2005, but sure logged a heck of a lot of hours playing video games on his Xbox Live.

Muñoz said he wanted to go to college and work, but without citizenship, it was impossible.

Enter President Obama’s amnesty plan, “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival for those in situations just like Muñoz’s – people who came here before they were 16 and were under 31 on June 15, 2012,” the paper said. “For those qualified, deferred action allows them to remain in the country for two years and work and go to school without fear of deportation. It’s renewable after two years.”

Muñoz quickly retained immigration attorney Davorin Odrcic to help him apply.

Muñoz met all the requirements: “He had no criminal record, graduated from high school with honors and lived here since the age of 1,” his attorney said. But without a job, Muñoz couldn’t prove continued U.S. residency for the past five years.

So Odrcic, a gamer himself, decided to use Muñoz’s Xbox Live account to prove he had been in the United States during that time.

According to the Journal-Sentinel:

Muñoz had an Xbox Live account and, with it, had downloaded demos and games and communicated with other Xbox users.

“He sent me the proof of this that had his address, his account information and proof of all the games he had downloaded or purchased since 2007. It worked perfectly to establish that he’s been here continuously,” Odrcic said.

Muñoz was approved after a two-month wait, and has since taken on two jobs, at a factory and a restaurant.

“I work seven days a week, but that’s OK because I’m saving money to go to school and help my family,” Muñoz told the paper. “After all that time that I was so bored, now I don’t like having a day off. I’ve had enough days off. I can finally do what I want to do because nothing is holding me back.”

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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  • linda123456

    it's people like this…that need to be deported

    • Jdrm03

      It's people like you that should be allowed to vote.

      • Jdrm03


  • dalebriggs


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  • uncle bob

    As much as I'd like to see everyone who truly wants to be an American in every way,show loyalty to our constitution,we can't now 23 million Americans out of work or under employed and faced with 12 million more that will cost Americans when we just can't afford to is insane and will cause this country/government to steadily decline till there is no more U.S. Your choice believe the guilt trip this government tries to lay on you stupid people And remember there gonna be more if we give Amnesty,they will be running for the boarder,look at whats happened from 1887 or 1986 when Amnesty was given,we now have an estimated 12.5 million illegals I think it's double,how could they know they act surprised that there here,some elected official who took there oath seriously to defend and protect U.S. and our constitution from evasion and 12 million people is an invasion How say you ?

    • Indy

      Uncle Bob

      This child, "graduated from high school with honors". How well did you perform at high school? By evaluating the quality of your statements above, I would guess below par?

      I do not really pander to pedantry, but the irony is clear to see when you proclaim that U.S citizens are "stupid". If grammar, or English for that matter, is not your strong point, I don't think the general populous will be swayed by your rhetoric.

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  • tarahble

    Nice to know he got to enjoy the same education as the kids whose parents get taxed to death for "our kids to attend school", "road maintenance", "bettering our communoties". (What they really mean is for "illegal immigrants to obtain education", "bank and major lender bailouts", and "paying for our gorvernments ifficials and related persons to live like kings". This kid isnt our problem. But doesnt change that he will end up working under the table in a position that could go to an american but they wont get bc he works for less. Jesus.

  • Erik2001

    Seems to me that no one knows what ILLEGAL means anymore.

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