Lloyd Marcus: Stop making excuses for your black idol

Lloyd Marcus

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama is the leader of a movement rather than our president pursuing the best interest of the United States of America. To all you black  folks in my family who still think there is something seriously wrong with me for not supporting our black president, allow me to explain.

Obama is leading a socialistic secular progressive anti-America movement.

Whether you black folks in my family are ready to deal with it or not, the truth is Obama is always on the opposite side of what I know y’all believe. Though claiming to be a Christian, Obama is always opposing Christianity.

Our family heritage is full of ministers, deeply rooted in Christianity. No one in our family supports homosexual marriage. And yet, y’all support Obama who not only supports this sin, but is leading a movement hell-bent on forcing us to accept it as “normal”. Obama vowed not just to be a friend to the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender communities, but an advocate. Now, someone please explain to me how this squares up with the Bible you preached to me all of my life? It does not. Obama is black. You have chosen to side with him even over your commitment to Christ. I realize my statement may make you angry. The truth has a way of doing that.

Americans abort 4000 babies a day. A disproportionate high number of those babies are black. Obamacare forces Christians to fund abortions against their faith. But once again, you guys do not care. Obama is black. So whatever he wants to do is OK with you. You even accuse me of being disloyal to my race while Obama is the guy supporting the slaughter of black babies.

Since Obama won the White House, you guys refuse to honestly critique any issue. At $1.84 when Obama took office, suddenly you are fine with gas averaging 4 bucks a gallon. Black unemployment is higher today than it was when Obama took office.

Apparently, that is OK as well.

Despite Obama running the country for four years, y’all say he bears no responsibility for anything including the horrible economy. Obama is the biggest government spender in world history.

The federal government spends $405 million per hour that we do not have. So can one of my relatives explain to me how this is Bush’s fault?

Y’all say, “If only those evil racist white Republicans would get out of Obama’s way, he could fix everything!” I refuse to believe folks in my family are th


at stupid. Thus, I can only conclude that y’all are willfully making excuses for your black idol.

I am elated that a few (two) in our family have seen the light, but the vast majority have not. What I find extremely disappointing is that no amount of facts/truth appears to cause you to at least question your Obama zombie-ism. Your racism is so all consuming, you’re like the walking brain dead, with Obama’s black skin trumping everything.

Ironically, expecting me to join your worship of Obama goes against how I was raised. I was raised to stand up for what is right – always striving to do things God’s way. But when America elected a black president, our family’s morality and objectivity was thrown out the window in matters relating to this bizarre despicably conniving man. His race and skin color are all that matters. Who Obama is and what he stands for is irrelevant.

While I will always love my family, my respect for who we have presented ourselves to be from as far back as I can remember has been injured.

Despite your little digs, inferring that I am the weird guy in the family, I will not join your worship of the false idols/gods of race and skin color. Y’all raised me better!

Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American. He is a keynote speaker, entertainer, writer, columnist, artist. outspoken leader in Tea Party Movement. Lloyd is chairman ofCampaign To Defeat Obama.
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    Lloyd Marcus stands on principle.

    There is no higher accolade a man can receive.

    He has moral courage. We need more men like him.

    • corinthian

      Yes,we do need more like Marcus. I met him at the first Tea Party in Orlando. He comes across as smart, concerned about America, his voice is beautiful and he is passionate about the songs he sings~~oh, yes, he is also very hansome!

  • Shelly

    Praise God! However, scripture clearly reads in the last days families will be pitted against each other. Speaking of scripture, Luke 10:18 "And I beheld Satan, as lightening fell from Heaven." Coincidentally, Barack Obama or Baraq O bama translated in Hebrew literally reads lightening fell from Heaven. So…I beheld Satan as Barack Obama. Deceiver of the world.

    I am sickened in my heart when I think of all the Americans that will willingly sell their soul now. Especially when, the bible prophecy not only has accurately said what would/is/and will happen…did they not read the end? God wins. Hello?

  • Doug Hanks

    That's one intelligent black man.

  • seazen

    Here is an idea. Read the new Pope's Inaugural Homily. The messages sound more like Obama than anything ever generated by the self-serving, greedy, power-hungry, hateful right-wing. Seriously, read it. I bet you want to then call the Pope some kind of socialist liberal – not unlike Jesus.

    • http://mcbluefire.blogspot.com Marc

      Oh, yes, I (do not) recall Jesus stating we must use force to assert our morality and if people will not fall in line we must fine, cage, or kill them for not doing so.

      Jesus asked us to come to Him voluntarily, not under threat of force. Jesus was by no means a socialist liberal. He was closer to a Libertarian than any other political movement. He peacefully stood His ground against the corrupt powers that were, supported defending yourself – even before dressing yourself, asserted that the authority of God and common law over-rode any law of man and even could over-ride laws given by God when it came to helping a person, and even turned over some tables and raised his voice when people defiled the house of our Father, much like 501(c)(3) is doing today.

      Jesus freed us, He did not come to enslave us to the power of people. He did not tell us to steal to support our brothers. He did not teach that we had a right to make others serve us, but rather that we should be willingly to serve each other. The difference? One is forced, the other is voluntary.

      One last thought – the Pope is addressing a group of people who voluntarily joined a church. Obama is addressing a people who are guilty of nothing more than being born in a society and offered no choice but to be a member of it. Forcing people to live Christian morals is immoral. Using force to make people contribute to groups they do or do not support is unethical, immoral and certainly not charity. Do not confuse voluntary membership with coercion of the State. To ignore it or dismiss it as "worst case scenario" or "does not apply to me because I have no problem with it" is dismissive, sinful, prideful, and will ultimately lead to the unraveling of this once free society.

    • Doug Hanks

      Mormons consider the Pope to be the anti-Christ.

  • http://none Fred

    Love this guy. I read his stuff all the time. He should be our President. NOT that garbage pile that is.

  • http://www.rantfromtheright.com E Virg Collins

    Lloyd you are absolutely correct. I have many members of my family that do the same and we are white. They idolize Obama just to "prove" they're not racist.

  • Rifraffe

    Obviously, Seazen, you miss the Christian ethic and miss the point of the Pope's belief system. The Pope doesn't spend money he doesn't have. He does not tax his flock against their will. The Church will not borrow one penney of what it will spend to help the poor and the needy around the world. Do you really think Obama and the Pope have the same mind set? If only that were true. Liberal do-gooders are great at spending other people's money. The concept of Christian Charity is not one the socialist liberal mindset can understand. Please leave the Pope and Jesus out of your ridiculous arguments from now on. Neither of them are anything like you and your idol Obama. Thank God.

    • http://mcbluefire.blogspot.com Marc

      Here! Here! Proving once again that voluntarism, not coercion should be the preferred method to achieve good results!

  • paul savage

    The author definitely lifts my spirit and gives me hope that hopefully sooner rather than later, the country will wake up to the fraud in the WH.

    I also find it difficult to put pro choice and Christianity in the same sentence…so to speak.

  • Robert G. Mangold

    Mr. Marcus stands on his principles, moral code, and values. We need more men of his stature in this nation.

  • Sireta Neighbors

    All facts …. it's hard to argue with them, but many ignore them ….. at their peril.

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